Season 627 - It's 3/4 Time!

In 2001, a bunch of musicians, including members of Wilco, Cheap Trick, The Mavericks, and Sixpence None the Richer put out an album of great '60s and '70s-styled pop songs under the name Swag. The album was called "Catch-all". This song is from that album.

Shane McGowan (RIP) taught me this song when I was a kid. Kinda had a few mistakes in their but it is longer than I am used to keeping it together for.

Parts of Fairytale of New York are in 6/8 time, too, I believe, which isn't that far removed from waltz time.
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Jim’s “Beautiful Brown Eyes” made me remember a short of parody version of it I wrote a few years ago. I had sung the version that’s in The Daily Ukulele (yellow book) a few times but it’s a little dramatic and overwrought for my tastes, though I like the chorus.

Willie my darlin' I love you, Love you with all of my heart
Tomorrow we might have been married, But drinking has kept us apart

Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes, Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes
Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes, I'll never love blue eyes again.

Seven long years I've been married, Wish I was single again
A woman never really knows trouble, Until she has married a man.


Down to the barroom he staggered, staggered and Fell at the door
The very last words that he uttered: I'll never get drunk anymore


My husband has brown eyes. He drives a truck part of the time so for my parody version I replaced all of the drinking references to trucking. As I recall, about the time I wrote it, he had had a lot of trouble with breakdowns and figuring out what the problem was, which inspired the last verse/made it funny.

My lyrics are in the description of the video.
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We've had a couple versions of "My Favorite Things" already, which reminded me of this one, which I've managed to squeak it out in these final minutes.

Here's my New Jersey friend Mike Agranoff's parody version, "My Favorite Diseases". It has a couple of fun little non-3/4 song snippets in it as well.

If I can slip one more SOTU 627 in….Here is a minute or so of “La Llorona”, the first Spanish song I think I ever heard!

Wow!!!! Great playing!
I love Spanish music!
Makes me think of....Jonathan Richman!

Your uke is insanely good looking and sounds fab!
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Thank you for Season 627, Yile! When, many months ago, I posted a cover of a waltz popularized by Elvis, my favorite comment posted to my YT channel was “I wish all songs were waltzes”.
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