Season 627 - It's 3/4 Time!

Wow!!!! Great playing!
I love Spanish music!
Makes me think of....Jonathan Richman!

Your uke is insanely good looking and sounds fab!
Thanks much Joo!! The uke (she) thanks you as well!
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Season 627 - wrap

Hello, dear Seasonistas! It's time to wrap up the terrific Season 627. Thank you for your songs and comments! Before the season I thought: "What if the "3/4 time" playlist will be too monotonous?" But I should have known better - from the start, you submitted wonderful songs with great variety of styles and subjects. (y)

We have 91 songs on Youtube playlist and 1 great instrumental by @mikeinmontara in Instagram.
48 Seasonistas participated. Welcome, @OiNumiDellArpa, who is now a Seasonista, too!

Prizes: The small 3D puzzles go to

@good_uke_boy, who submitted fine duets: ukulele and vocals, but also ukulele + ukulele.
@Ms Bean, who brought inspiring versions of arrangements by UU member Jürg.
@AZChris for a wonderful "Only Love Can Break You Heart".

Hosting was fun and the week just flew by, so if you have some time, please think about signing up for future Seasons.
Thank you all! And now back to (The) Pretenders and Season 628.
thank you Ylle for a fun week. i only started listening to the entries yesterday,
i'm going to finish doing that today!
beautiful and generous gifts as always, my friend
and hearty congratulations to the recipients of them.
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