Season 586: Untitled

I want to view each of these but just so I know what I’m getting into- is each post a different verse or are they different tunes?
They're entirely different songs. Enjoy. Or don't lol, some of the subject matter is a bit dark.
Thanks for hosting, Edwin! Loved the challenge of finding (and learning) a song for this week's theme. Here's my rendition of 'Exit Music (For A Film)' by Radiohead. My shihtpoo, Nimbus, joins me as one who always needs to be waken from his sleep. 😁

My second and last contribution to this Season is another song that was written during FAWM 50/90 2022.
The Challenge involved choosing a Book Title from the challenge host's list and then he or she would then choose a line at random from that book and your task was to write a song based on that line.

I chose Vonnegut's "The Sirens of Titan" and the line I got was the first line of this song. In this novel various threads weave together and come to a head at the climax. Along the way, Vonnegut covers such themes as what our place in the universe is; what role (if any) does luck play in it?; what is the human race's greatest achievement; how could we end wars? etc, etc.

Vonnegut was a massive influence on my worldview as a young man and I guess he still is.

I hope you enjoy this song, even if you haven't read the book. If you have, I hope you get the references. You will especially understand my questions in the post credits, if you have read the book.

Thanks for hosting, Edwin! :)

Going back to my early 80s synth pop roots here, with a track from Depeche Mode’s fabulous debut album, Speak And Spell, which I still listen to regularly 40+ years on! Lots of added stuff going on here, as you’ll see from the GarageBand screen recording I included in the video (I added the uke and vocals to it afterwards). Hopefully you can see how the layered parts work together to form the backing track. The parts shown were played on an attached MIDI keyboard.

Hello again, Edwin! I didn't think I was going to have time to do another song this week, but - mysteriously - I found time, basically because I should have been doing something else. I have no idea how I came upon this song, which I only found yesterday, but it fits the bill. It was written by Mike Nesmith, about whom I have just learned a most interesting fact .... his mother invented "Liquid Paper!" Anyway, herewith ...
Hi all! Thanks for your latest contributions. I'm sorry I've been a bit slow at keeping up over the last couple of days, for various reasons, but at least the playlist is up to date and I'll be catching up with what I've missed before I'm off to bed tonight. There's still a couple of days to go, and so many songs I'm still hoping get posted, but I'm not going to tell you what they are because that would spoil the fun :).

By the way, I've just been over in Glasgow where, among other things, I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours with someone who the Saturday Open Mic crowd will be very familiar with. If any of you are ever near central Scotland, just let me know, it is lovely to meet Seasonistas in person. Sadly no ukuleles involved this time (though we did have a bagpiper walk past, as you'd expect...).

So this week for a change of genre I’m doing “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls, which came out in 1998. In honor of that, my outfit/makeup/accessories are meant to reflect the 1998 me (not my hair; my hair was so short there’s no way to approximate that.) But since flannel plaid has been a staple in my wardrobe all this time, and has appeared in at least half of my videos, I’m not sure anybody but me can tell the difference. 😆
This song is a folk melody from the Andees that Paul Simon just liked so he put some words to it.

O Waly, Waly - Anon.

Season 586 -
Edwin has asked for songs where the title doesn't appear in the lyrics. This song appears in many songbooks as "Waly, Waly" or "O Waly, Waly", so it qualifies, even though it sometimes goes by "The Water Is Wide".
Maggie says, "Howdy Edwin."

This is the first song I ever heard Maggie sing about 44 years ago.

Hello again to many of you, and hello for the first time to some of you! My first season was 529, but then I have been away since 550 or 554 depending on how you count... at any rate, it is good to be back. Edwin, thank you for hosting and for giving me a reason to work on this haunting Neil Young song from 1970 (using what I understand to be Young's updated lyrics for one line). It's rough, and I have clearly forgotten the minimal "staying-in-frame" skills I developed last year, not that there would have been much to look at even if I had stayed in one place... But I'm happy to have at least gotten something recorded, and I'm looking forward to listening to the rest of the playlist!

Another hectic week and another one-take-before-bedtime-on-Sunday song for y'all...

Pretty sure the title of this folk punk classic refers to La Grande, Oregon. Though songwriters the Dirtface Daredevils don't mention anything specific to life out there in Union County.
I like an instrumental now and then, because I don't have to deal with lyrics.
I chose this jolly melody, as I was reminded of it when BBC radio 3 programmed it whilst waiting for the coronation activities to start.

I tried it out on guitalele and I thought it seemed manageable, but we had a lovely spring weekend and I didn't practise (I might get back to it later). So I decided I'd simplify it and opt for low G uke. Roger Ruthen has an arrangement for standard uke played higher on the neck. I basically used his guitalele arrangement.

Hi all! Thanks everyone for an enjoyable week, with Ralf and Sabine bringing us to a close today. We've ended up with 61 songs on the playlist, and nobody sings the title in any of them. Excellent work everyone! Well, not that it's work, it's meant to be fun isn't it?

No prizes this time, just the satisfaction of putting together a nice playlist. Don't forget to have a listen to everyone else's contributions, perhaps while you're thinking about your songs to contribute to Berni's season. Actually, ahem, I still have a couple to comment on myself. Though I have fulfilled the commenting promise I made in the first post, to the best of my knowledge, I still want to make sure I say something about all of them!
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