Season 612 - Sing Me Back Home / Gram Parsons

it's nice to see a little ( or more than a little) of our "homes", things on the wall, books on shelf, furniture and choice of curtains...
I was watching some of the entries here and over on John's Season and I still can't get over how we can meet and become friends this way online...
i have no words for how this makes me feel.

Anyway, wishing everyone a smooth sailing week ahead, whatever you are doing.
Bonnie is my American friend who now is also my neighbor, so we decided we're going to meet every Monday afternoon to play ukuleles together. She's made two videos with me before, and now I expect you will see her more regularly. (And because it's Monday afternoon, hours before the Season ends, you may just see Bonnie again at the end of this week.)

The first song I thought of that would meet both this theme and 611's (boy bands) was Simon & Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound", which coincidentally was the first song Bonnie and ever did together, for 560, when the theme was also "home" ... exactly one year ago today!

That one wasn't happening today however, nor were several others we tried, and then Bonnie suggested "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles), by probably my all-time favorite boy (brothers) band, The Proclaimers. It mentions coming home to you and with you (with echoes by Bonnie both times).

Filmed on Bonnie's gorgeous back patio - maybe even nicer than my customary backdrop.

I made a playlist of our (three so far, more to come) Bonnie & Wendy hits.
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Hey there, Mr. Fonda!

Thank you for stepping up. You're already aware, I think, of my love for Gram Parsons so you can expect a couple from me this week.
First up, a go at Return Of The Grievous Angel. Originally released Jan 1974, a few months after his untimely death aged 26.

A tricky one to sing, even dropped to a lower key than the original there's no choice but to absolutely go for it!

Features a very brief Edith cameo at the end as she forages for food...

Home is usually where you find your first love. Mines was Annie Murray, she sat in front of me in the classroom and I fell in love with the two golden pigtails she had tied up with red ribbons. perhaps she was one of the Rainbow Girls

Pork and bean kisses it seems was good enough for Mick Jagger.

Well I swear your perfume babe is made out of turnip greens
Every time I kiss you girl it tastes like pork and beans
Even though you're wearing those uptown high heels
I can tell from your giant step you've been walking through the cotton fields
Ohhhhh you're sooooo down home girl
Every time you monkey child takes my breath away
Well every time you move like that girl I got to get down and pray
Girl you know that dress you're wearing is made out of fiber glass
Every time you move like that girl I got to go to Sunday Mass
Ohhhhh you're sooooo down home girl
I'm gonna to take you to the muddy river and push you in
So I can watch the water roll on down your velvet skin
I'm gonna take you down to New Orleans down in Dixie land
So I can watch you do the second line with an umbrella in your hand
Ohhhhh you're sooooo down home girl
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Hi again Christopher,

Here is a fictional song that I put to song.
I'm afraid it is not a country song....
But it is about rowing a boat home. Lemme elaborate...

I am reading a children book titled A Boy and A Bear in A Boat (2012) by Dave Shelton.

In the book, the Bear, who is the captain of the boat, has a ritual of timing his tea with a song, which he sings as he plays his ukulele. Although it is what happens in this story, I tried to look online for the song in case someone, or Shelton himself, might have recorded it. I could not find anything. So I put the words of the bear's song to music, and use it to time my tea's brewing time.

here are the words:
When you are all at sea
You'll have a friend in me
We'll have a cup of tea
And keep on go-o-o-ing

The weather may be poor
With rain and wind and more
What fun! We just adore
It when it's sno-o-o-wing

You fear that you'll be drowned
The shark fins circle around
So what? We're homeward-bound
And we're not slo-o-o-wing

And if the current's strong
And the dark, cold night is long
Who cares? We'll sing our song

And just keep ro-o-o-wing

(the tea was perfect. Thank you Bear and Mr. Shelton)

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Gram Parsons did covers of a lot of greats and this one is a song that was first recorded by Merle Haggard - California Cotton Fields.

Hello again! I did some procrastinating today. This is a song I wrote this summer during the 50/90 challenge. I'd been trying to write something on this topic for nearly a year, I think, and the chorus finally popped into my head at midnight one night, so I had to write it down. It's about a little known piece of North-east England folklore, the False Lights Of Durham. Back in the 1860s there were a lot of ships trying to go home which didn't make it, because... well, let's see.

There has to be a rational explanation. I suggest aliens. There is, however, no rational explanation for my beginner cajon playing, but it's here anyway.

There's an interesting account of the story here:
And, I first learned about the story when I saw this music and light piece in Gateshead's Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art a few years ago:
The Green Green Grass Of Home

Like "Sing Me Back Home", this song is also about a prisoner's thoughts just prior to execution. There is one verse that's spoken, that explains the saga, but I omitted it.

The omitted narrative:
Then I awake and look around me
At four grey walls that surround me
And I realize, yes, I was only dreaming
For there's a guard and there's a sad, old padre
On and on, we'll walk at daybreak
Again, I'll touch the green, green grass of home

Just a a few quick notes before we get started on the homeward journey:

There is no current host scheduled for Season 613 starting on November 12. @YorkSteve will rest easier if one of you jump into the breach. You can find the signup thread here:

The sock-hop at Season 611 is still in full swing. You can still celebrate Girl Bands and Boy Bands with John over there.

Happy Birthday to @engravertom !! 🎂

I figured out the chords to my song. Starting to get the arrangement together. 🙂
Ukukeguy did Home bird and it brought to mind a song about a racing pigeon.

A great mystery to me is the ability of racing pigeons to navigate their way home. To fly hundreds of miles back to their loft. This song is about The King of Rome who was a successful racing pigeon, winning a 1,001-mile (1,611 km) race from Rome, Italy, to England, in 1913. Bred and trained in England, it was owned by Charlie Hudson of Derby. It set a new long-distance record for a racing pigeon of England.

It is a great thing to take pride in the achievements of others be it a person or a bird.

Mudita is a sanskrit word expressing a kind of pure, pristine joy not tainted by ego or envy. It means feeling joyful for the happiness of others.
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Here's an attempt at an original country song for the season. Country songs are supposed to be sad and, as song topics go, the end of the world probably just about qualifies. At the risk of sounding like a content warning at the start of a film, the song also contains drinking and smoking references. Bonus!
The narrator's somewhat resigned/couldn't-give-a-f** attitude hopefully offsets any sense of impending doom and armageddon anxiety.
Christopher asked for songs to sing him back home. I guess this is one to sing while we all still have one...

Bobby 2 joins me on this one with twiddlin' on the tenor, a close approximation of harmony vocals and an awesome hand-painted t-shirt courtesy of our very own and very lovely Joo!

If you fancy picking up your uke and joining in with the strummin' and the hollerin' then the chords and words are included on the YouTube description!

Hope you enjoy it!

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