SEASON 556- 1972

January 22nd 1972 started a three week stint in the UK top 10. A little tune by the Faces

Boy did we get some doozies today! I left my computer at work so I will hop on my desktop after dinner to do my homework. Keep ‘em coming folks.
A Uriah Heep song from one of the two albums they released in 1972. I went into Sundance Records in San Marcos (Texas) one day and found both this album, The Magician's Birthday, and the other 1972 album, Demons and Wizards, on CD. I excitedly told the guy there, "I didn't think these would ever be released on CD!" He said, "Yeah, I doubt if anyone expected it." LOL

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Keep On by Michael Nesmith

This is from the 1972 album “And the Hits Just Keep on Comin’.” Nesmith is best known as one of The Monkees, but his solo work is great (most of which has a country rock sound and features ace pedal steel guitar player Red Rhodes). Cheers friends!
Suffer To Sing The Blues - David Bromberg

From David Bromberg's 1972 LP titled David Bromberg. Bromberg had been a session musician and Jerry Jeff Walker's guitar player, but in 1972, he made his first solo album comprised of all either traditional songs or original compositions including co-writes with George Harrison and Norman Blake.
Backup musicians, some playing under aliases, on this album include Bob Dylan, Norman Blake, George Harrison, Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Randy Scruggs, Tut Taylor, Jody Stecher and David Nichtern.

There was a record that came out in 1972, that blew me away.

I didn't get a personal copy of it until 1976, but that's okay - I wore it out anyway. That's more apt to happen to vinyl than CDs or MP3/MP4s, but I wore out a CD also.

I learned a lot of music from that album - the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Friends - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Volume 1).

Here's the title track - recorded acoustically, on a Samsung Galaxy S10E phone, in an empty room. No Processing - that echo is All Natural, my Friends!

What a night!!! You fine folks are going to have me scrambling on all the new music threw out there...and smiling over the favorites that got trotted out today.
Well, I have done my homework and I left anyone off the playlist on accident, please let me know. Here are my thoughts on tonight's body of music:

Jon, I Saw The Light- Of course I like this song…but I think I like it even better now! The playing is perfect, the vocals second to none. I have heard you play a LOT of covers, I am with Joo here, this is one of your finest mate. Thank you.

And back for more down the Hurley rabbit hole with The Girl I Love. I wish I was more familiar with his stuff, I was so much younger when we saw him and had the Son Volt stars in my eyes. This is an excellent song- love that you just sat down and flat knocked it out while we were bantering. Another good one mate- thanks.

Pa, He Gives us All His Love- Was hoping Randy would get here-kind of an icon for the era. Not as informed about his music as I ought to be (his biggest hits here have been kind of off-putting), but what a beaut this is! Probably because it is in capable hands, excellent stuff here- thanks for playing it for us.

Bob, Song Sung Blue- The forces aligned here so you HAD to bring this, and as always, a cracking job with it. Really well done here all around…I really want to move the roses back a bit though ;) Thanks for playing this for us.

Wee, Political Science- When it rains it pours- two Randy Newman songs right out of the shoot. I am gonna have to explore this guy more. Boy does this remain as true as ever. I think, sadly, we have indeed lost our minds. Thanks for dropping the big one for us.

Val, Brand New Key- “returned with indecent haste” is a phrase I will from this day forward be borrowing. I love this and all the joy built into it here (and bonus instruments!). My first girlfriend was named for this song (well, she was named Melanie after its singer) and we would listen to it…thought it was a cute quirky old song about roller skating. Listening to it now…I see something else entirely is being implied- love it!

Rick, Jamestown Ferry- Thank goodness this is here! Back when we felt like superheroes with our COVID shots, we went to go see Charlie on a friend's recommendation (they were not going because they were not yet vaccinated). I was digging his set…until he played this. Mel turned around smiling because she knows I love this one. Anyway, perfect rendition of a song I play around here ALL THE TIME. Great selection, thanks for this. Love the cat percussion too ;)

UkuleleDaddy, Muswell Hillbilly- I too am more fond of the live version, and you know how I feel about the brothers Davies. You played the hell out of this one, just fit you like a glove mate. I hope you didn’t mind it turning into a sing a long here in the ‘Dale. Thanks so much for letting me drag you out for these, and thanks for bringing that one for us. Hoping for more!

