Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

Rosemary would be a little more legit as a seasoning if the verbs were reversed and the song title were "Love Goes (Where My Rosemary Grows)". I thought about doing a parody version with that title about an herb garden, but I just have time for a quickie today.

Verandah 2 Jam day 32.

There is a wonderful short story by O.Henry. called The Last Leaf. Set in an apartment building in New York in the early 1900's during a very severe winter. The building is peopled by Bohemian types..artists ect. One of occupants a youngish women artist catches severe pneumonia..consumption as it was known. From her bed she can see a large tree that is gradually losing it's leaves. She confides in her friend that she has no doubt she will die when the last leaf falls. The leaves continue falling and falling...but for some reason the last leaf never falls..for days in the wildest of storms. Eventually her fever breaks and she recovers.
It turns out that an old artist in the apartment below her had learnt of her fear of dying when the last leaf fell. So he snuck out at night in the storm and painted a leaf on the wall adjacent the tree - to give the illusion of the never falling leaf. Days later he was found in the courtyard dead with the paintbrush in his hand having succumbed to the elements...but not before painting the leaf. Years since I read paraphrasing.
What a wonderful story ... I don't think I've ever read any O. Henry; but consumption is, indeed TB! There used to be a TB clinic in the nearest town to where I live ... the air here is supposed to be very pure. Yes ... I need to read some O. Henry
No fish today. Sometimes the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness just don't deliver. You do all the right things but for some unfathomable reason the universe is against you. Even the Autumnal weather is inhospitable. We would like to show how clever we are at fishing but we come up empty handed. The bounty is just not there.

Take my rod down to the sea
And then catch some fish for you and me
There's a black cloud swirls above the bay
Like a bad dream that never goes away
Rise up and please don't wake the crew
Fetch a lifeboat just for me and you
There's an ill wind that blows across this day
Like a bad dream that never goes away
Michael, Peter, Mark and John
Please forgive me for I have done you wrong
I sense evil, I fear it here today
Like a bad dream that never goes away
It's a clear, bright and harsh October sun
Lights me up so I've nowhere left to run
I feel scared I have so much debt to pay
Like a bad dream that never goes away.
Hi Del and everyone else- I'm just stopping by to say hi and happy 600th Season! and I'm sorry that I totally fell behind on my listening this summer so then I stopped posting too... I hope to be back next summer and to attend a few of the Saturday zooms in the meantime. Take care, all of you! 💗 Laurie
Hello Everyone. I've not been around for a while. Since Covid, I've gone back to playing my original instrument, the Recorder so haven't done so much with the ukulele. Still, I felt I had to contribute to this season as it is a landmark. 600 weeks! That's pretty good going. Some of your videos pop up on my You Tube channel and I try to keep an eye on goings on. Meanwhile here's a song a wrote some time ago. It was the product of a sleepless night. The idea for the song popped into my head and lines kept coming so at about 4am I had to put on the light and write it down before I lost it.

Here is Autumn Song. I usually don't sing it publicly till September but it so just fitted this season's theme.


Now [C]September's gone; [D]summer's coming [Am]to an end
[G]Chilly mists of autumn drift across the fields a[B7]gain
[G]Birds gather on the rooftops [Am]ready to depart
[G]Now the time has [Em]come that my [G]love and [D]I must [Em]part

The [C]seeds of love were [D]planted in the [Am]springtime rain
[G]Sprang up in early summer like the sprouting [B7]grain
[G]Grew tall and strong under the [Am]pleasant summer sun
[G]Sultry August [Em]saw it fade and [G]foretold the [D]time to [Em]come

[G]Summer days are [Em]done
[Em]Winter's coming [Am]on
My Autumn [Em]love has [Am]gone
A [D]new love may come [Em]soon.

