Season 562 - Poetry in Song

Thank you again, everyone.

Here are a few more drawings of my "favourites".
I wanted to share all of them in my wrap up but found out that I could only insert a maximum of 10 images in a post.
I found John (Flatbaroque) to be the most difficult to capture, that's why you see more of him.
And that one of Wendy in my wrap up has the least resemblance compared to the others...but I really wanted to get the wrap-up out asap.

Anyway...hope these attempts bring a smile to your face. I sure enjoyed drawing them!
The one with just a head is an unfinished attempt of Ralf, and the lady is supposed to be Wendy, but it doesn't look like her...

Bobby 2.jpgJohn M.1.jpgJohn M.3.jpgJohn1.jpgJohn2.jpgJohn4.jpg
John6.jpgRalf 2.jpgRob4.jpgWendy 2.jpg