AlanDP, Sunrise- I love your intro on the forum ;) I have to admit that I know nothing about Uriah Heep…so you sent me to do some research! I can say now with all certainty that this is an excellent and inspired cover. You really gave it your all on that chorus, perfect. Thanks for the introduction to what I think is Prog-rock? Is it Metal? I dunno, you played the heck out of this one. Nice work.

Tomcat Wombat, Keep On- Another one I have never heard…which is great. What a great set of lyrics there, and words to live by. Went and gave it a go…I think I know the steel payer here on the original- what a great song! Very nice cover here and thank you for the introduction, and for playing it for us.

Jim, Suffer To Sing The Blues- LOVE THE RECORD FLEX! And what a lineup on that record right there…little piece of history. Another one that is going to send me down a rabbit hole once I am finished with my homework because I know so very little about his work (Psychedelic Moods has a bit of a cult following- I thought I recognized that name). Nicely played and sung, well done!

Kurt, Will The Circle Be Unbroken- Love the NGDB! Love that you chose a traditional tune from that record as well, and did a great job handling it here. The acoustics in that room are fantastic, thanks for bringing this for us old friend! Hope you don't mind me singin and pickin along.

See y'all tomorrow- keep em coming!
Happy Hawaii Five O Dave. With age hopefully comes a wisdom that when we elect a political leader It's because they are the lesser of two evils rather than a true choice especially in an age where all our politicians left or right have become self serving egomaniacs and career politicians. Anyways I've been on my back for a few days and awake at 3am this morning with a stinking cold? Flu? Covid? Monkeypox? or whatever and stumbled on this one from 72 that I thought I could 'get away with' ........

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Sail away by Randy Newman wa full of satirical songs and gave a ironic twist to many beliefs... like droping the bomb would be good. or that God was not so good, or that slavery would not be so bad since you would be an American. Sail Away promises good food, freedom from the dangers of the jungle. It is a travel brochure of how good things will be, but the reality is the exact opposite. The whole album is saying one thing and meaning another... in other words dressing up lies as the truth.
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cool to see some familiar faces this week! :---)

Two Little Woodpeckers back again with another take on a Michael Hurley song from his 1972 album Hi-Fi Snock Uptown.
This incredible song has some strange lyrics... yet "earthy and visceral", as Jon described it quite well.
I used some of my existing paintings to go with our cover.
Good morning, Dave, and an early Happy Birthday! Sorry, no Eagles this week, my friend.;)

When I think of 1972, the first song that comes to mind and which I think embodies that year, is one you yourself mentioned in your first post. This song was Billboard's number 3 song for 1972, so I think it belongs here. (Personally, since I've only been playing a scant year, I think it was pretty ambitious of me to take on a piece this significant. Forgive me while I pat myself on the back a bit.) It took about a gazillion takes to get one that was even remotely acceptable.

Anyway, grab a snack or two because this one is long.

Here is a song from Pink Moon, Nick Drake's 1972 album.

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No microwave ovens..
Well, actually, the Amana Radar Range was introduced in 1970. So you could have "nuked" your food if you were an early adopter of this technology... As I recall, they came with a warning label not to stand in front of them for too long.

The wonderful 1970's...
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Thanks to Kurt for reminding me that the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Circle Album was made in 1972.
Here's a tune from that album that I always thought was written by Hank Williams, since he was the first person I heard it from, but the liner notes tell me that I was wrong. It's Leon Payne's song.

Lost Highway by Leon Payne

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Circle Album.jpg

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There was a record that came out in 1972, that blew me away.

