Season 577 - Jingles!

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I knew there was a Number Two in me. I could feel it, wanting to come out. It's taking a really long time to come out. I'll just pinch it off and hope for the best.

If not the song, at least this post is dedicated to Voran.
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Oh oh. John will be posting the new Season soon...
Hurry, there is not time to waste, Seasonista friends!
Bring your jingles before this Season ends!

my brain is sort of empty now...
which is a rather nice way to be.

I wonder if there is a product that can empty people's mind off rubbish.....?
And if there is, what will the jingle be like?

I will now log off and proceed to put things into my brain - Reading time!

See you all tomorrow!
Remember the 526th Season? bonesigh invited us to sing limericks :p

That week, I wrote a little jingley limerick melody. And I also wrote a bonus limerick - based on my not-quite-accurate memory of a true story - that I never recorded.

So, one more jingle this week...

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Hello again Seasonista friends!

Ralf brought us 2 really awesome jingles today, one celebratory, and the other one....well, check it out yourself. :---)
Rob shared a brilliant haiku songlet, in a bluesy style, and punctuated so effectively with some cool drum beats that sound like monster drops of rain hitting the ground.
Thank you, Ralf and Rob!

We have another day for more jingles. Anyone else have a jingle in you?
I might try to come up with another one myself. Let's see.

I will now check out what the next Season is about.....
But yeah, we are still JINGLING!
The drum sound was a belt held in a loop with both hands and then snapped together to make the sound. It is easy to do but hard to describe 😁😂😅
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oh my days, what's going on? we have another rather good, very catchy, song for eurovision this year :-o might we have another year of not coming last??? a lot of people in the UK think eurovision is dreadful, so here in this small song, this sort of wanna-be advert for the contest, i invite my fellow brits to suspend their cynicism and contempt for a moment, and join the party - it's a blast, and we're hosting! 🥂

Good day everyone!
Just checking in to see if there are anymore jingles....

(looking forward to what Sabine will bring:--))

I will be back later!
Thanks so much for your 2 delightful jingles, Sabine!

I am here to announce that this season is now over.
I hope you all had enjoyed it!
I will pick a winner and come back with a wrap soon!
Here is a jingle I did today. Saw Rick covered one from The Ren and Stimpy Show and I needed to do one from there too.
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The Ukulele Site / HMS used to have this jingle at the start of their podcast.

Here is the wrap!
Like I said at the start of this season, I always find it hard to pick a "winner".
So I did a draw. But only with the 13 seasonistas whose entries I liked a little bit more than the rest.
That is not to say I didn't like the rest of the entries...I liked and enjoyed everything!

I made some drawings of my 13 are 3 of them. I will post the other 10 in the next post.

Sabine.jpgUkulele Extra Cheese.jpgVictoria.jpg

Watch the video to find out who the winner is!

Winner, please PM me your address so I can send you an original drawing of you. (I have yet to do it, since I too only knew who the winner was today)
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And here are the other 10 of my 13 favourites for this week. ( I can only insert 10 images in one post)
B. Fergus.jpgBerni.jpgChris F..jpgDavid B..jpgDel.jpgEdwin.jpgJim Y..jpgJohn P..jpg

You can click on the images to see who these people are.....

Thank you so much for participating, everyone!!!
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