Season 628 - Let’s Pretend!

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Jul 2, 2015
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Season 628 - Let’s Pretend.

Hello fellow Seasonistas, lurkers, newbies, wannabes and undecideds from across the globe, and welcome to Season 628, it’s great to be back on the chain gang with you all. This week, your task is as follows:-

1 - Bring me songs by The Pretenders. So you have 12 studio album’s worth of wonderful guitar based material to choose from. You can also bring songs from Chrissie Hynde’s 3 solo albums. The only exception to this is 2000 Miles, which is a Christmas song so I don’t want to hear it in February, lovely as it is. You can bring any of Chrissie Hynde’s collabs with other artists too.

2 - Chrissie Hynde is a renowned animal lover, so bring me songs that celebrate animals and the animal kingdom.

3 - Bring me songs about pretending, pretence, people not being who they say they are, that kind of thing. (These don’t have to be by The Pretenders by the way, they can be by any artist )

4 - For the songwriters among you, songs about pretence, or that celebrate animals please.

If you are a newbie and you are posting, or thinking about posting your very first song on Seasons, you can post any song you like, or are are working on, it doesn’t have to follow criteria 1,2,3 or 4. New posters are always more than welcome. Contact me on here if you are unsure what to do.

The usual rules apply:

Ukulele is main instrument, although multitracking is fine.
Instrumentals and collabs are great.
Newly recorded for Season 628, and please state your video is for Season 628 either in the video titles, or verbally.
Season 628 begins at 00.00 Hawaiian time tonight and ends 23.59 Hawaiian time next Sunday.

Its Tuesday, and I nearly forgot, Rob can raid his extensive back catalogue.

There will be prizes ( small, token, financially worthless) that I will choose according to some made up criteria I haven’t thought of yet.


And of course don’t forget you still have a day to go Waltzing with Ylle for Season 627.

Go forth, and PRETEND!! *

(*not yet of course, wait til the Season starts ok?)
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Oh, yes ... I'm the Great Pretender! Gosh, you've started early, Sir ... interesting possibilities here!
To be honest Val I was going to leave it till later, then I thought, ah well, publish and be damned 😂
I'm sure there are more folks who are stoked than bummed at the fact that you posted earlier. For next Season, I can either post  even earlier to tip the balance or way later to even the scales! 🤔 Perhaps I'll wait and see how your damnation turns out.

Don't get me wrong... I might be 2000 miles away, but I'll stand by you!
I Really Really Really appreciate Seasons posted early! Gives us plenty of time to consider what to do. I was so pleased to see your theme already posted when I woke up here in Sundayland. More of this, please! 🌟
Oh, yes ... I'm the Great Pretender! Gosh, you've started early, Sir ... interesting possibilities here!

I couldn't help but notice that not only is this the perfect theme song for this Season, but it's in 3/4 time, also qualifying it for 627.

"The Great Pretender" by The Platters

Somehow, I was inspired to write one today. Perhaps it was talking about Rick Rubin's book, The Creative Act, at the Seasonista Open Mic paired with the theme that perhaps triggered a feeling. I think it's one many of us might have felt at some point in our lives, be it as a creative, or maybe starting a new job, or just finding your way. Anyways... here's what came out. I've titled it 'Foster the Imposter.'

Imposter syndrome
Fake it til ya make it
Standing on stage
Seeing the whole crowd naked

Not sure who you are yet
Still tryna find a path
Just get your feet wet
They’re all gonna point and laugh

See right thru me
Fraud on front lines
Owned invisibility
I can’t lose what’s not mines

Ninja Trojan horse
Defense infiltrated
Shine bright with no remorse
Code's cracked. You made it!

Keep up the pretense
Mask molding to your face
Before it starts to make sense
You’ve found that you lost your place

Take a deep breath
Step back and reflect
Don’t be a flower at the lake
Look back with respect

For the people with…

Imposter syndrome
They fake it til they make it.
Standing on stage
Seeing the whole crowd naked.

Imposter syndrome
Fake til you make it
Standing in your own skin
Seeing the whole world naked

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Thanks for hosting John!

I had this song in my songbook from 2015 but i NEVER played it.
(The songbook is from 2015, not the song)

i recorded it quick and dirty just now and...

i realised i had food on my face when i watched back, so i masked myself this way. :--D haha.
Thanks for hosting!
Hello, John and thanks for hosting! This is a song from 1966 about pretending that everything is OK, when it obviously isn't. I had just been out to the supermarket before I made the recording - it was 2 degrees and pouring with rain - so when I came back, I decided to cheer myself up by lighting the fire. This is my Val Doonican moment! (Has anyone outside the UK ever heard of Val Doonican? He was well-known for sitting in a rocking chair whilst singing and he had a very nice line in sweaters ... he was the epitome of "cosy.")

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Back when this song was released and you couldn't just immediately look stuff up on the internet, a lot of people didn't understand this song, but liked it anyway and it was a pretty good hit for the Pretenders. Because of the stuff I liked to read about, when I heard it I thought, "Whoa...a pop song about the triple goddess, neat!" Anyway, back in those olden days I read an interview with Chrissie Hynde--I think it was in Musician magazine--where she said that she had gone to visit with an old friend of hers and found the woman living in a commune making granola bars and writing some songs. She recorded this one and it did quite well. I remember back then I had a couple of hippy-ish girl friends (but unfortunately for me, not girlfriends) who lived together and we sat around one day getting chemically altered and discussing this song. The 1980s was a weird time for me.

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