Season 614 - Music scene is crazy...

If I had to pick one song to call the best song created in the last 20 years, I'd have to pick the song I cover here, Steady as she Goes by the Raconteurs. I write about their origins in the YT desc., but I'll repeat what I concluded there: I didn't do it justice. I don't think I ever could. That said, I am pleased I finally learned how to play it.

I'm way behind on what's happening here - been struggling with bad allergies much of this week and not uking much. I'm making up for it today!

Here's an original "thank you" song, written for a long-ago Seasons theme. The title "Thank You for Flying with Us" is a diversion - the song isn't really about thanks or gratitude - but it still counts, right?

This used to always get laughs, but it didn't at all today, nor did my other original (to be posted shortly on 615). Some days the audience is with you ... other days, you just pretend that they are and give 'em what you got regardless. It's all in good fun.

The lyrics came to me pretty quickly after seeing the theme. I thought I would have more time this week, but I will share what I have.

I am thankful that you were willing to host, Andy! 🙏🙂

Thankful for it all.

The sunshine on the autumn leaves,

darkness in the winter freeze,

the promise of the springtime thaw,

I am thankful for it all.


I am thankful for it all,

I am thankful for it all.

The tides of life will rise and fall,

I am thankful for it all.

I’m grateful when my heart is glad.

It’s not so easy when I’m sad,

the broken dreams beyond recall.

I am thankful for it all.



But I don’t comprehend

why evil wins and good times end.

The wine of life is mixed with gall.

Am I thankful for it all?

It’s not my plan, don’t have a say;

I’m Trusting Love, Who shapes the clay.

And when I hear that trumpet call,

I’ll be thankful for it all.


When I hear that trumpet call,

I’ll be thankful for it all!

Yes, I’m thankful for it all.

A Sunday contribution from your humble host. All were another southern California punk band formed by three members of the Descendents, when the Descendents lead singer Milo Ackerman left the band to pursue a graduate degree in biochemistry. This was a minor hit off the groups second album.

I don’t love the way I sound here, I’ve been battling a head cold or allergies or something all week, but I wanted to play something and it occurred to me that this song, which I worked on for a different recent season, also fit this theme.
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Thanks to Ralf and Sabine for their late run contributions but alas, as the cockerel crows on Monday morning here in central California, the time has come for this Season to break up and go its separate ways in search of new creative endeavors. Like Joo’s Season 615, which is going strong.

No prizes this week, other than the gratitude of your Season 614 host. Thanks to all of you - without your seemingly collective bottomless well of creativity, energy, and generosity, there would be no more Seasons.

Now I am off to puzzle through Joo’s thought experiment and come up with a song that fits. Thanks again for a wonderful season.
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