Season #502 - Look What They've Done To My Song Ma!

These lyrics were lifted from an internet thread and I enjoy this version much more than the original!
my phone talks to my fridge ad tells my browser what items i need to stock up on
I'm surprised the 'Amateur Transplants' haven't been mentioned yet here in the UK. They were a couple of student doctors who got together to perform no holds barred parodies. Warning If you're easily offended by swearing don't watch It .

Go on, I thought I'd have another one.

My mum used to make up little songs. She never learned a musical instrument, she was just playful with language.

This was one of hers. To the tune of Side by Side:

be careful who you marry, folks.
One of my favorite parodies was written by my brother Rob, back in 1977. It was in response to all the people heading off to Memphis from all over the world to visit Elvis' grave. He wrote it to the tune of Kenny Rodger's massive hit. "Lucille" that was released the same year.

P.S. I had to add a subtitle, because despite watching this three times before posting I never noticed that "sure" was spelt "show" in the subtitles (twice).
BTW - The expression "You can sure go your groceries" means the person in question eats far more than your average person.

So, this is Rob's entry as a Seasonista via his big brother. We hope you like:

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Movin' On - Homer & Jethro's parody of a Hank Snow song

I was sure someone else would've done some H&J tunes by now. Here's one I like; a take off on a popular Canadian country singer's song. I was gonna do this one at the Get-together today, but I changed my mind at the last minute.

I'm looking forward to Val's Season coming up: SEASON 503 "SUPERMARKET SWEEP!!!"
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here's a late entry. I set the lyrics of a delightful slug-related poem to Bob Dylan's Blowin' In The Wind, because they just seemed to fit.

Where does the time go? I missed an entire week. This would’ve been a good week for me as I have written many a parody or pastiche. Ah well.
I've just written out your pastiche lyrics to a well-known song. My hope is to record a video tomorrow morning. So, you'll indeed be in the Season, as a lyricist!
Life is still ganging up on me... I think I've had about 20 minutes of ukulele play time in the past month...

I wanted to do this song, but didn't get the time, so this link is just a reminder that even Melanie does parodies (using an existing song, and writing new lyrics.)

I first heard this when I was around 16 - I think it was a Melanie's' concert at the RPI Fieldhouse, in Troy NY.

(Posting the link, rather than the YouTube video.) <--- pause mouse over words to see link...
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Whew! Snuck this in and got the season number wrong in the recording. I saw fantastic music at the IBMA Bluegrass Live festival this week on the streets of Raleigh, but I did remember this gem from Weird Al.

Janet Tolin wrote new lyrics to Ray Henderson's 1925 song Has anybody Seen My Girl / Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue.

My first Season as host is now closed. It's been fun. 28 Seasonistas took part and we had 43 wonderful parodies. I'll work on a wrap ASAP while trying to put together a contribution to Val's Season 503 "SUPERMARKET SWEEP!!!"

Please inform me if any modification to the play list is needed.
"Well it's about time for the wrap Jim."
We had a great selection of homemade and obscure parodies this week. Here are the participants:
Season 502 1.jpg
I assigned a number to each participant with only one number per person.
Season 502 2.jpg
I folded the numbers twice and dropped them in a hat.
Season 502 3.jpg
I pulled three numbers from the hat.
season 502 4.jpg

6- Edwin-JT Steam 20- Ralf-OnlyUkeThatMatters 15- Steve Philips

If Edwin, Ralf and Steve will PM me their address, I'll send them a Maple Leaf Champions Jug Band CD. We made it a few years back and it's so far sold well under two million copies.

We didn't make Jim Kweskin pay for his.
Jim Kweskin with MLC CD.jpg


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Fab week and brilliant prize for the winners! Big congrats to all!
Thanks for hosting, Jim. I hope you enjoyed your week at the helm.
Oh wow, thanks Jim, and thanks for a great week! I do seem to be lucky with raffles lately :).
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