Season 580 "69 & 70"

Cheers Berni. Best wishes in this tough week. Like you I'm a bit of an insomniac. But when I sleep I dream. It's nearly always the same theme. I'm supposed to be somewhere, do something but events conspire to stop it happening (no Freudian or even Jungian frustration analysis please :).
This original kind of skirts that territory in a bit of a wayfaring stranger way. Lyrics on tube.
I get a similar dream I have to catch a ferry and a man asks me to look after his dog while he goes to buy some tobacco he never comes back I'm left holding the dog and the ferry is about to leave.
here is a homemade song, i wrote the first verse in the run up to when the sea devils appeared in the jodie whittaker run of doctor who, last april. it was just a bit of fun plinking to celebrate the idea of the characters' return to the show, i actually remember them best from the super awesome jon pertwee era. anyway, blah, i fleshed the original micro-songlet out a bit, adding two more verses, to bring it to the season... i hope that add is ok, berni, i certainly enjoyed being inspired by your theme to complete the song.

oh, they came from the sea
they came for me
from the deepest ocean, from the blue
they came for you
they came, they came through oceans of time
the world was theirs long before it was yours and mine
and there was nowhere we could hide
there was nothing we could do
when the devils came for me
when the devils came for you
WeeOriginal: Song based on Proverbs 6:13 (ASV) That winketh with his eyes, that speaketh with his feet, That maketh signs with his fingers;

UPDATE on the 69-70 Derby

Taking the lead on the second lap is Ila with a lovely version of Paul Simon's "Slip Sliding Away" (I´ll let it "slip and slide" that that song is from 1977). I'm a flexible guy. It's in the playlist.

Closing up on Ila comes Jon Duncan with an emotional rendition of "Girl from the North Country". Definitely worth a listen, if you have missed it so far.

Without even using a whip, John races into the lead with a wonderful original that echoes the best of Dylan or Tom Waits. We have some really fine songwriters here on the Seasons.

And here comes Jim with a Double Whammy of Songwriters in one song. Country Joe McDonald filtered through Woody Guthrie. Both fine songwriters in their own right.

From outsider to insider, here comes TCK with a powerful narrative song by Townes van Zandt with a heartbreaking end to the tale.

And jumping all the fences with the ease of an upgraded Dalek comes Lynda (BEV) with a super song inspired by an episode of Doctor Who. As a committed Whovian, I loved it... Or should that be I deserve to be committed? 😉

Coming up on the outside is Rob again. This time he's making all kinds of gestures at the crowd, but they're loving it!

Proving my Dad's old dictum, "if you can't fight, wear a big hat" - Brian comes riding into view again on a nag who has surely seen better days. Wonderfully moving original song that opens up questions beyond its surface story-line.
This is for the free lunch option. I have been working on it for a while. It has to do with the late 1950's and early 60's. If our host is indeed as old as he claims to be, then he will relate to this. Lyrics are in the YouTube description.
This is for the free lunch option. I have been working on it for a while. It has to do with the late 1950's and early 60's. If our host is indeed as old as he claims to be, then he will relate to this. Lyrics are in the YouTube description.
Time flies like an arrow... fruit flies like a banana.
Hi Berni, thanks for hosting, and best wishes to your family.
Here's one inspired by some events on 1969-70. Dedicated not only to Michael Collins and the other Apollo Command Module pilots who had to orbit the moon on their own, but also to all the parents and school bus drivers who've had to wait in the car park on field trips.

I left room for a harmonica solo, but thanks to the rules of the season you'll all be relieved to know I didn't add one :).
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one from 1970 by Ray Dorset - singer, songwriter, guitarist, and founder of Mungo Jerry

(i've also dressed for the typical British summertime ...)

Lynda's Doctor Who inspired song reminded me that I wrote a Doctor Who themed song during this years' FAWM. Unless we have another Sci-Fi theme, one day, this would probably never have been aired here on the Seasons: Anyway, here it is:

Coming to the jumps again and it's "Monsieur Fromage de Plus" takes the first fence effortlessly with a great original that anyone my age would instantly identify with.

Not far behind and racing for all he's worth is Edwin with a hilarious take on Apollo Eleven's forgotten hero : Mike Collins. The man left up top to help the heroes who walked on the moon dock and get home.

Gaining ground now there's Wim making John Martyn's "Couldn't Love you More" very much his own... and even giving it a real U2 flavour.

Hot on their heels comes Charley looking suitably prepared for a real English summertime.

And what's this? A full lap behind everyone else a new rider has materialised on a mount called Tardis. Is it Dr Who? No, it's your host for this week Berni, celebrating the good Doctor's fortune.
This is an old song that I've never posted in the Seasons before. It's from my first songwriting phase back in the 80s when I was in my mid-20s. Back then I would have been accompanying myself somehow with a little Casio electronic keyboard.

So I tried to reach the golden key
But it was much too high for me
And the sky stood like a table over my head
But soon I learned that I could rise
And I looked across the skies
And I found the key and the world turned all around
Then I wondered why it had been so hard to reach before
I took the key into my hand and tried it in the door
Then the door was open but I was too big to fit through
I could only look into the garden where the secret flowers grew

So I'll just keep on floating in this pool of tears
Around me I see gloating the shadows of my fears
And I don't know what I'm going to do
And I don't know what to say
I don't know where I'm going to
And I don't know if I'll ever find my way

And you'd think I'd learn after a while
I'd learn to change my style
And I wouldn't cry for the things I couldn't change
But still the tears keep falling down
Just like a broken-hearted clown
And I know that I will never really change
But still it seems there should be some way for me to get to you
I know that we could find a way if you would only let me through
You say you think I'm kinda strange, well I'm not the belonging kind
The world can have it's crazy ways, I just want some peace of mind
My ukulele adaptation of Nick Drake's "Place To Be", for solo baritone ukulele with singing. Thanks for hosting, Berni. I'm sorry to hear of your hardships; your wife's family is lucky to have a stand up guy like you around.

I know Berni likes this one. I saw one his comments on a John Martyn live performance when I went looking on Youtube. Hope a bit of harp doesn't breech your uke only caveat...I think it's part of the singer- songwriter schtick as long as its live.
Doh Doh Doh Donald Twumph

Donald's resting heart rate is said to be forty two
and some people say that's the same as his IQ
he likes Florida, elections, and a good golf game
because in both cases the lowest score wins

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I see UkeFoote has given us a Nick Drake song, and I am raiding the same treasure chest. He only made three albums between 69 & 72, but what a legacy.
This one is from his debut album, Five Leaves Left.