I didn't get a personal copy of it until 1976, but that's okay - I wore it out anyway. That's more apt to happen to vinyl than CDs or MP3/MP4s, but I wore out a CD also.

I learned a lot of music from that album - the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Friends - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Volume 1).

Here's the title track - recorded acoustically, on a Samsung Galaxy S10E phone, in an empty room. No Processing - that echo is All Natural, my Friends!

My favorite album of all time. Thanks for posting the cover, ksiegel!
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As you will see in the comment I left for Jim, just got home from work and had a rather enjoyable drive singing along to a record I had never played in it's entirety together (due to my discovering it in the digital age). Seems Will the Circle and Michael Hurley are going to take this season by storm (no complaint here). Was happy to see so many more entries/songs/ snippets of entertainment this afternoon so I got to work early!

Mark, Perfect Day - and get away with it you did! I was wondering when Lou Reed would make an appearance, glad He did! Hope you feel better soon, thanks for bringing this one for us!

Wee, Sail Away- More Randy Neman. Ok, message received, I need to dig deeper on this guy when the season is over. Sweet little song here, and I certainly have a new respect for his writing. Thank you sir for sharing.

Two little woodpeckers, Eyes Eyes- I reckon you two are going to bring us everything Hurley did in ‘72 by the weeks end, and I am OK with that. Really nice cover here I am going to have to watch a few times because first round I was pretty committed to the artwork (The raven at 2:14…love). Really nice stuff- thank you for sharing your talents with us guys.

Jon, in Florida- What a fun little song (with some questionable 70’s lyrics). The tempo and playing perfectly match the two fellows floating in the glades, I was so sucked in I did not expect the ambassador of the reptile paradise to strike! Really great stuff here mate.

Ila, American Pie- Way to grab the bull by the horns here! I was doubtful it would make it here because it is a. Very long and b. I played it once, and found that folks don’t like it. Personally, I was born too late to hear it every 18 minutes on the radio, and I LOVE it, have since I found the record in a box in the garage…well, that and you KILLED IT. Nicely done. Hope you didn’t mind the sing-a-long, and thanks for bringing this one!

Gugu and Gorilla, From The Morning- OK, first…you guys have way too many channels! I never know if I am getting one, the other, or both…I suppose that is part of the fun. I am assuming that this is Joo doing all the work here, and it is really beautiful. Also, once again, mesmerized by the pictures as well. Thank you.

Sir Cheese, Tight Rope- Admittedly, Leon Russell is another one I need to explore further…I have got some work ahead of me! Anyway, I scuttled off and gave the original a go so I would know that this is an exceptional cover, and it had added to my list of things to go explore when the week is done- Thanks for playing it for us!

Jim, Lost Highway- So many mentions of this particular NGDB album which I had not heard at least cohesively, I chose it for my drive home. “And Guests”...If I am hearing the names right in the banter those are some guests for sure! Funny- the only difference I can find between the Leon Payne version and Hanks is that Leon sings “just a deck of cards, and a jug of Gin”...well, beside the fact that Leon’s swings and I do love some western swing (not that I don’t love Hanks version). Seems that Hank’s version is the set of words that stuck. Anyway- excellent choice here, I owe you and Kurt one for a great ride home today! Well done as always.

Keep them coming folks!
Too late last night to add inspiration...but today not so much. Away we go- Released in February 1972 as a single, Opening number at every concert from 72-75, considered by many to be one of the greatest rock songs ever written...
List goes on and on- a doozy of a song for sure.

and released April 29th 1972... who knew? I just thought it was a clever handle lol

Also- as I happen to know there is at least one fan on this thread...The Modern Lovers self titled album was not released until 1976, but it was (aside from Hospital 1971 and the bonus tracks 1973) recorded in 1972, and produced by John Cale and Pablo Picasso (snicker)...just sayin.
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I see Uke Extra Cheese did Leon Russell Tight Rope. This was the B side on that 1972 release.." This Masquerade". Later a hit for George Benson and covered by many.
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