Season 625 - This Season is for the Birds

An arrangement by UU member Putter, from his collection of 50 classical themes arranged for low G.
Bonus: putter is the Dutch translation of goldfinch!

Thank you everyone for your bird songs this past week! There were many good entries. I have made the final update to the Playlist and hope to post a wrap up in the next couple of days.
Alas, I never did get statistics compiled about which/how many birds appeared in song this week. I should have started keeping track from the beginning. A lesson for next time, I guess.

I did get a list worked up of a dozen favorites for the week.

The first one is my most favorite (I think, today. Ask me yesterday or tomorrow and the answer might be different. There are a couple of others I like nearly as well). After that, they are in no particular order.

1. @bobjking for his song “Goodnight Martha”

2. @Canada Jim for “My Blue Heaven”. Inspired by his rendition of the song, I learned to play it this week.

3. @DelGriff for his song “Albatross”

4. @Renaissance-Man for his jam-along video to my video of “The Birds were Singing of You”

5. @mikelz777 for his rendition of “Birds” by Neil Young

6. @Brouk for his song “Don’t Go Where the Bots May Roar”

7. @joo for her song “The Wisdom of the Heart”

8. @ChaosLibrarian for “Killing Pigeons in the Park”

9. @One Man And His Uke for “Follow the Heron”

10. @mountain goat for his song “Birds”

11. @mythinformed for “Bad to Me”

12. @UkeFoote for “Bird Brain”

For prizes I have ukulele stickers.

For Bob, as “first place”, this sticker I purchased a few months ago to support the “Music and Meals for Maui” benefit concert. The ukulele is superimposed over the island of Maui.

For everyone else, I will select a sticker from a ukulele-themed sticker pack I got on Amazon. 31CE392C-4CF0-46E1-8D1A-86601AB189AE.jpeg
So, everyone on the list, send me a private message with your address if you would like a ukulele sticker. If you see one you particularly like or have color preferences, let me know, though I make no promises. If you would not like one, just don’t send me your address. I realize stickers may not be everyone’s thing. :cool:

Thank you again everyone for the great week! There were so many good songs I had a hard time limiting my list of favorites to 12. I can only afford so much postage, though!
You know, I was constantly singing "This one's for the birds" to the tune of "This one's for the girls" for the entirety of your season. 🤣
Thanks for the shout out Amanda (and lovely prize) and well done Bob a well chosen winner. Save your dollars on postage for me please Amanda and donate mine to either someone In your local uke group or a newbie on here. x
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