Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings


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Apr 19, 2018
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Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

It’s the 600th Season Of The Ukulele, folks! That’s quite a landmark, and one that all Seasonistas, past and present, should be proud of reaching! So let’s celebrate the Seasons Of The Ukulele, and let’s celebrate the seasons of the year too - read on…

  • I would like you to bring songs that mention the words ‘season’ or ‘seasons’ in the lyrics.
  • And/or I would like you to bring songs that mention any/all of the seasons of the year. (Please note that the words ‘spring’ and ‘fall’ should only be used in a seasonal context.)
  • And/or I would like you to bring songs by artists/groups that have any of the aforementioned words, including the individual seasons of the year, in their name.
  • And just as food seasonings enhance the flavour of what we eat, so the Seasons Of The Ukulele enhances all of our lives in one way or another, making the good times better and the tough times a little more palatable than they might otherwise be. So songs that contain the names of food seasonings will also be welcomed.

All the usual rules apply - see Edwin’s marvellous FAQ here if you’re unaware of the details.
Originals are particularly welcomed - especially if they are written specifically about SOTU.
Multitracking and collaborations are also very welcome.
A maximum of 2 songs per day for starters please - I may relax this later in the week.
There will be a prize for my favourite entry.
Don’t post until it’s Sunday 13th August in Hawaii, and don’t post after it‘s Sunday 20th August in Hawaii.

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Oh my, I may be first this time! Autumn Leaves is an old jazz standard and a very fun song. The original sheet music doesn't call for swing time, but I think it's more fun so I did it anyway :D

The 599 "The" theme seems to bring out a lot of sad songs. One of the reasons I don't do them more often, as is evident here, is that I can't get through them without crying. This one mentions summer and winter, so it fits here too.

Verandah 2 Jam day 26.

I'm submitting Girl Of The North County, for Season 600. It's just a simple one-take from recollection. I play it here on guitalele.

Girl Of The North County qualifies for Season 600, as it mentions summer and unmistakably expresses winter's harsh conditions.

"If you go when the snowflakes storm,
When the rivers freeze and summer ends..."

A WeeOriginal

The gairden has gone to sleep
There is nothing growing there
Bellarosa’s in the cellar
And the frost is in the air

The broad beans are drying
In their brown paper pokes
The spiders spin their silken webs
Like a wheel wae broken spokes

The Harvest has been gathered in.

The days are getting cauld
We make soup wae leeks and neeps
We’ve filled the jars wi apple jam
And we hope and pray it keeps

The crimson leaves are fain doon
The branches they are bare
The birds are heading fur the sooth
They leave us without a care

When seasons change so do we.

The red rowan hangs on the branch
The craws they sit and stare
The mice are in the compost
Cos it’s nice and warm in there

They’ll find turnip tops they can eat
Or the stumps o’ curly kale.
WHen winter comes they hide away
From the wind the snaw the hale.

When winter comes everyboby needs a hame
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