This is one of my favourite tracks from Cee Lo Green’s excellent “The Lady Killer” album - I don’t think it was ever released as a single. Some subtle sexual wordplay going on here if you listen close enough.

A rare outing for my tenor uke, with some synth bass, strings, organ and drums. Also some vocal harmonies in the bridge and chorus.

Dave brought John Prine, so I've got to bring John Prine.

One of my favorite songs of all time, even more so after witnessing strip mines in West Virginia, when I went to college there.

Early in the week, when I was brainstorming song ideas, I thought, surely there's a good Allan Sherman parody song that fits this week ... but all I could think of was "The Bronx Bird Watcher", based on "Tit Willow" from The Mikado, which I did recently for the Japan theme.

Then Jon did "English Country Garden", and reminded me that this was the one I was thinking of!

Verandah 2 Jam day 11.

And some gratuitous lorikeets because fun!

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My god you people never disappoint! I went through every emotion tonight, and that is good! These videos are spectacular, from stonyrun kicking out a song I have tried to play for years like nothin, to Jon and Pa hitting me in the gut, Wendy making me spit my post shift beer (many birds were saved) out my nose. And wee bringing perfect, tomcat showing me a new song that is a favorite, Jim giving me farming songs for the kids, the woodpeckers bringin a tune along, and Kurt hopefully agreeing to send my ashes down the Green River. What a night of song!!!! Thank you all, this has been wonderful!
Ok, and now we talk story. That sneaky Pancho posted one he knew I would see…knew I loved, but did not put it here (he is like Shakespeares Puck…he does this stuff.)
So, a million years ago [TCK RULE] Melissa looked at me and said she would like to learn the Banjo. I looked around and banjos are both expensive, and super hard. On my quest I found a video, lost to time now, that struck me as something obtainable. This fellow dressed in attire that did not match held up a single 3x5 card with the words “Eugene Ukulele, When You Wore A Tulip” and I watched it a thousand times. I reckon if he could, Melissa could, so I bought her an Ukulele. Our nights then became me showing her what charts meant, and where she should put her fingers. I eventually bought another to show her. But then eventually had a million ukes, Baritone being where I land and fun fact…Melissa transposes in her head the fifths while she watches my hands. That said, every one of the 1400 videos I have ever played go right back to this one. All my ukuleles and why I play them, this song. And guess what? He did it and did not even post it here. I am going to cross the friendship line and stick it here….because it means the world to me. This is why I play ukulele. [/TCK RULE] Thank you Pancho. Lefty.
EDIT- Jon had every intention of posting this, I just saw it before he posted it. TCK rule is in the description and a card at the end. I just got too excited to see it. Thank you old friend.
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I don't have much time and quiet space to record so whenever I get a little bit of less noisy time I record as much as I can!
This one I wrote in 2015. I did a clawhammer version maybe 1 o 2 years ago. Tried to do it again yesterday.

"I live in the yellow eye of the daisy, but you cannot see."

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I was looking for a song and every time I found one I wanted to do someone beat me to it.

I doubt anyone else will do Our House by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. It mentions flowers.

Well, someone opened up the weed can.. tsk tsk. Now here is a reefer song by the Two Man Gentleman Band. Hopefully you have heard of them? I’m playing this on a Stuart Wailing custom Baritone Resonator uke. You probably won’t find many examples of this instrument out there which was why I had to give it a try. I can’t decide if it sounds more like a tenor banjo than a resonator. Anyways… enjoy!

Hi TCK 😊 I got one for you. One of my all-time favorites. There’s a couple shaky spots here, but I’m happy enough with it for now. Besides if I didn’t have any cringey moments in a recording I might think something isn’t right. Haha. Anyway.. here’s my take on The Rose by Bette Midler. 🌹
one of my favorite Talking Heads songs with a few flubs. Oh well, I had to leave for the beach before I could get a better take in the can as they say. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one right off the bat!

I have traveled on the same highway every single day of my life. Social Distortion wrote a catchy little tune about it and I needed a punk song….
There are palm trees innit, welcome to California!
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