Season 625 - This Season is for the Birds

Well Amanda, my first two contributions, although they both mentioned birds, were not really about birds. I'll fix that with my final song.

LITTLE BIRDIE - P.D. (from Roscoe Holcomb, Pete Seeger, Peggy Seeger, New Lost City Ramblers, Stanley Brothers. . .)

I've heard many versions of this song, mostly from old time and bluegrass musicians. It's one of the first songs I played when I got my first banjer about 45 years ago.

I was listening to a new-to-me podcast today called The Quiet Village, which is a podcast of Exotica music. Kind of hard for me to describe, but the genre is named after a Martin Denny album of that name, Exotica. I heard an instrumental version of this song that was really spacey and heavy on the vibes or marimba or something. It reminded me that was this a song I often played on the Kimball electronic organ we had when I was a kid, because my grandmother once remarked to me that she liked hearing me play it and it was one of her favorite songs. Another song she said the same about was "Snowbird." Now, looking back, both are songs about someone wishing they were a bird so they could fly away, and it makes sense to me now, knowing the heartbreak she went through as a young woman. Anyway, if you want to know what "exotica" is, just look up that Martin Denny album, or the album Bwana A by Arthur Lyman. That will get you started.

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Thanks for hosting, Amanda! This song is almost 100 years old, and seems to work well on a banjolele. It also has lots of fun chords.

a very short original song in Teochew, my native language.
I wrote it after some drawings I made about my dad. It will probably make more sense if you looked at the paintings..
Here is the original version.
translation :
There is a hole in his heart.
There is a worm in his heart.
I become a flower, to love you -
I become a bird, to love you -
In his heart, in his heart.

Thank you very much for hosting, Amanda.
Here is my entry for this week written especially for this Season. It was inspired by two books about a mysterious person who appears in the lives of two very lost souls and helps steer them back onto the right path. The author is Keith A. Pearson and his books are to be found on Amazon. I cannot recommend them enough. I am currently devouring everything he has ever written!

I know that optimism can be hard to maintain in truly dire circumstances, like a famine, war, etc. But the song is aimed at those who may be down in the dumps, but may also have got there buy negative thinking and bad mental habits.

Hope you like:

One from Scottish singer/ songwriter Karine Polwart. I only have one of her albums, her second, Scribbled In Chalk. It’s wonderful and highly recommended. Sadly it’s the only one I own. I saw her live a few years back at a festival as part of a folk “supergroup”, and didn’t realise it was her until about half way through the set. Sorry Karine. This is much more up tempo than the original. Sometimes you play around with a song and one way of doing it doesn’t seem right so you experiment until you think you have something…….possibly 😂. I think Rob, @wee_ginga_yin has sung Karine Polwart songs before.
Thank you for hosting this season, Amanda!

From 1979

“The albatross and whales they are my brothers.”
(Tune in for the fingerstyle melody but please stick around for the vocals!)


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awesome and how did you go about it?
I tied Jim up, put him in the trunk, and drove to an undisclosed location for jamming.

My DAW inputs audio or video as a track. I played my backup on a second track, added a teeny bit of reverb to Jim's track, mixed and posted to YouTube. I left Jim unharmed at the border crossing.
I’m almost caught up with comments, and the playlist is definitely caught up, unless I accidentally omitted someone. Yay! I am enjoying all the bird songs. It’s really amazing how many there are, some with only a momentary mention of birdsthat had passed me by in casual listening in the past. Lots of great new-to-me songs this week, as well as a few truly new originals!
I've done this one especially for Ukecan1 as she gets a name check in it. I think we started playing uke about the same as time.

What other song could I do really for this season?
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