Season 619: MCMLXXIII


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Aug 28, 2014
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Season 619 is all about 1973. Bring songs or other music from or about 1973. I was 11 and 12 in 1973, so you could also bring songs about being that age, or about things that happened to you in the years that you were 11 and 12 (thanks to Wendy for that songwriting prompt).

All normal Seasons "rules" apply, including Finnish Gardener and Southern Hippy rules. Please comment on other people's videos. Please just one song per day - unless its a medley ; )

To jumpstart the Season, here's my medley of 33 songs woven together from the rice tapestry that was pop music in 1973. For concert ukulele with singing and whistling, overdubs of Ashbory Ubass and secondary vocal.

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I started secondary school in ‘73! But I recall there was some fantastic music around at the time…. Great theme Brian. If I can get something in I will.
Well, there was supposed to be an open mic at the bookstore cafe this afternoon, so as usual, I spent my morning picking out songs and minimally preparing them. I found four possible 618-619 crossover 1973 Christmas songs.

I picked out two and learned them enough to maybe pull them off, packed up to go, and then ... KABOOM!!!! ... we had a huge giant scary dangerous storm, and I decided I'd better wait a bit.

Eventually, I headed over there, about an hour late ... and no one was there. So I spent the afternoon grocery shopping, and got home late, exhausted, with nothing recorded, and my songs almost completely forgotten.

So here's my after-dark Christmas Eve verandah rendition of one of them, Elton John's lively "Step Into Christmas".

I remember this song fondly from 50 years ago, but I really only knew a few words:

"Step into Christmas",
"Forever and ever", and maybe
"The admission's free"

The lyrics are pretty terrible, the song is a bop.

Happy Everything, dear Seasonistas!

Ooh. I was 19 that year and living with a 25 year old lass who had a six year old kid. Maybe there's a song in that?
We're off to the UK after boxing day. We'll be in a house with no Internet, so I don't know if I'll manage to get an entry in 😥.

Great theme that was right at the zenith of the singer-songwriter period and also well into the Prog Rock boom.
I am so glad I was young when I was... What a time to build an album collection! 😁
Yes, Brian, that medley is great! Thanks for hosting! There is nothing "great" about my contribution here - I am currently in the UK, staying with younger son, Tom, and his Family and I didn't think I was going to be able to record anything ... then I remembered that I'd given Tom a baritone uke. The quality of this video is appalling ... recorded on my mobile phone and in poor light. (Oh, dear, I have a feeling that it's "bad form" to apologise ... according to someone; but I'm genuinely sorry!) I recorded it in the guest bedroom as I couldn't do it in "public" - too embarrassing as Tom is a musician and his children are "musicians in training!" But I didn't want to miss a week of The Seasons if I could possibly help it! So ... SORRY!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

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Thanks for hosting, Brian. Happy holidays to all!

This one gets performed a lot at Raleigh Uke Jam gatherings, and why not? A memorable ne’er-do-well created by the amazing Jim Croce.

Hey Brian, your medley totally blew my mind. I found myself sitting there watching with my mouth open. I think I was awestruck. ( I think that's probably the only way one can cover an Eagles song without getting into trouble. ;--P I have always loved Desperado)

Thanks for hosting. I was born in 1973. Some of you guys look much younger than your age.

Anyway, here is a song Jackson Browne wrote when he was 16. Incredible. Wonder how he feels singing it now.
Here's another 1973 Christmas 618 / 619 crossover hit - "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" by Wizzard.

Could have been a 617 crossover too, since it's all about the bells.

The song sounds pretty straightforward until you go to play it and discover that the verse and chorus are in different keys! So it's a bit trickier to learn than I expected.

Sorry about all the insects singing with me - I hadn't even noticed them until I listened to the recording!

There are two more 1973 Christmas hits, which I'll leave for someone else to do. I'm heading over to Bonnie's shortly for some Xmas day swimming, eggplant parmigiana, and hopefully uking.

Merry Christmas and Happy Everything to all of you! 🎄🎉🌟

Well done for stepping up to the mark on Christmas day Brian, top man. I was 7 in 1973 so we're fairly close in age. I wouldn't exchange this era of growing up for the world, Evel Knivel, Six Million Dollar Man, Skateboards, Glam Rock, New Wave, Punk, Jaws and playing outside. I chose this song from the 1973 UK Charts solely because this was always the closing song played by a resident middle of the road band in my local pub growing up. Merry Christmas All. x

In 1973, I wasn't listening to anything but country music, because that's what my parents listened to. But there were other things going on that I learned about later. That year was during the Wooden Nickel era for Styx, and that year was when their major radio hit "Lady" was released. This song is from the same album. I've had this in an "in progress" folder for a long time, having recorded it for some season years ago but I never used it. So it looks different. The video is in 4:3 instead of 16:9, I was wearing my old glasses, and the high synthesizer sound is from a phone app that I couldn't use anymore after I bought a new phone because it worked only on the old version of Android that was on my first smartphone. I really miss it. It made some cool sounds that I've never been able to replicate. Also has overdubbed ukulele riff, melodica, and vocals. And something I experimented with a few times back then: creating artificial stereo by de-syncing the channels by one- or two-hundredths of a second. I finished tweaking the mix and rendered the video, so this is kind of a flashback to the past of November 2018, when the original video was made, and September of 2019 when I recorded all the overdubs, according to the date stamps on my computer.

Space oddity by David Bowie

After watching Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bowie was inspired to write “Space Oddity”, which was released five days before the Apollo 11 launch.

The song was even used in a BBC news report related to the space mission, but due to the bleak nature of the lyrics, “Space Oddity” was banned in the US lest it put a damper on Apollo 11’s mission to the moon.

It was only after the Apollo team returned that the ban on “Space Oddity” was lifted, and the song returned to the airwaves, becoming a top five UK hit. Since his debut four years back, Bowie finally got his first big break.

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