season 582 - from the kitchen

A song about a guy named Del who is really good at creating electronic music.
So very flattered and honoured and grateful for this - thank you so very, very much! In my humble (and maybe slightly biased) opinion, there is no better gift than a song! This was entirely unexpected and a huge boost for me just when I needed it! Thank you Mr Cheese - you are a shining star! 🥲
Coming to you live from my kitchen... it's hard to know what to pick when there are no constraints other than "play it in your kitchen" so I picked this just because my phone happened to pick it randomly when I was on the bus to work this morning, and it reminded me that it's a fun song. And it's good to pick a song that will be well known occasionally, and what could possibly be better known than a bonus track on a 2007 reissue of a Traveling Wilburys album?

Having trouble seeing as I have Posterior Capsule Opacification which started in September (a great month for me !!) and is now a major worry ! So, I used my phone and my kitchen as best as I could !! j

Having trouble seeing as I have Posterior Capsule Opacification which started in September (a great month for me !!) and is now a major worry !
Usually easily rectified with some laser treatment, CeeJay - do you have it booked?
Fun challenge!.. I got to explore the amazing, new to me, Blues Kitchen YouTube channel.

I found a Margo Price cover of Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush", so here's my attempt.

First time trying to read the lyrics/chords while recording, so please excuse the blank stare and struggling singing face! It's definitely faster than trying to memorize a song each week, but I have some experimenting to do to make it less awkward.

Anyways... cheers! 🤙🏽

Sittin' In The Kitchen - Bob Snider

Al Kirby and I used this number as the title song of our 2005 Kirby & Yates CD. Bob Snider got his copy with our thanks.
sittin' in the kitchen.jpg
I used Maggie's low G Oscar Schmidt concert for this.

I just realised that I forgot a verse:

I can sit in this room and ruminate until the chickens come home to roost
And I never have to go very far just to cook my goose.
I can sit there till the cows come home too
But if they look in the 'frigerator they're gonna beat me black and blue
Sittin' in the kitchen's my favourite thing to do.
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Many thanks to the hotel manager who not only allowed me to play in their makeshift kitchen (there's no restaurant), but hastily cleared away some of the debris on the shelves of this little-used back room. In other news, to celebrate the beginning of a 6-week 'Summer' break, I've done something to my hair. It's either the holiday or my burgeoning mid-life crisis. One of those.
Hello, yet again, Brian! I really MUST get out of the kitchen ... my excuse is that it has been snowing this morning, so there's no point in trying to do anything sensible. In my efforts to find food-related songs to sing in the kitchen - and it is AMAZING how many songs purporting to be about food aren't actually about food at all; I mean, honestly!!! - I came across this moving little ditty from Spinal Tap. I was joined by Kenny the Koala as my honorary Australian.

Ooh, I am waiting for someone to do the Doors' "Soul Kitchen" or Robert Johnson's "Come on in my Kitchen".
Meanwhile, here is a song, filmed this morning in our kitchen, that I wrote to express some of the things I would tell my daughter, if she were ever to listen to advice from "an old millennial".

Ooh, I am waiting for someone to do the Doors' ..........
Brian's brill soul kitchen appeared early in the season Berni - we are still waiting for robert johnson to be served up.....
Soul Kitchen", by the Doors, for concert ukulele and singing, overdubs of electric bass, secondary vocal, and tenor Uke solo.

Thanks for hosting, Brian!

Thanks for hosting, Brian.
I was very pleasantly surprised to find this ELO song had been covered here on the Blues Kitchen YouTube channel.
Some synth bass, piano, strings, airy synth sound and rhythm additions, along with some vocal harmonies. Really enjoyed myself with this one. :)