Season 587

thank you for this week Berni
this is a song i wrote for a married couple i cared for
over a number of years that i spent working in a nursing home
i play the song + then provide some background to the writing of it
the lyrics are also in the description
cheers brother xo

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Scotty Stoneman 1944

At my great Aunt Vera's hundredth birthday party, she asked our friend Ross to play the song that her late husband George had courted her with 70 some years ago, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You*. Ross played and sang Van Morrison's song of the same title. Auntie Vera turned to Maggie and whispered, "That's a nice song, but it's not the one that George sang to me."
The next day, Maggie grabbed the guitar and we sang her the Lulu Belle & Scotty Stoneman song. She smiled and said, "That's the one!"

*The song that Rob (AKA wee-ginga-yin) sang.

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I don't really do love songs. Someone once commented to me that my songs are typically slices of daily life, only with zombies. I think they had a point. Anyway, here's an attempt at a song where the narrator meets their true love.

If the truth police come after me, well, it's a fair cop. Or the taste police.
Here I go again

I met my wife/love of my life in a yahoo chat room 13-14 years ago, me in the U.S., her in the Philippines. After doing the long distance chat thing for quite a while I wanted to go and meet her and her family. It's been an amazing and wonderful adventure. I wrote this song shortly after her arrival for a challenge where everyone wrote a song called "Something Like This".
Whew! As school winds down they are keeping me busy! Glad to finally get one done. This is a Romeo and Juliet kinda thing, if it had played out in East LA.
She chose me by Randy Newman.

I'm not much to talk to and I know how I look
What I know about life comes out of a book
But of all of the people, there are in the world
She chose me
Most of my life, been on my own
Whatever I did, I did it alone
And then she came along, now I'm not alone
Since she chose me
Every night I thank the lucky stars above me
That someone as beautiful as she could really love me
From time to time, I ask myself
Why was it I and not someone else?
The most beautiful girl in all of the world
And she chose me
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I wound up doing this twice: performed a rollicking version at an open mic this week, arranged just for this contest, with two additional guys harmonizing... and the camera went dead for no $$%#%^ reason just before we started. So I came home and re-did it in my office, all the vocals and instrumentation are mine, because nobody else would admit to the crappy drumming being theirs anyway. But I did have fun anyhow!
My second contribution is related to verse two of my song "Roll of the Dice" uploaded earlier in the week. In that verse I tell how Dante fell for Beatrice when they were kids. What I didn't mention was that after that meeting they didn't bump into each other for ten years (easy to imagine today, but harder in a period in which most people never left the city they were born in). That momentous second (and last) meeting is what this song (and the painting that inspired it) is based on.

After this incident, he never came into such close contact with her again. She married soon after and then died at 24. He never lost his love for her and the experience was inspirational in his "La Divina Commedia" in which he is guided through Hell and Purgatory to Heaven... The latter by Beatrice herself.

This is another in my occasional series of comments on works of art I love in song. See the description on YouTube for more.

Hope you like:

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Bernie asked us to do a song which expressed the feelings we had when we first met our partner/s.o., what have you. Well, my love life has been so full of disappointment lately that every time I started to think about those initial feelings, it just got me horribly depressed and heartbroken. So, here at the end of the week, a cover a song trying to stay somewhat loyal to the Outkast original while being influenced by Obadiah Parker's famous cover too.
This song has personal significance as my fiancee at the time and I both really loved it when it came out, so much so that during the time away for the wedding and honeymoon, I remember quite clearly dropping everything else we were doing because the premier of Andre 3000's video for this song was debuting on MTV and we had to see it. The themes in the song were a fitting omen for the marriage, which only lasted another year.
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This one came to my mind today and I had to do it. The Kinks song on which it's based would qualify too.

This makes two weeks in a row that I've done a Weird Al parody song about Star Wars. Did you even realize that was a category?

Unlike my first entry, this one depicts the origins of a relationship that did end up lasting decades. The song even accurately predicts that, although it was written long ago.

Here's Weird Al's "Yoda".

PS, I also spontaneously did "Eat It" at the Seasonistas Zoom open mic this morning, in response to our theme question, "What food would you not eat as a child but love now?" So that's three Weird Als in a week.
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Thanks for hosting, Berni! Fun theme this week. It triggered me to start learning some solos to 'Black Magic Woman' 😏 but I ended up finally recording one of the first songs I learned on the uke... 'Something' by the Beatles.

My wife walked down the aisle to it back in 2009 and it still brings a smile to my face thinking that she's stuck around so far and I feel like our love still grows... We have our swings, but we'll call it a net positive 😅

It's also my first sound sample recording of my latest love... my Koaloha red label concert! (I like how Aaon Keim calls 'em "alto"). This one's gna stick around for sure!

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