Copy and paste this, or follow the steps below.


Here's the method:
  1. Type the word "Playlist" (or whatever language you want to use)
  2. Select / highlight the word (or phrase)
  3. Click the little chain link icon
  4. Paste the playlist link into empty box labeled "URL"
  5. (You could also just skip steps 1 and 2 and instead enter "Playlist" or alternate text in the second box (labeled Text). If you did 1 and 2 correctly, it should already be there)
  6. Click "Insert"
  7. Voila!
Maybe someone could add this info into whatever post we're using to guide first-time hosts?
Thanks so much, Wendy! I, for one, will hang on to this piece of information. (Until the last couple of times I have never had trouble with the method I previously used ... so something must have changed!)
And "Good Morning" from deepest France, where it is getting on for 8.00 a.m. ... no weather update available as it is still pitch black outside! We got off to a rather slow start yesterday and I had the feeling that I might have intimidated everyone with my resolutely cheerful theme, but we are now up to 11 videos on the Playlist ... thank you All! And thank you to Wendy for sorting out my problems with curating said list ... John, you have now been returned to your rightful place in Society! Please keep those songs coming today ... happiness is a state of mind; you can do it! I leave you with this ...
Here's a double dip for 622's cartoon song theme that's also a super uplifting girl power theme song ... from Josie and the Pussycats.

I worked on it for Season 611 to bring a kickass girl band to balance all those boy bands. I didn't get it done because it's hard - the key changes a half step between the verse and chorus ... there's just no good key for that.

Thanks to 622, I got a Zoom cartoon cat to sing it for you instead.

Hi Val! Thanks for hosting. Sometimes you need some advice on how to aspire to a positive outlook. John Prine offered his version long ago. We miss him so.

This wonderful yet simple song found me and lifted me out of a pretty dark place a while back. It helped me pick up an instrument instead of engaging in destructive habits. It's called SHINE by singer/songwriter Damien Horne

Shine, so everybody can shine too.
Open your heart and lead the way, you don’t have to be afraid, it’s in you.
To rise high above your greatest fears.
With just a little bit of light you can make it brighter here. Oh…
Everybody shine… Shine on shine on. Everybody shine, shine on shine on. Everybody Shine.

And good morning, Everybody! Just sitting in bed with a cup of tea and listening to the positive vibes from the "overnight" songs. Thank you all ... I am feeling happy and thankful and might even get up in a minute! The Playlist is up to date. Please keep those songs coming; we NEED all the positive vibes we can get; life is puzzling ...
Yesterday YouTube decided I needed to hear this: "Such a Loser" by the fabulous female half-ukulele duo Garfunkel and Oates.

I know a song that calls you a loser right in the title probably doesn't sound very uplifting ... so you'll just have to listen and find out, won't you?

I felt like a winner making it ... I nailed it first take, at a much higher level of quality and accuracy than my usual last takes.

The sprinkler and a laughing kookaburra decided to join in with such excellent timing you'll think we planned it.

Also, here's gratuitous video of a trio of king parrots who stopped by to listen when I started rehearsing.

And from your host ... this is actually a left-over from Rick's cartoon week; I couldn't record it as I had a horrible cold. I've STILL got a cold, which has prevented me from recording what I was intending to do for this week, so I fell back on "Grease is the Word," which really IS a positive song, reflecting all the confidence of youth. So, from the oldest student in Rydell High, I bring you ...

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