Season 442 - NOW That's What I Call Ukulele!

thank you for this week Andy
an original song for the season
celebrating looking at life from a new perspective
and featuring some beautiful friends o mine
Memories by Maroon 5. This one was from NOW#104. Kind of a schmaltzy pop song, but it did very well in the charts. You may recognize the chord progression, which is a brazen ripoff of Pachabels Canon.

I'm sorry Andy. I saw you opened things up and got excited and recorded a song before checking again. But you wanna celebrate pop songs and this is one of THE pop songs of the 90s.

Track 41 from NOW 57. Mainly tenor uke, but with added synth bass and pads with some vocal harmonies thrown in too. Cheers for hosting Andy! :)

From Now That's What I Call Music number 35, Bulletproof by La Roux. Cover performed by Kimi, Kevin, Jon, and Willie. Art by me. This was a great week! Lot of fun <3

Have to pass on this week but will try to listen to vids. I’m sure they are great.

This one is from #34 and it is from Lady A.

Great idea for a season!

The playlist is updated to here. Please keep the pop hits coming, and thanks all who have contributed so far to a very entertaining season.
From Now That's What I Call Music number 35, Bulletproof by La Roux. Cover performed by Kimi, Kevin, Jon, and Willie. Art by me. This was a great week! Lot of fun <3

The Video is not available in my country :-(
I got excited when I saw the thumb for it, it is such a great song.
Volume 38 had You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. I was fiddling around with Every 1's A Winner, so I mashed them together to fit it into this season.

Try this link. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Thanks so much for putting it on Vimeo too!
Great song and rendition, and awesome artwork!

I wonder if I will have to look more into Vimeo in the future. Danish music has just been remove from YouTube, because the danish artists copyright organisation would not agree to a cut in revenues. I guess it only applies to monetized contents, but let me know if my videos dissappear.
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Unwell (Matchbox Twenty cover)

Well people seemed to enjoy my Rob Thomas cover early in the week, so here's another one - this time a Matchbox Twenty song rather than one of his solo numbers.

This song appeared on the Australian Now! 04 compilation.

Thanks to Paul Marsh and Chris Williams for joining me on this one!
We have been away in the Pyrenees for a few days. We have done hikes up 45 degree slopes to a height of 1240 metres, swam in cool lakes, paddled in icy rivers and basically just enjoyed being out and about (while we can). All that meant I haven't heard much from this week's Season and I wasn't able to contribute until today.

So, here is my song celebrating the work of a local artist friend who I have been privileged to watch develop a style all his own.

Hope you enjoy:

Here's my version of a rock hit from NOW #28 by the BC-52s. I was working on a more traditional version last night and took a left turn down this track while noodling around with the melody. Was having so much fun I forgot to record! Came back at it again today with surprisingly little construction sound from the the next-door and across-the-street neighbors!

NTWICM! 64 includes the Zutons' song "Valerie." This ukulele version owes more to the Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson cover version.

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