Season 626 - Body language

These days, Tom says something like, "There are songs I used to include in my sets that I've had to remove. For instance." Then he sings a verse of this one and says, "You just can't sing songs like that these days."

PS I still have that Got A Mind To Ramble LP. I love the late FRitz Richmond's washtub bass playing on this LP. He takes a short solo on this song.
I need a "Like All" button. This is a fabulous week!

Agreed. Everyone has brought it so far this season. I'm impressed and inspired. I certainly hope everyone listening at home feels the same.

Added @Yukio 's entry to the playlist.
Alright... as promised, I'm cleaning up my act and going all the way to the other end of the wholesomeness continuum. I'd love for you all to welcome our newest Seasonista, my niece, Kira. Some open mic regulars may have seen her make anappearance, but this is her first performance. This might be the first body parts song we all learn...
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!!

HSKandT was the first tune that popped into my head for this week’s theme. Thank you for bringing it!
Just popping in to say that I’ve posted the wrap-up for Season 625!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled season.
Hello folks! Sorry I'm a bit quiet at the moment. Seems I'm getting carried away with FAWM again... still I will catch up with listening soon! But also, just wanted to note that it's not so very long before we run out of hosts, so please consider signing up on the thread at

If you've never hosted before, or even if you haven't for a while and you've forgotten what's involved, give me a shout or just ask on the thread.

Well, I couldn't leave this well enough alone...I decided to fix some of the audio and video edits while I'm cutting video at work today. I also added another guitar harmony, a unison line and more volume swells to the mix last night.

I hope you guys like your Billy Idol 'cause here's another round! :ROFLMAO:

PS - the playlist has been updated. We're up to 58 entries so far.
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I'm laughing because I've always found this song to be hilarious. Great choice, sir. It totally slipped my mind that last bit would qualify for this season.
ass, scrotum, bird face, tongue, ball sacs, and primordial pouch.
This is not a rude song.
An original about a cat who visits me everyday.
Lyrics in the YouTube description

I posted one version of this song on my YouTube last night, but after some sleep and with a clearer mind, I had to change my lyrics. I realised what I thought were Mr. T's testicles can't be he is neutered. (That's why his left ear is clipped)
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