SEASON 556- 1972

I did finally have a chunk of time to sit down and make a video today, and I needed a chunk, because I kept messing up. :) not quite 513 takes though. It just seemed like it.

TCK (it feels weird to call you Dave because I feel like we’ve not really been introduced) I think you alluded to this song in your first post, which made me happy because it’s been my song obsession over the last few weeks, ando didn’t have to hunt up anything new. If you wanted to hear this one this week, consider it a birthday gift.
I tuned my uke up half a step (G#, C#, F, A#) to go with my vocal range better. I hate the sound of a uke with a capo, and since I wasn’t playing with anyone else it seemed the best
WOW- Again I am hit with some amazing songs! I thank you all so much for so enthusiastically jumping in on this theme. As a host (and I have hosted a few), it is so nice to see a theme embraced by you all and well, we have certainly had some unexpected highlights. In any event...this has and continues to be the best birthday present ever.
Here we go with the homework:

Ukudancer, Ghetto Superstar
- Regretfully, I cannot add this to the playlist. This is RIGHT in my wheelhouse because I love to hear old songs sampled into new. It is something we do in Reggae all the time, and well, growing up with CL Smooth and Pete Rock…I can’t tell you how many hours I spent in the early days of Hip-Hop trying to hear the records in the samples. This is a spectacular bring…but of course you hear this song, us old farts here this: Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers - Islands In the Stream (Official Audio)
Oh wait- I can add it to the playlist! Yay!!!! Thanks for this one Arvin!

One Man, I’m Stone In Love With You- Another excellent selection here! We have not had a lot of soul music from ‘72 this week (guys…where is Love Train?) and I do love a bit of soul. This is really well done mate- Thank you for playing it for us!

Del, Without You- Thanks for birthday wishes mate…OH MY GOD I was hoping someone would tackle this one. It was still on the radio when I got older and I don't have a lot of happy memories of my childhood (long story…stories?), belting this out in the car with my sister and my mother is one of them. Before I reached ten I had sung this to more complete strangers at red lights than I can count.
You did such a beautiful job with it mate (I will spare you the stream of expletives I am using to describe this as I coax Melissa to get in here and watch)- really nice cover. Thank you.

Tomcat Wombat, Johnny’s Garden
- I have one take away after listening to the last song you played on repeat for a few days…you are VERY GOOD at selecting songs that are a perfect fit for your voice and style. This one I am familiar with, and you have done a very good job with it. Thank you for playing it for us this week.

Chris, Doctor My Eyes- As I said earlier this week, I patiently await your song. I was not lying there…and this is outstanding. I hate the Eagles so much, and it should follow that I really don’t like Jackson Browne, but that is not the case. I love this song so much…and have tried to get it 1000 times. Nope, I lack the talent to play this one. You brought it in spades…my nemesis song. Good on ya, this is awesome.

Emba, Pancho and Lefty- First, you are more than welcome to call me Dave. Nice to meet you. Second, I am so glad you are here! Welcome. Third- I have played this a thousand times over the last 10 years of seasons…it is my favorite song hands down. The others will say the same. I am Lefty…Jon (Mountain Goat-he is Vivsections in your comments) is Pancho…and this is a thing. I know you are new at this…can I be honest? When you find your comfort level, and your technique matches your voice (not that it is bad in any way…your voice is just so easy and perfect)…you are going to make us all take pause. Keep it up. Very nicely done, and well, I love this song. Thanks for the birthday present.

Cazteclo, Who’s The Man- WHo’s the man with the master plan! I love these deep dives I am getting today, we are finally playing artists born in ‘72, and this GOLD. I remember this one from College…I got my first tattoo while this record was playing in the background, excellent bring mate.

Still no Bowie...That is so weird to me, but y'all keep doing what you do. I can listen to Bowie any time I want. Thanks gang, and keep them coming!
Words (Between the Lines of Age) by Neil Young
Here's the album closer from 1972's Harvest. I'm having fun! :) It's been difficult for me to participate for quite some time but I'm very thankful for the opportunity to do so this week. A big shout out to everyone who keeps these things rolling week-in and week-out (and month ... year ... DECADE! WOW!!!).
Darondo, Didn't I. For my money perhaps the most criminally underrated chill soul tune. Released in 1972 and had some air play but it remained obscure until 2005 when it was rediscovered and rereleased. It was featured on an episode of Breaking Bad. Anyways, it's a great song. My cover is not, so go listen to the original.
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Morning has broken is an older song but Cat Stevens released single in 1972 and it charted in that year. We had Thanksgiving in Canada last weekend, and I thought this was a suitable song of gratitude, but alas I didn't get around to playing until today.
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BABYLON - Psalm 137 arr. by Don Mclean & Lee Hayes
-from Don McLean's 1972 American Pie LP

