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Aug 11, 2010
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Cloverdale California
Or as my tiniest of scientists say, "photosimphisis". In any event, this week is all about plants! Now I know we did trees way back in 278, and we recently we covered fruits and berries, but where does that leave us that know grazing in the grass is a gas (can you dig it)?
Well, here ya go. Any plant, or plant process (see the title), or plant adjacent activity (like Harvest or that Afroman ditty that is BEGGING for the Ukulele treatment).

Pretty straightforward right?
Normal rules apply- Uke front and center, no song limits, don't start playing until it is Sunday in Hawaii. Have fun. Watch others have fun...and celebrate the greenery around you.
I know this is a really short season intro and that the challenge is really broad...that is intentional. Mostly just want to see what all of you come up with ;)
OK- Keep Edwin busy over on 596 and I will see y'all tomorrow

Whoops! Forgot to add the Playlist! Here you go
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Does a song called When Green Branch Offers Blueberry count?
Does it mean dried up, useless? Just a guess.
I think I have to pay that. Means completely broken. So you are close enough. Some sources say it was derived from the prickly pear plague of the early 1900’s where much farmland was completely overrun by the noxious plant.
It’s a very ubiquitous saying now…can describe a broken down car, an injured sportsman etc. Well done on your guess!
thanks for the week TCK - a paoriginal for your season
Doug Frink made this uke using a piece of huon pine timber i sent to him
when Doug hosted a season he would offer one of his hand made ukes as a prize - usually chosen by a random draw
he would often use recycled and reclaimed timber - i so wanted to win one of his ukes
knowing he had a fondness for different timbers i sent him a small block of huon pine i had purchased on a vacation trip to tasmania
huon pine only grows in tasmania and is quite rare as they extensively harvested it for boat building - the timber is resistant to marine worms and such and is very long lasting in a marine environment
they no longer take down the remaining trees and only use stumps and salvaged timber
i know that he also made a soprano with a huon top
several months after sending him the piece of huon pine i received a package with this uke inside
thank you Doug

doug frink uke.jpg
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Last week I asked my music maven friend Bob in Massachusetts for song suggestions for 596's questions theme, and he seemed to find it harder than I expected. Then today out of nowhere he texted me this suggestion ... and whaddya know ... it has a plant in it, so it works here too!

I'm in a course this weekend - long hours on Zoom on US time, so this was a totally unrehearsed, unprepared Verandah 2 Jam day 5 quickie. If I'd thought ahead about those impending low notes, I might have tried a different key. 😜

I can Mashed POTATO, baby!

Also, here's a gratuitous sulphie for ya:

Bonjour, Monsieur "Kid" ... and thanks for hosting! The reason I chose to do this song was because there is a very large bed of lavender outside by the lounge window and I was intending to sit in front of it to record. Unfortunately, the sun made filming there impossible, so I had to retire to the table with a bunch of lavender that I'd picked. The original song dates back to the 17th Century and the version I found seemed to be mainly concerned with couples frolicking in the fields - of lavender, presumably. Since such antics are obviously terminally boring, I settled on the horrendously "cutesy" Disney version from 1949. Herewith ...

This feels like a fairly obvious choice, but I don't care :). I'm trying to get it in before anyone else does... actually I'm a bit surprised I haven't done it before. I wasn't really sure of the right way to do the phrasing, but then I remembered that it's a traditional song so I can probably do whatever I want. Anyway, here's Wild Mountain Thyme, with a teensy bit of additional production:

Come to think of it, this works for Season 596 too...
A sad little number via George Jones & Elvis Costello.

We're off to France tomorrow (well, Northern Catalonia, to be precise), so it was imperative I get a song in before we go, since I won't have access to video editing equipment this coming week.

I woke this morning at 7am after a sticky restless night (30ºC in our bedroom). Surreptitiously, I looked at my mobile to see what the theme of this week's season was. I was happy to see it was about plants, since we were hard at work (in the cooler evenings) on our allotment this last week. Our first tomatoes, peppers and aubergines of the year were harvested. Yum!

My initial thought was a song about our allotment. But then my muse invaded my half-asleep brain with the first four lines of this song. I sneaked out of bed and sat down at the table in the living room to compose the rest. It went in a direction I was pleased with (though it might have benefited from a chorus. Oh well, the guitar break between each verse witll have to be the chorus).

Stick around for the dedication to one of our stalwart Seasonistas. I am sure you can guess who.

Hope you enjoy:


Tiptoe Through The Tulips is an absolute favorite ukulele song for me. I've played it many times, over many years, flipping smirks into smiles. It has a magical power.
Photosynthesis - Peter Weatherall

Peter Weatherall is a kids' performer/teacher and this came from a science for kids record.

I will get serious about commenting in a bit, but this has me smiling ear to ear! In 27 years of teaching, I can honestly say that I have not graduated a single child after our time together that did not know every single word to this song. I never expected to find it here! So awesome
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