Season 385: Popular Abroad

Did our host mention The Carpenters? I do believe he did. Like Val, I found them too sickly sweet for my taste but they did a very good cover of this Tim Hardin song which I've been wanting an excuse to record for some time, so here goes.
Video: We've just acquired two little black beauties which makes our cat tally up to four now. Even SWMBO, cat lady that she is reckons that's enough. They're certainly lively enough not that you'd get that idea from the video. :uhoh: :eek:ld:
Sorry I'm late, but I kept getting told that IELTSvis had left the building. A couple weeks ago for the Seasons, but primarily to demonstrate a metaphor about how an essay should be structured like most songs - a controlling idea, paragraph can be thought of as a verses, each line in the paragraph has a function...

Well, this week, it was poetry. I looked for the keywords in my student's essay about free university education and used that to base some rhymes on.

The IELTS is the name of the test that I tutor. IELTS... ELVIS...the character of IELTSVIS has been born of this season.

I think it counts as a collab because someone else wrote the main ideas - and he didn't even know it was going to be a song in the end.

Season #385 Is officially a wrap boys and girls. We had a total of 55 videos this week, and I really enjoyed listening to all of them. I went from having having too much time on my hands at the beginning of the season to being very busy the last couple of days and into this week. So, I don't think I'll have time for a wrap video. Just want to thank everyone who participated this week for taking the time to do so. Now go and enjoy Keith's 70's theme. No shortage of fantastic music to be found there :)
Thanks for a very interesting theme, Kev ... it was fun and it make me think!
thank you for a super week! and i think a record breaking one, for number of david hasselhoff songs :rock:
Thanks Lynda, Del and Val. It's certainly the first time i'd heard of David Hasselhoff, and his popularity abroad. From my limited research, he's more popular because of his looks than his musical talent :)
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