Season 581 - It's... Frisco, it is... Albion


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Mar 26, 2016
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Hello all, welcome to Season 581!

This week, we have two options:

1. Songs whose title or chorus starts with "It's..." or "It Is...". For example, It's Only a Paper Moon, It's My Party or It Is What It Is.
If the song is not in English, the title or chorus should start with a phrase meaning "It is" in another language.

2. Songs that mention informal name of a place - city, country, region, river, forest, neighborhood etc. For example Philly instead of Philadelphia or Country of Thousand Lakes instead of Finland. If the informal name is not very well known, please tell us also what the official name is.
And if you want to play a song about Frisco that is not a city but a drink, a sandwich or a person's name, that qualifies, too.

No song limit.
  • Original songs, collaborations and instrumentals are all very welcome.
  • Other instruments are fine, as long as there is ukulele in the mix.
  • Season 581 starts on Sunday, April 2nd at 00:01 Hawaii time, and ends on Sunday, April 9th at 12 PM Hawaii time.
  • Please mention in the video that it's for Season 581.

Prize combines the two themes:
Cotton beanies with embroidered informal names of parts of Helsinki city. Very yellow - like Easter chickens!
In Finnish slang, words are often shortened by suffix -IS, so
  • Ruoholahti (at the sea shore, near one of the harbors) becomes Ruohis.
  • Kisahalli (Sports hall, near Olympic stadium) becomes Kisis.
  • Hakaniemi (famous for its market place) becomes Hakis.

I'll put my comments on YouTube and don't duplicate them here.

Please don't forget that there is still time to submit songs to Berni's great "69 & 70" season.

Have fun!

I may not make it until midnight in Hawaii of I don’t get this song outta my system pretty soon. FUN theme- racking my brain and coming up with very little. Down the rabbit hole I go!
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And now I have learned that “It’s Raining Men” is on the table for this week. I don’t ask much…but someone HAS to do this by Sunday, or I am doing it in the shower.
I'm at Esk Camp and Jam at the lovely little country town of Esk, Queensland, just an hour from my Brisbane home. Camping and jamming are two things I want more of in my still new and evolving Aussie life, so I said sign me up!

This one's a keeper, possibly my favorite festival yet. It's a small (~300 people) inexpensive laid-back gathering in a racecourse field walking distance from the cute little town. The people are friendly and welcoming, there are only four paid bands, and a long daily open mic with a fabulous backup band available who know almost every song, and plenty of jamming at campsites throughout the field.

It's been at least three years since I've had the opportunity to play with a full band, so I took max advantage. Yesterday (Saturday) I played three rock songs with the band, and today (Sunday) I picked two that fit the theme, and invited as many of my new friends who were still around to join me and the band onstage.

For option 2, we made the obvious choice - Men At Work's "Down Under". For option 1 I picked Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock & Roll to Me".

My new friend Denis on the mandolin, a Frenchman living here 27 years, had never heard either song, so he went off and learned them from YouTube ... and now he can't stop playing "Down Under".

After my set, someone told me, "That was a great set. Why didn't you do those songs yesterday?"

Answer: because I didn't think of them until Ylle's theme this morning made me! 😆

This is a Bob Dylan song called It's all over now baby blue.
Hello, Ylle and thanks for hosting ... I really like your theme and those beanies are rather exciting! This is the first song I thought of, so, herewith ...
From 1931.

Some folks need atmosphere when they're making love,
They say old Mother Nature makes love grand.
I've got my own idea pertaining to love,
If you're a Romeo you'll understand.

It isn't the paddle, it's not the canoe,
It isn't the river or skies that are blue
It isn't the love dreams that bring joy to you,
It's the girl, it's the girl!

It isn't the brooklet that you wander to,
It isn't the mountains, the flowers or dew,
It isn't the lovenest that brings love to you
It's the girl, it's the girl!

Even tho' at times you often doubt them,
What a lonely world 'twould be without them.

It isn't the songbirds, the songs that they sing,
It isn't the sunshine that makes you like spring,
So what is this magic that makes love the thing?
It's the girl, it's the girl!
Solid Gone - tune by Maybelle Carter? - words modified and added to by Bob Yates
My brother Bob re-vamped this old Carter Family song. Hamilton, Ontario residents often call their city "The Hammer".

Jim & Bob in Hamilton.jpg
Jim & Bob Yates in Hamilton (The Hammer)

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Hello, Seasonistas!
It's April again, it's Monday and it's de-lovely to listen to your songs! The playlist is up-to-date.
Please, keep the new songs coming - it's now or never... :)