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Nov 29, 2013
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No great surprises this week - it's that time of year. So I want to hear Seasonal songs – maybe old ones which I am sick of hearing (but which I know you will do better), new ones which I will want to do myself next year, and everything inbetween.

Videos must be newly recorded, (unless you're Rob), and feature a ukulele, but overdubs and big productions are of course allowed.

Things start at 00:01 in Hawaii, Sunday 19th, and finish at 23:59 on Sunday 26th.

There is a limit of one song per day, so I have a chance to keep up.

No prizes this week, just the warm glow of bringing cheer to one and all.

Away you go!

Here's the playlist -

P.S. And there’s still time to add a few more elements to Season 513
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Thanks Steve. Happy to get the chance to debut the Motu Sopranino which I was lucky enough to win in a random hand of fortune draw in Ylle's French Connection season a few weeks ago. I got it a couple of days ago. So from France to Finland to Australia. Beautiful instrument. Carved from a single piece of 8 ply...not sure what the actual wood is. It's 450mm long and only 20mm thick. 17.7 inches by .8 inch thick. Has friction tuners which work well. Punchy banjo tone. And very playable despite it's size. Thanks you Ylle for your generosity.
I think I became aware of this Christmas song on a Sufjan Stevens album where he played it on a banjo.
And Steve in the cause of goodwill to all (English) men. I won't mention the cri...........
Coincidentally, I posted my first ever video yesterday over on the videos section and it will fit in perfectly here!


Perfect timing as I had just recorded this for the reddit ukulele holiday challenge. :) This may seem like a lot of work, but I recorded this in one hour chunks the past 3 days.
A original Christmas song for the unprepared... mixing the past and the future.

Heard on the radio this morning that Christmas cards should not have the baby Jesus on them but have robins and foxes instead. If folks don't want the baby Jesus then nothing will prepare them for the second coming of Christ.
Ceramic pot beat in 3/4 time and jingle bells in 4/4 time
Hi Steve, thanks for hosting this festive week!
So a few years ago when I was trying to learn keyboard I tried Band In A Box to make backing tracks with a band that was willing to put up with me. This week I had some spare time, so I decided to see if would still run, and if it did, to make a backing track for last night's open mic and see if I could drive the technology to actually play the thing too. It seemed to work, so I've recorded it this afternoon. The bass and drums here are provided by Band In A Box.

I hope The Steamers aren't too upset that I got some robot session musicians in for this one. I did at least let one of them play melodica. It's a Christmas classic, written by Tim Rice and Mike Batt and originally recorded by David Essex in 1982.

I always like to read a bit about the background to a song. I've just learned that Mike Batt's inspiration for this was a love affair with a woman in Australia that ended for geographical reasons, and the song was intended as a message to her. It has a happy ending though - they eventually got married!
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Hello, Steve, and thanks for bringing us some Christmas joy ... actually, I don't think I've ever felt less "Christmassy!" Anyway, 'tis the season and all that and I thought of this carol by John Rutter, which was always a favourite at our sons' school Carol Service. I have actually met the great man himself, when younger son was singing at the Cadogan Hall in London at an event to celebrate Rutter's 60th Birthday. If I remember rightly, he was quizzed by a couple of audience members about his religious beliefs and the fact that he had, apparently, not been confirmed. Whatever the case, his religious choral music is justly celebrated.

We are off to a flying start - seven hours gone, nine songs added. I am almost scared to go to bed, in case I miss too much.
Lesley's beautiful song has already appeared twice, and be sure to check out EDW's well-worn Martin playing White Christmas.
Spare a thought for those less fortunate this Christmas
I'm shivering in dark Christmas
Here’s a beautiful song from ‘The Snowman’ - an animated film that’s shown on TV every Christmas here in the UK and loved by all. I performed this one at the Zoom open mic session yesterday, and I’ve embellished it here with some keyboard additions and some whistling. Oh, and stay tuned to the end for a very special dedication! :)
Thanks for hosting this week Steve!

Thanks for hosting, Steve.

Lesley's Tread Softly To The Stable is so beautiful.
I played it on my bari last night. Wanted to record it today, after work.
When I had a short break at work just now I sang it on my soprano and thought I would share it.
Have a good week, everyone. X

Here's the bari version of Lesley's Tread Softly To The Stable which I wanted to do.
I need to find my right key to sing in. I will get it one day. In the meantime, this is what I managed.
Stay safe and uke on, everyone! X

Oh, that plane at the end of this can be a nightmare recording in my flat. But I don't let it stop me. ;-)
I will check out your videos tomorrow, my fellow Seasonistas.
Here's an anti-war song that became a Christmas classic after the record company heard the line "wish I was at home for Christmas" and had it rearranged with a brass band and bells to make it sound Christmassy. It was Christmas number 3 in the UK in 1980, kept off the top spot by two John Lennon songs:

Instead of a brass band I have a melodica. Also a glockenspiel and some jingly things. Hopefully that's Christmassy enough.
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