Season 619: MCMLXXIII

Brian Ferry covered this Bob Dlyan song in 1973. Both Ferry and Dylan did frenetic electric versions of the song, but I have done a slow acoustic version to try the patience of any listener.

Gives the guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children generation something to ponder.

The golden highway to heaven with nodody on it. Wouned by love, wounded by hatred... and the executioner's face is well hidden. WHO?

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Edwin, you beat me to it! I just managed to hustle the last of of the holiday guests out the door this morning, so it took me a minute to get this'n together. It's especially sentimental to me, as it was a go-to song of my dad's. He was a piano player and singer, and he died when I was nine. Dad played Daniel so often that when I hear this song in my head, it's in my dad's voice rather than Elton's.

By Brit band Argent (written by the great Russ Ballard of the group) from 1973, here is my abridged version. Wasn’t sure I’d get anything vocal done as been full of cold for about 2 weeks and struggling to speak….Famously covered later by Kiss. I like that the lyrics name check the Devil Woman himself, Cliff Richard….
I played this the other week at an open mic and had the audience singing along.

Recorded in the car while waiting for my dad at a Dr's appointment.

This song is best known for the Fleetwood Mac version recorded in 1975, but in 1973 it was recorded by Buckingham Nicks before Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had joined Fleetwood Mac and released on the album Buckingham Nicks in 1973. Written by Stevie Nicks, it was first recorded with Buckingham on lead vocals because their producer thought it sounded better that way, and later the Fleetwood Mac version also had him on lead vocals. Stevie finally got to record it with herself on lead vocals in 1998 for the Practical Magic soundtrack.

Up @ silly O'clock this morning so what else to do other than have a bash at Three Times A Lady from the year when I was 11/12. Ahhhh the greatest fear of all at that age was that of rejection asking a girl to dance to this slowie at the school disco .........

Not silly o'clock, but definitely silly.

When I was 11 or 12, I had found my first love... basketball. Unfortunately, my parents didn't tell me about genetics vs the average NBA player height. I ended up about 5'4" in shoes and, needless to say, I've been resigned to recreational play. Still love it and have a tattoo of the sport's creator, James Naismith, on my leg. I'm still looking for the right tattooer to give me an 'ukulele tattoo!!

Around that age, I think, I got an authentic NBA leather ball and I'm positive I slept with that ball on my pillow... similar to the lyrics in this song.

Anyways, I finally found some time to record a version of 'Basketball Jones' from Cheech and Chong in 1973! (Please consider the missed lyrics part of the charm! 😉)

My friend Nina and I are in a course where we're practicing doing things we've Never Done Before. We created one for each other today.

Mine was seeing a movie without ever having heard of it and not knowing what it was about or even what sort of movie it was. She invited me last-minute while on her way there, and I hopped in my car and joined her. (The movie was "One Life", and I highly recommend seeing it. I was very grateful to have had an allergy attack right before leaving home that prompted me to pack a whole bunch of tissues ... I used them all.)

After the movie we grabbed a burger on the Riverlink Shopping Centre's outdoor restaurant deck, and I invited Nina to do her Never Done Before - make a music video! Nina, who has never shown me the slightest interest in music before, agreed without hesitation. I grabbed the uke from my car that I just happened to have brought along (😉), and after a single run-through, we brought you "Let Me Be There" by our Aussie sister Olivia Newton John.

Well, I thought that would be the end of it, but Nina has caught the bug now and wanted to keep going, so we whipped out a second one - George Harrison's "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)". And we would have done a third, because she was really into it, except we spent a long time hunting for one until we got tired and went home. 😆

(So yeah, I'm claiming another two-video "medley". 😘)

You call tell we are at a busy mall on a holiday weekend - you will see the beautiful Brisbane River behind us, and a whole lot of shoppers doing cameo appearances in the background, as well as sirens going off and other entertaining sound effects.

Hello again, Brian! Given the circumstances, it was never my intention to reappear this week, but I found this truly weird uke on a shelf in oldest Grandson's bedroom. It took forever to get it even remotely tuned and the strings are about an inch above the fretboard. Anyway - from another bedroom in another household and on another ukulele(?) - I bring you an unlisted and totally unexpurgated version of "Long-Haired Lover From Liverpool" with a guided tour of said "instrument" at the end.

Getting out of Nutbush, Tennessee with Ike and Tina Turner...

I’d planned to have another go at this one this week (I did it about a year ago for Season 563), and when I heard Marin’s (@ChaosLibrarian ’s) lovely version a few days ago, I knew I had to ask her to take the lead vocal. Happily she obliged, and happily she absolutely nailed it! I used some parts from my backing track from last time, but my baritone uke part and my vocal harmonies are new for this week. Thank you so much, Marin! 🙂

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