Season 586: Untitled

I lived in Saffron Walden and it was an old Quaker town. You had Rowantree Way and Fry's art museum... apparently the Quakers had a keen interest in chocolate and other confectioneries🤭😂 Oliver Cromwell had his headquarters there during the civil war on Church Street. A Winstanley is buried in the churchyard of St Mary's

Rumour has it that that the Anglicans wanted to repair the steeple of St Mary's and asked the Quakers for a donation. Caught in a dilemma and not wanting to been seen supporting the Anglicans they gave enough money to explicitly tear the steeple down but there was enough left over to rebuild a new one.

This version opens with didgeridoo and why not? and hunting horns to intimate that people were chased like animals, and it ends with machine gun fire... poetic licence after all.
Hi Edwin! Thanks for hosting. Here's one from the back catalog that's mighty fun to do at a jam, especially if you bump up the tempo a bit. (REPEAT: Go to the Blue Ridge Ukulele Festival next year!)

Hi all! Thanks for all your latest songs, the playlist is growing. Sorry I'm a bit slow, I got busy for boring reasons yesterday, but the playlist is up to date up to this point and I'll enjoy catching up with it once this morning's meetings are out of the way. I should probably wait until then, although listening during the meeting would make it less tedious I suppose. Meanwhile, please keep them coming...
We're too far into the week to have not had a Half Man Half Biscuit song. And there's plenty to choose from. I'm sure they must come up with the silly titles first. Anyway, here's "Tess of the Dormobiles" from their latest album, 2022's "The Voltarol Years".

The title is quite close to appearing in this one, across two lines. But it doesn't, so it counts.
It was not an easy task for me to find a song of mine that fitted the bill. Many of my songs have titles based on a key line from the song. However, I did find two among the songs I have written for FAWM over the last year which have titles that are not quoted in the song and this is the first of them.

This one was a response to a challenge to write a song based on the film "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". I had never seen the film, but rather than go to Wiki to read about the plot, I looked up the Track List of the Soundtrack and invented an entire story using just the titles of the songs found there.
Here are the song titles on the track listing (without the reprises):
"20 Fans"
"A Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place"
"Sneakin' Around"
"Watchdog Report"
"Texas Has a Whorehouse in It"
"The Aggie Song"
"Courtyard Shag" (instrumental)
"The Sidestep"
"Hard Candy Christmas"
"I Will Always Love You"

Now go watch the video and see what I did with them. I hope you like it.

Greetings from the Underground... the ukulele Underground! A contemporary version of Mr. Rogers coming home from work and getting ready for unsanctioned play, somewhere on the edge of the trouble zone, it's a Talking Heads song that's basically one chord. But such a fun one.

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