The [C]shortening days are [D]turning into winter [Am]in my soul
[G]Driving love that I once knew out into that winter [B7]cold
[G]At the turning of the year a [Am]seed of love was found
[G]Lying dormant in [Em]frosty ground [G]till springtime [D]comes a[Em]round

[G]Summer days are [Em]done
[Em]Winter's coming [Am]on
My Autumn [Em]love has [Am]gone
A [D]new love may come [Em]soon. x2
This is a song I wrote for Season 500. To make this video, I had to reprint the chord/lyric sheet, because I kept singing "500 seasons" by mistake. This time around, I ran the uke through effects, most noticeably an ElectroHarmonix C9 organ emulator.

And so I traveled with my friends six hundred seasons
Along the path some came and went, they all had their reasons
But songs kept opening the door to let the breeze in
Until this ride comes to a stop, please keep your hands and knees in

Across six hundred seasons, this procession never fell apart
The strum was greater than its parts!

And every season had a theme, each one held a feeling
And we all had our own approach, our own way of dealing
‘Cause everyone brought something slightly different to the table
And those who thought themselves beginners learned that they were able

Across six hundred seasons, this procession never fell apart
The strum was greater than its parts!

And so I travel with my friends as the seasons roll on
It’s the lack of any end that I set my goal on
Still I may rest up for a while if I have a lean year
But they’re my friends and in the end I’m bound to meet them back here
Late to the party, sorry! Here's one of my favorites. I felt too pressed for time to try any of the fancier stuff I've been practicing.
Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

It’s the 600th Season Of The Ukulele, folks! That’s quite a landmark, and one that all Seasonistas, past and present, should be proud of reaching! So let’s celebrate the Seasons Of The Ukulele, and let’s celebrate the seasons of the year too - read on…

  • I would like you to bring songs that mention the words ‘season’ or ‘seasons’ in the lyrics.
  • And/or I would like you to bring songs that mention any/all of the seasons of the year. (Please note that the words ‘spring’ and ‘fall’ should only be used in a seasonal context.)
  • And/or I would like you to bring songs by artists/groups that have any of the aforementioned words, including the individual seasons of the year, in their name.
  • And just as food seasonings enhance the flavour of what we eat, so the Seasons Of The Ukulele enhances all of our lives in one way or another, making the good times better and the tough times a little more palatable than they might otherwise be. So songs that contain the names of food seasonings will also be welcomed.

All the usual rules apply - see Edwin’s marvellous FAQ here if you’re unaware of the details.
Originals are particularly welcomed - especially if they are written specifically about SOTU.
Multitracking and collaborations are also very welcome.
A maximum of 2 songs per day for starters please - I may relax this later in the week.
There will be a prize for my favourite entry.
Don’t post until it’s Sunday 13th August in Hawaii, and don’t post after it‘s Sunday 20th August in Hawaii.


Hi! This is my first contribution to Seasons. the audio quality was terrible because I recorded it outside but I wanted to keep with the summer theme. :) My guide dog, Viva also makes an appearance.

Getting in late, but better late than not.

I was tempted to redo a couple of originals that were season related, but I wasn’t feeling them.

I have been learning a guitar piece by Ferdinando Carulli, Opus 121 No 1. Thursday night the lyrics came to me, and I managed to arrange it for low G Uke. Due to time limits I sang the lyrics “off camera”.

Thanks for hosting, Del! I didn’t want to miss your season, and I’m honored to be a part of season 600.


Springtime, sunshine, birds fly, blue sky.

Rainbows, grass grows, flower shows.

Summer, heat waves, beach sand, long days.

Picnics, ice cream, lemonade.

Fall is coming, cooler evenings,

leaves are changing brown and fading.

Days are waning, grey and raining

sunset comes too soon.

Winter ice and heavy clothing,

moving slow while it is snowing.

Fires warm and bring us cheer the

ending of the year.

The years, pass by, brief lives, time flies.

Seasons, go on, when we’ve gone.

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PS. Some cool Seasons fun coming to UU as a whole. You'll dig it, I promise!
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