Season 628 - Let’s Pretend!

I just noticed that John has given us the option of bringing him "songs that celebrate animals and the animal kingdom."
Here's one from the late Tom Dundee.
DOG Tom Dundee

I haven't had a dog of my own for a few decades, but the dog pictured here is Oscar, my son's family's dog whom we looked after while they were in the Philippines.

I had this on my list last week, thinking it was at least partly in 3/4 ... or maybe 6/8 ... but it isn't ... it's just syncopated with some triplet-y sounding bits that are not in fact triplets.

But it DOES mention that you don't have to pretend.

"Suddenly, Seymour" from my favorite movie of all time, "Little Shop of Horrors" (the 1986 musical one).

It's sung by two different characters, Seymour and Audrey, so I did some quick costume changes so you can tell who's who.

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Good morning Seasonistas! (or afternoon or evening depending on where in the world you are). We are off to a great start, and thank you Wendy for kicking things off so beautifully . 3 fabulous originals already in amongst the Pretend songs and Pretenders songs too. The playlist is up and running. I will bring something too this week, but mostly I will be enjoying the truly awesome songs you all bring. Speak soon!
I saw the first incarnation of The Pretenders on their debut tour, just after Brass In Pocket was a hit. The support act was UB40, so it was a good night. Fast forward about 40 years and I have seen them twice more, at the Glastonbury festival. I love her attitude, and she surrounds herself with fine musicians - last year she had Johnny Marr on stage for most of the set, and Dave Grohl joined in on drums.
Here's one from about 30 years ago, and then it was a hit again for Girls Aloud.

Yeah, don't you wish you could write songs like this in 20 minutes, while in the bathroom? :) Well, that's the story behind this one made famous by the Platters, according to Wikipedia:

My version is more of the bluegrass version, ala Old & In the Way. Their version is worth checking out on YT.

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He'll Have To Go - Joe & Audrey Allison

"Let's pretend that we're together all alone."

I learned this song from my good buddy, the late George Hinds, one of the charter members of our Friday night guitar pulls. George lost his battle with cancer last June, but he's still often the topic of discussion at our Friday get-togethers.

I'm gonna send this one out to George and play it on the Joe Z tenor ukulele that George traded me for a Gretsch arch top guitar.

George Hinds.jpg

A boy described the last hours of his faithful family dog.
The story in this song is so heartbreaking and beautiful it made me cry when I heard it.
I am gonna dedicate this to Brian @UkeFoote because I know how much he loved his dog....
(sorry Brian, if you happen to read this, you will have to endure my singing )
I looked so pained because I was struggling to sing it....Paddy Mann's phrasing(and voice) is so beautiful I can't grasp it.
Anyway, I don't think I can do it much better in these next few days.

he'd waited at the gate all day for us
though he was old and never left the house
standing tall with the wind in his fur
like he was young again, a teenager

and from our first surprise, soon we went quiet
'cause we saw his face… and we saw his eyes
and we ran to him like the silver screen
and before he fell, he leapt a bit --- into our greeting

and looking up, with tiny breaths, he was old again
and then we saw what he waited to do
and our faces crumbled

given me in a box when I was three
and we all bent down, kissed his kind old head and talked a bit
and he fell quiet not long after that

no I'll never never go, no I'll never let you go
I like this song about a horse an Irishman from Galway and apophenia.

He has a dream about a coal black mare with a white star on its chest, and lo and behold on the third day of the Cheltenham festival into the parade ring steps a horse fitting that description. Apon checking the number of the horse he finds out it is called Galway Bay, and being from Galway he takes it as an omen. It is an outsider at 20/1 but he planks £2000 on it.

Does it win... listen and find out.
Good morning fine Seasonistas, lovely to wake to a batch of freshly baked songs this morning. Wonderful. Playlist is up to date. Please keep them coming.
Only right n proper that I do one or two as well. I think this might have been the follow up to Brass In Pocket, which is itself a fabulous pop song, and Number 1 hit single of course, but this was the song where I really became aware of what a fantastic guitarist James Honeyman-Scott was. He only played, as did bassist Pete Farndon, on the first two Pretenders albums. Sadly both died before they could make any more albums. This also shows was a great lyricist Chrissie is.
Tried a bit of The Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You.” Sorry if my playing makes ur ears bleed😅. Anyway thanks in advance for even listening, this is my 1st time joining SOTU!😊.

I have never been so happy to see a Singaporean in my life!!!! 😅
(And i am surrounded by so many of them everyday)
welcome to the seasons!!!!
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