Season 587

I know Aldi is throughout Europe..not sure about US. Since retiring and living on my savings I've become a cheapskate hence doing my grocery shopping at Aldi as it's cheaper. The interesting part of Aldi is the middle section where they have an always changing display of weird gadgets, gee gaws and assorted consumer flotsam and jetsam. last weekend there was a clarinet next to an Wood lathe next to a selection of 6XL jeans for the larger gent.,
This song is about attraction in and of The Middle Aisles. Sometimes my originals get called a bit "Dylanesque"..I think this one is a little "Armstrongesque" :)
This is really terrific -- really love the song, and the performance. Immediately reminded me of the late, gone-too-soon, Jim Mize -- somebody posted that he'd passed on Facebook a while back -- I hadn't heard of him at the time, but went and listened to one of his records, and it broke my damned heart. If you're not familiar with his work, here's a video: Jim Mize - I Won't Come Back Again
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Thanks for hosting, Berni! :)

I wrote this one last year. I hope it’s appropriate as it’s a more metaphorical description of the start and ultimate demise of a real, relatively recent relationship that failed because of circumstances. The love, for me at least, will always be there - I miss her massively. 😢

I did a couple of versions of it last year, which can be found here and here. But today I kept it minimal - just me and the baritone.

The protagonist of this song from UK's the Darkness isn't sure about what's going on with his heart or his body, though something's gotten started here for sure...

I didn't have to look for a song this week.
I heard this song on the radio the day before Berni announced the theme. It caught my ear since a bit of the melody reminded me of Jacques Brel's 'Ne Me Quitte Pas'. So I thought I'd learn it.
I suppose that many of the sephardic songs are not written down, but rather part of an oral and aural tradition. I ended up listening to Owain Phyfe. The song is in Ladino, the language of the Jews belonging to the Sephardic diaspora.

Lyrics and translation:

Well, it seems a Season is never over until Ralf and/or Sabine sings! That done, SEASON 587 is officially over.

Thanks so much for all your contributions. I have given away prizes in the past, but prizes worth having cost more in postage these days than the object given as a prize, so I have fallen out of the habit. **

There were some 42* cracking videos that I enjoyed very much! If I had to mention some highlights I would have to give a shout out to John's "Romance in ALDI" original - sheer delight; Wim's terrifying Chat GPT created song (terrifying because that programme wrote a better song than 50% of Pop songs!); Voran's sequence of songs which showed her developing a musical reaction to coming to terms with a break up (fascinating to see how the idea matured over those videos); Jon Duncan's lovely simple love song... and Del's Breezy lost love song was a cracker too. But the original that actually brought tears to my eyes was Chris Frazer's song about how he met his wife. The love just shines through that song and its accompanying video. So, if there had been a winner this week, that would have been it for me.

There were also some great covers... Too many to single out any, perhaps.

FINALLY - There is a BONUS Video on the playlist. It was originally part of the introductory video, but it was too long, so I cut it. I wanted to explain how Carmen and I met in song, but it was too long a story (and would have run to 20+ verses like some old English Ballad) so I recorded it last Saturday evening as a Berni Tale and you can hear it, should you wish to, as the last video on the playlist.

Thanks again for a great week!

* Yes, HHGTTG fans 42!
** Carmen used to be very fond of me giving away prizes, because she could say good bye to some of my ridiculously huge instrument collection 😉