Season 618 - Seasonal Songs

So, the food has been demolished, the dog has been walked, and now we sit down and say what a load of rubbish it is on television. So that gives me a chance to conclude Season 618.

We ended up with 111 songs on the playlist, possibly a record for weeks hosted by myself, so thank you to everyone who took part. Special thanks to those joining in for the first time @flyingroc and @pmorey - hope we see more of you over the coming weeks.

We had carols old and new, a good selection of darker commentaries on the festive season, plenty to laugh at, and a load of demonstrations of how to play and sing REALLY well. There is so much talent in this place we call The Seasons.

And with that, I will head off and try to remember what I was doing in 1973, and join you all in Season 619.
I realise that I'm too late to be included in the playlist Steve, but I'm gonna add a couple of PSs just to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

White Sheepdog - from Prairie Home Companion & Irving Berlin

Christmas In Prison
John Prine

And of course, Christmas isn't Christmas without at least one verse of Deck us all with Boston Charlie - Walt Kelly

santa jim in frame.jpg

A couple of years ago I was bemoaning the fact that it takes me so long to learn a song that I'd have to start on Christmas in about August so I didn't have a Christmas song. One of our seasonistas sent me this song. I have picked it up and put it down each year since, but this year I have transposed it to and easier key to play and slightly rearranged it and managed to actually learn it. I then checked back through my messages and found that it was in fact 2013 when Lynda wrote it, so it has genuinely taken me 10 years to learn this one Christmas song 🤣🤣

I don't know why the audio and video are out of synch, it must be something to do with the actual recording it hasn't happened with this phone before and the apps I have don't have the capability to realign the two.

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