Season 627 - It's 3/4 Time!

Boiled down from its epic 12 baroque minutes, here's my interpretation of Roy Harper's "The Same Old Rock". For baritone ukulele with singing, overdubs of secondary vocals and whistling. Thanks for hosting, Ylle!

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I interrupt this season to announce that SOTU 626 wrap up has been posted.

Also, I would like to note that we still need a host for S629 March 3rd to 10, which is rapidly approaching.
Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been around much. I have a gig coming up and it's taken over my life musically for a while.

This is Hushabye Mountain by Robert and Richard Sherman, which appears in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Twice!

I don't generally like baritone ukes so much, but it works well for this song.

I liked the 'peek-a-boos' at around 2:45...

And with 12/8 time: I simplify it as 4 triplets over 4 beats, which, when played slowly, could sound like a waltz. Or a jig, when played quickly.


The minuets in G and G minor, now attributed to Christian Petzold rather than JS Bach, are in 3/4 time, but Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, which is by Bach, is in 12/8 time.
My first performance back in Yangon. This song fit my recent mood perfectly and gave me some solace singing it...

And hello again, Ylle! This is a 1962 song from French icon, Francoise Hardy, in which she sings of young love - or lack of it - as she sees couples all around her while she has yet to find her own soulmate. I ask you to suspend disbelief ... this is totally age-inappropriate; but I've always liked the song! Filmed by my ancient front door as the sun is shining this morning. (And I've got a cold ... sorry!)

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The first Season I took part in was number 167, songs in Waltz time. I did a Richard Thompson song, "How will I ever be simple again". Since then I have done a couple of other 3/4 songs by him - "Galway to Graceland" and "Waltzing's for dreamers". And here's another one of his.

A 3/4 time song from Lionel Bart’s musical Oliver! We went to see a fantastic production of this just a few weeks ago at Leeds Playhouse. Having only ever seen the film I was surprised that this song opened the second Act ( which is how it was written for the stage apparently) rather than toward the end as in the film, where it’s sung, beautifully by Shani Wallis as Nancy, as a dramatic device to help Oliver escape from under Bill Sikes’ nose.
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I have been trying to relearn songs that I knew at one time, but that are now long forgotten. I want to get many of them back into my regular repertoire. I stumbled upon this one this morning. I didn't realise, until starting to play it, that it is in 3/4 time.

Thanks for hosting, Ylle. One of the songs I recently relearned was "Three Is A Magic Number" that I learned several years ago for the "3" theme that you hosted. It is nice to be able to play that one again, too. I hope all is well with you in Finland!

Edit: Oops! I uploaded the wrong video clip to YouTube. Sorry about the confusion. This should be the right song.
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This is just a sweet little love song waltz by the songwriting team of Al Dubin and Harry Warren, who wrote lots of songs together. One time through with no repeat. This is from the musical Gold Diggers of 1933.

Shadows on the wall,
I can see them fall
Here and there, ev'rywhere.
Silhouettes in blue,
Dancing in the dew;
Here am I, where are you?

In the shadows, let me come and sing to you,
Let me dream a song that I can bring to you;
Take me in your arms and let me cling to you,
Let me linger long, let me live my song.
In the winter, let me bring the spring to you,
Let me feel that I mean ev'rything to you;
Love's old song will be new,
In the shadows, when I come and sing to you, dear,
In the shadows, when I come and sing to you.
John’s Oom Pah Pah song made me think of a similar humorous waltzy tune…Groucho’s ode to an illustrated woman.
Maybe someone can ink that in for us.
Owing to my redneck background, the only tune that comes to mind is “girl on the billboard wearin’ nothing but a towel on the side of the big old highway” by Del Reeves.:ROFLMAO:
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