Season 628 - Let’s Pretend!

Thanks Joko, Mitch, Joo and Brian for those last four entries. A little over an hour before we bring the curtain down on this season so still time for Ralf and/or Sabine 😀. Off out to walk the doggy near that hippy Mecca, Hebden Bridge but I’ll check in later. TTFN 👋🏻
I've got a video uploading that I've been planning this week ... and turns out to be a perfect fit for 629 as well.

It's about neurodiversity, a subject with which I've been growing increasingly familiar ... and a common strategy many neurodivergent people develop, called masking or camouflaging - which is basically trying to be (or at least appear) "normal" and acceptable to others, to fit in and succeed in a neurotypical world.

Somehow the "Matchmaker" song from Fiddler on the Roof seemed like a good fit for this topic ... "make me a perfect mask". It's a fun lighthearted song about a very serious topic with huge potential impact on its subjects' lives - the three sisters who sing it go from romantically imagining dream husbands, to justified terror at the prospect of being married to someone truly abusive, repulsive, or both. Sometimes neurodivergence can feel like all of that.

It's a work in progress - the song and its creator. I left out the whole fun middle part where the sisters act out Yenta the matchmaker delivering the news of the not-so-wonderful matches she's found them. I may add that in later, but I wanted to get something in for this Season of pretending that inspired it.

(I'll come back and edit in the link in a few minutes when it finishes uploading. I don't know if it's my crappy internet or what, but they seem to take forever any more. Maybe it's something in my video camera settings, because the Zoom videos upload lightning quick.)

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Just a few months after the UK's 1976 explosion of musical creativity (known today as punk rock) began, the scene began to splinter and people began to call one another out for pretending to be punks.

And no one did that with more attitude than anarcho-punks Crass :p

Thank you Chris, Sabine, Ralf and Wendy for closing out the Season in such great style. I will add your entries to the playlist shortly. Thank you everyone who contributed this week. I’ll do a wrap at some point this week and like I say, there will be prizes of some minuscule sort.
Thanks for a great week, John, and congrats to the worthy winners! (I don't think I've ever seen a T shirt with Charles Hawtrey on it before!) Get well soon ... you sound as though you're suffering
Thanks Val, the Tee is actually from a John Lennon line he says on Let It Be, just before the track “Two of Us”……,”I dig a Pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids…. Phase one: in which Doris gets her oats…”

Let’s face it, you can’t say fairer than that
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