Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

Yay, my Garfunkel has arrived for a verandah visit! (And he kind of looks like him too a little bit, don't you think?)

I'm so happy Chris from Arizona dropped by to add the canticle to my incomplete offering from earlier in the week. The Season of Seasonings would not be complete without some parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme AND some silvery tears to season it up just right.

Verandah 2 Jam day 34 (but really day 30).

So all week I've been wondering if anyone was going to do "Season of the Witch", and thought it would make a good "Seasons of the Uke" parody. Nine years ago I did this other Seasonistas parody that I could choose to resurrect, but it's "Fish Heads", and much as I personally love that song, well, um, not everybody wants to hear me do that!

Then Ila posted the sea creatures theme for 601, and you know I'm all about the crossovers, plus I figured that would be quicker than writing a whole new parody, so I decided to go with "Seasonista Fish Heads" instead.

But, being the obsessive personality that I obviously am, after I did it I just had to try "Seasons of the Uke Witch" ... and so I ended up doing both.

The original "Seasonista Fish Heads" had many additional verses celebrating every regular Seasons contributor of the time that I could think of, so you'll no doubt be happy to hear that I kept it this time to just the generic parts, and so it is mercifully short. You'll also no doubt be happy to hear that I did not this time play it capo 4, in the original ear-piercing "Fish Heads" key.

PS, "Fish Heads" was one of the first really creative music videos ever made ... you should see it.

Verandah 2 Jam day 34 for real this time.

It's pretty wild that the 1st song on the 1st record that a band I played in - The Feelings - during the mid-90s works for this 600th Season about seasons.,.

...and thank you to every single Seasonista from all 600 Seasons for co-creating this amazing community!!!
Season 600 Of The Ukulele is now officially over. Posting this from work so it’ll be brief - I’ll listen to the remaining songs this evening and add them to the playlist then. Thank you all so much - it’s been a joyous and busy week of wonderful music! More to follow later… :)
Morning all! Playlist should be completely up to date now - please let me know if otherwise. I’ll be back in a day or two with a wrap, and details of the prize (when I’ve worked out what it will be! 🤔) and prize winner. Thank you all once again! :)
Late re-post of my wiped entry. It made it to the playlist, but posting for UU posterity, fame, fortune, notoriety, and all that comes with singing with my lovely, shy, off camera wifey. Here's our cover of 'Winter Bear' by V (of BTS)... I've been tricking her into singing with me, as she loves singing but is also extremely shy. I gotta choose songs she digs.

Season 600 Wrap

Apologies for taking longer than usual to post this - I can’t think of a good excuse so I won’t offer one! :oops:

Firstly and foremostly (if that’s even a word?) - thank you all for a wonderful week of music. It was, as ever, a joy and a privilege to host a season, and the standard of entries was better than ever. There were a staggering 94 submissions - I was a busy boy. I was particularly impressed with some of your vocal performances - and in the end that helped with my decision in choosing a winner.

This is the prize, which I will have appropriately engraved before sending:


There were a good few entries that I would describe as jaw-droppingly good, but this one from @One Man And His Uke just about shaded it as my favourite for the week:

Please PM me with your address, John, and I’ll get it sent ASAP.

And thank you all once again for your wonderful music, and for everything you all do to make this the most special little place on the internet. :)
I think in one of my bad puns during the week I used Star Anise to refer to you..somewhat prescient! Well done Northern Johns.
Ah yes, I remember it well as my old mucka Maurice Chevalier used to say! A season wouldn’t be complete now without your bad puns Southern John :ROFLMAO:
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