-tenor guitar/baritone uke tuned DGBbD - capo 2
-banjo tuned gDGBbD - capo 2
-tenor ukulele tuned GCEA - no capo
Primitive sound on sound


BABYLON - Psalm 137 arr. by Don Mclean & Lee Hayes

[Am] By the [G] waters, the [F] waters of [E7] Baby[Am]lon
We lay down and [G] wept, and [F] wept, for [E7] thee Zi[Am]on,
We remember [G] thee, remember [F] thee, remember [E7] thee Zi[Am]on.
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Sorry I am late gang- long day at bird land and then exciting day for baseball (I know that is ironic...most find baseball as exciting as watching paint dry)...Hoping the Padres will hand the Dodgers their luggage for Cancun tonight but it is not looking any event, this has gone on long enough that I can no longer neglect my duties- Doing my back in a bit.
So weird...what a great week but still no Bowie (I know that is getting old coming from me), still no T Rex (aside from my hack) Bread? You sheltered me from harm, kept me warm....
OK, I am over all that because we have had some awesome songs. Truly. I reckon the landing gear is down on this season and that is sad for me, but my goodness thank you all for playing songs my birthday! We have a little time left, I doubt we are getting much more...but much love my friends. Birthdays are hard for me and Melissa tries her best (and my parents and family often fail)- This one was pretty great.
Anyway....My musings:

Tomcat Wombat, Between the Lines of Age- Another one perfectly suited to your voice and your thing…loving the arrangement and the effects, those make it a ton of fun! I once went into the hills around Atherton CA as a kid to see if I could get an old Lambretta running (I was known in the area as a servant, but Vespa’s are my thing really). That was easy enough, even for a Lambretta. The owner of said vintage Italian conveyance did however send me for a loop. A known recluse, he wanted to know exactly what I did. Probably my weirdest day on this planet- besides the work I did on Lionel Ritchie’s house ;)

Ukulele Low, So so Romance…Aye! So much to unpack here- where do I start? First, you have a new subscriber, nice to meet you. Second, I have gone out of my way to “Hag” up the seasons since season 16…I happily pass that torch to you, because you KILLED THIS. Cryptic title aside, I knew this song immediately, and you played it beautifully. Thank you sir.

UkuleleDaddy, Didn’t I- Damn, who is underrating this here? This a JAM and I need to have a talk with those folks. I had no idea that it was obscure, though have zero clue how it fell into my music collection…might be the hours spent being “watched” by my moms friend when she cut us loose in Oakland roller rinks and drank beer all night lol. Such a great song, and you handled it mate, nicely done my friend. Thanks for bringing this one along. Oh...and you stuck that landing!!!

Merlin666, Morning Has Broken- This is one of my wife's favorite songs. I likely should have been tossing it out there like I have Bowie- It is silly important in that 1972 landscape. You did a wonderful job with it…but my favorite part of this video is the obvious joy. You are having a ball playing this for us, and for that I gotta share the love- you have a new subscriber.

Jim, Babylon- I found this record in a box in the garage when I was ten. Also included in said box, Sticky Fingers, Schools Out, Bread, It was pretty much a box full of the year I was born. I asked my dad why these records were outside and he said “Listen to the Alice Cooper…Rock and Roll got too weird for me”. I am pretty glad my dad kind of encouraged me being weird right there (though he still struggles with it when it affects him)...but I loved them all, and the McLean the most. This is a great song to pick as it has DEEP roots in so many genres of music, and you played it beautifully. Thank you sir.

Wee, Rivers Of Babylon- You know this is a reggae anthem…thanks for bringing it here.So let the words of our mouth And the meditation of our heart Be acceptable in Thy sight, oh Far I- great bring.
Inspiration for these last hours...I have given up totally on Bowie- How is this not here?
When we add to all this great music the fact that the Dodgers choked again...this may be the best night ever. See you all tomorrow ;)
Happy birthday wishes to you, TCK!