season 588 - an australian selection


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Sep 1, 2012
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Central Coast, NSW, Australia
for season 588 i'd like you to cover music from this group of australian performers -

(the) backsliders - 2
john williamson - 4
jimmy little - 2
kasey chambers - 6
kylie minogue - 2
midnight oil - 3
paul kelly - 5
renee geyer - 1
the seekers - 7
sia - 2
tones and i - 1
yothu yindi - 1

originals - 6

probably gonna be a slow week as a bit of song searching may need to be done - there is a lot of original music but also a lot of covers of well known songs - any song they have recorded is fair game - please tell me what artist and song you are bringing

if you wish to bring an original i'd like your song to reference australia in some way

newly recorded music only please


here's a yothu yindi song - world turning (right)

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I live on a horse farm here in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. When I first came here, one of my favorite horse-person pairs was a young woman named Georgie and her horse Georgie. That's right, they both had the same name ... before they came together. Guess it was meant to be. They've moved to another state. I hope they're doing well.

Here's "Georgy Girl" by The Seekers.

G'day, Mate ... or, should I say, thanks for hosting, Brian! I didn't get very far down your list as I was interested to read about John Williamson. When I saw the title of this song of his, I thought if might have something to do with an Aussie reference to male swimming attire ... but, no, it is actually about a budgie! I DO apologise for my totally pathetic attempt at an Australian accent and I am also quite intimidated to bring this, because, in my research I discovered that you had covered the song yourself. However ...

When I was a child, my father's record collection was mostly 78s of Welsh male-voice choirs, and a few highlights of light opera. An early Beatles e.p. crept in from somewhere, and I still have it. Then things took a turn towards "popular" when he bought some Seekers records. So when I was judged to be old enough to operate our Grundig music centre, I played the Beatles e.p. quite a few times, and then moved on to the Seekers. Those songs have been with me ever since.
In 2014, a couple of years after my father died, they did a farewell, 50th anniversary, tour of the UK, and I decided that I really had to go. Yes, they looked older, but they still sounded just like those records. A memorable night.

I learned about a curious piece of Australian history recently, and felt that there ought to be more songs about it. So here's one. It concerns a lesser known conflict that happened in the 1930s. One side was led my military tactical experts, and the other was led by a human who rejoiced in the name of Major Gwynydd Purves Wynne-Aubrey Meredith.

Forgive the intrusion, but I just wrapped up Season 587 and added a Bonus Video to the playlist.

Normal "Down Under" service resumes...
My two favourite Australian singer/songwriters are Kasey Chambers and Audrey Auld. I was glad to see Kasey's name on the list Brian.
Here's a Canadian song that Kasey does a marvelous job on. . . better than the composer, Fred Eaglesmith. (I'm pretty sure Fred will never see this, but if he does, "Sorry Fred.")
Water In The Fuel- Fred J. Eaglesmith as sung by Kasey Chambers

Here's an original inspired by one of my favourite Australian novels " Wake in Fright".by Kenneth Cook
Novel was written in 1961 there was also an equally fine movie in 1971. Superficially it's a study of a city teacher and his downward spiral in an outback country town. But more deeply it examines the darker side of " false mateship and egalitarianism" and it's potential for harm in the Australian psyche.
I think there is a more recent mini series. But I don't have a desire to watch as the original novel and movie are short sharp without a wasted word or scene.
What a great challenge. My musical ignorance hit me in the face again as I knew nobody (at least by name) on that list. Paul Kelly seemed kind of familiar so I looked up some of his stuff and was amazed. In the comments on one of his videos, somebody said he was the best songwriter from Australia. This song was very fun to learn. I added bass and background vocals along with the ukes. I initially had a Yank reaction to the word "rake", of course thinking gardening implement. Sigh. Here is my cover of "Song of the Old Rake".
Thanks Pabrizza, funny, I was looking at previous SOTU just recently to see if anyone had done something based on "Aussie". I noted there was one about 3 years ago.
I would like to present "Diamantina Drover" by the late Hugh McDonald. Hugh was a member of Australian Activist/Folk/Rock band Redgum.
John Williamson has done a cover of this, and sometimes the song is actually atttibuted to him. It was included on his 2004 album, "Mates On The Road" I have already posted a version of this in Season 522, back in February, hope not too soon to do again!
Normally I sing this in a rather slow tempo, on this occasion I tried to change my tempo to have a bit of a "cowboy" feel. Not sure if it works at the moment. This attempt is a bit rushed however if I don't post this today, I might not do it.

Steve did such a fine job on the Seekers song I first thought of doing, so I brought out the taropatch and dusted off this Dylan lovely the Seekers covered. Hope you enjoy.

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