Season 586: Untitled

I particularly like Elvis Costello's cover of this, but yours is right up there. The poignancy of it always drives me close to tears.
During February Album Writing Month, I got myself some fridge poetry and fiddled around with it. I ended up with a trilogy of fridge magnet songs that tell some kind of story. I don't know what it's about, but nevertheless, here's the first part of it. It's called "Fridge Magnet Part 1". Maybe I'll post the other two later in the week, I'm sure you're itching to know what happens next.

Oh yes, here's evidence of the first draft:

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What a fun idea! Nicely done!
You mentioned it in the opening post so I thought I'd give it a go. At almost 4 minutes long this cover totally blows my 2 minute rule out of the water but I reckon edited story song covers often sound a bit silly. Oh, and I nearly forgot, thanks for hosting Edwin.
Death of a salesman by Low

So I took my guitar
And I threw down some chords
And some words I could sing
Without shame
And I soon had a song
I played it around
For some friends
But they all said the same
They said "Music's for fools
You should go back to school
The future is prisons and math."
So I did what they said
Now my children are fed
Cause they pay me to do what I'm asked
I forgot all my songs
The words now are wrong
And I burned my guitar in a rage
But the fire came to rest
In your white velvet breast
So somehow I just know that it's safe
Rough one taker straight to the can. bari guilele tuned to open A so this is in B minor instead of the more usual A minor....apologies to Hank M !! Lol
Cheers for hosting, Edwin!

Here's a Gram Parsons/Chris Etheridge tune from The Flying Burrito Brothers' classic album - The Gilded Palace Of Sin. One of my all time favourite songs so thanks for the excuse to have a pop at it!

One of my favorite songs as well, and this is a wonderful rendition of it. Beautifully done, Bob!
Hi everyone! Busy day today. Every time I thought I was caught up I hit reload and then there were more. Just the way I like it, please keep them coming! :)

I believe the playlist is up to date. Apologies if I've missed you - please shout if so and I'll fix it. It's most likely because I was enjoying your song so much that I forgot I was supposed to press 'Save' (that's nearly happened a few times so far...).

By the way, I realise I was a bit unclear in the rules when I mentioned instrumentals. What I actually meant was either a tune that was originally written as an instrumental, or an instrumental version of a song that otherwise fits the "no title in lyrics" rule. Given that it was ambiguous, I'm not going to worry about it. If you happen to be working on something already that would otherwise be ruled out by that, don't let it stop you posting anyway. But I thought I should be more precise about what I really meant.
Just to mess with the playlist ....LOL...oops, put that iron down JT ....
What it says on the tin and in the fillum. Conclusion for me, Bari guilele
open tuning A (E*A*E*A*C#*E ) warm and richly tonal.,

Soprano in D tuning. (a D F# B ) Sounding as it should be, a barky little terrier .

Concert in C ( the now sadly standard gCEA ) a bit of a damp dish rag. !!

Edited via squint and magnifying glass system !!
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It seems like poor Steve has been struggling to get volunteers to host lately, so let me offer some incentives as to why you should step up:
  • The Seasons get to keep going, and it's certainly one of my favourite things to do and I'm sure many of yours too...
  • You get to hear lots of songs that you want to hear
  • Perhaps most entertainingly, you get to do a song you've been wanting to do for ages, but the opportunity never seems to come up...
With that last one in mind: I'm singing this song, it's time it was sung. I'm not going to stop posting here until I run out of Tom Waits songs, and I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen for a very long time.

This is one of those Richard Thompson songs that you may need to have a beer to cry into. I used a Velvet Moon mocha stout from Mighty Squirrel Brewery.

By the way, I seem to recall New Order's Power Corruption & Lies album having an instrumental version of "Blue Monday" called "586", if someone is looking for the most appropriate possible song for this Season.

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