Season 630

I just might have to return home to the Season’s this week. I have been trying for years to complete a song about a home I love. The only person left there now is like a second Mother to me. My own Mom just passed away and this person is her best friend from high school.
We finally get to visit this summer. I moved from California to Virginia Its been about 18 years now and we’ve only been home twice.
I can’t wait!!
MY DAD WORKED HARD - Rachael Kilgour

I think this one works for both 629 and 630. I just got an invite to a house concert next Saturday. The performer is Rachael Kilgour. I had never heard of her, so I looked up some of her YouTube clips and this was the second one I found. Check her out. She's brilliant.

Thanks for the theme Berni. Before portable devices you had to "hurry home" to see an "event" on the TV. The event being Boom Boom Mancini V Bobby Chacon. In this Warren Zevon song he also mentions the Korean boxer Du Ku Kim who died in the ring during a fight with Mancini. Dylan has covered this song on tour a few times. He has the template for a "boxer who dies in the ring" song. " Who killed Davey Moore?
paoriginal for sotu 630

Do you really want google tracking your every movement🤔🤭

I changed my browser to duckduckgo and with app protection on I have seen that many apps from play store send tracking stats back to google.

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This was the first song I thought of for 630-629 twofer. It's a song about a home town with some residents of dubious mental health.

You can see why I didn't want to start the Season with it yesterday. There's a lot of cringy stuff here ... but I've done a good portion of the Tom Lehrer oeuvre, and haven't done this one before.

This was the first song I thought of for 630-629 twofer. It's a song about a home town with some residents of dubious mental health.

You can see why I didn't want to start the Season with it yesterday. There's a lot of cringy stuff here ... but I've done a good portion of the Tom Lehrer oeuvre, and haven't done this one before.

Circa 1960, Three of us, all members of the 76th Hamilton Boy Scout troop, had a folk trio and the banjo player's dad tried to introduce us to some interesting material, one of which was Tom Lehrer.
In the mid-sixties I was attending Teachers' College and our math prof played Lehrer's New Math.
In 1981, Maggie and I merged our record collections and one of her LPs was Tom's That Was The Year That Was.
Shortly after the turn of the century, I ran across this boxed set in a record store and snapped it up. Probably the complete Tom Lehrer collection. There are three CDs, but one of 'em is in the car.
Tom Lehrer.jpg
This was the first song I thought of for 630-629 twofer. It's a song about a home town with some residents of dubious mental health.

You can see why I didn't want to start the Season with it yesterday. There's a lot of cringy stuff here ... but I've done a good portion of the Tom Lehrer oeuvre, and haven't done this one before.

Think I still have my dad's album that had it. Odd because it's smaller than a regular album. The only one I've ever seen in this size.
And hello, yet again, Berni! This is the first song that I thought of for the week, but, as it has a load of weird 1920s chords, I thought it might be a bit too tricky for a musically-challenged person such as myself. Anyway, since it's been snowing today, which rather curtailed other more pressing activities, I decided to give it a go. Incidentally, whilst looking at various versions online for inspiration, I came across this wonderful video of the late and great Ian Whitcomb playing the song with its composer, the equally great Harry Warren

Thanks for hosting, Berni! Here's one that I recorded yesterday, as a season two'fer. Although it's not specifically about mental health, I discovered this song during the pandemic lockdowns, when I was going a little stir crazy. The song made me feel a little better about being stuck at home for so long. Glad this season gave me the thought of learning it! The strumming pattern was new to me and it was definitely a fun one to work on my singing out!

It's 'This Must Be The Place' by the Talking Heads.
Hey, Berni!

Cheers for hosting!

Here's a great song written by fellow Seasonista, @ukukeguy aka jollytunes. I really liked it the first time I heard it (and he was wearing sunglasses in the video which helped win me over) and this Season has handed me the perfect opportunity to have a swing at it.
8 string baritone, harmonica and that shiftless ne'er do well, Bobby 2 on the Collings and harmony vocal.

The wonderfully carnivorous sounding "Bacon Salad" gave us a fine rendition of Paul Simon's "Li la lie!" classic.
"Flyin' Groc" (I am punning - Groc in Catalan means yellow) took us home in a most emotive and classical way.
Charlie dished us up a scrumptious and fairly obscure Beatles track! Yes, they do exist!
Alan in full crooner mood (as has been his wont of late) revived a song from 1917!
Edwin entertained us with his longing for Northern Climes - a song many forced to leave the North for the more affluent south could easily identify.
John Duncan gives us a fabulous performance of a new song (and songwriter) for me. It's a super Tasmanian take on "Americana"- Recommended!
Like so many times before - Jim gifted us a song I had never heard before that tore at my heart strings. I must check out that songwriter's output!
John gave us another of his passionate performances - this time telling the tale of a fighter- and providing some great background info about the song too. I used to have "Who Killed Davey Moore" in my folk club repertory.
Rob tugs at our heart strings (I think that's going to happen a lot with this theme) with a song about those out sleeping on the streets. This was a rare occurrence when I first came to Catalunya, but is now all too common. "Capitalism, the best system possible!" Aye, right!
Brian (Pa) lightens my mood with a clever little ditty about using the Home Icon to get back to square one... and then adding the wishful thinking element that brings the message of the song home!

I will catch up on the rest of today's entries, tomorrow. I had to get up early this morning to get to the North of Catalunya to sing at a homage to a Brigadista of the Lincoln Brigade who died in the the town's Spa when it was being used as a Military Hospital in 1938. His great nephew had come over from California especially for the event. Very low key, but very emotional. I sang a song about the reasons why people came from all over the world to fight for the legitimate Government of Spain in their doomed struggle against Franco, his fellow treasonable Generals and their well equipped Italian and Nazi allies.
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Here's an original Berni. I did this the first week I joined the Seasons...323. Hope it's worth a reprise.

she left her hometown,
Kept her hometown blues
Sat deep in her eyes
Best Western motel
On Saturday night
Ceiling fan can hypnotize

Kiss in the steeple
From Johnny B Bad
The chivalrous rescue
From Sir Galahad
Pony tail love
From pages ago
Ghosts are restless tonight

She’s out on the road
Sellin’ what people don’t need
Is your coverage all right?
Guess it’s a living
Makin stones bleed
Its hard to keep up the fight

Pennywise and pennydumb
She played both sides of the coin

Ghosts are stretching their legs tonight
There’s dashing Juan come into sight
He was the mechanic
With the high Cuban heels
Who danced the flamenco
Between changing her wheels

They even spoke once about
Having a kid
Then out of the blue he went back to Madrid

Outlaws got ponies,
singers got songs
There’s a hole in the world
that doesn’t belong
Best Western Motel Saturday night
Turns on the TV, turns down the light
She’ll watch it again that African Queen
And hopes that old boat
Steams through her dream

Her view’s from the cheap seats
But it’s still pretty clear
If you’re not being loved
You might just disappear
When I saw that Chris had picked the same song as me - This Must be the Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads - I almost didn't submit. But I'd recorded it already and Chris based his on the Talking Heads version while mine takes inspiration from the Shawn Colvin version of the song which has quite a different feel. Multitracked with 2 ukulele parts both played on an Enya high G tenor, multitracked vocals, Fender Ashbory bass (some things in common with bass ukuleles but came well before them) and a drum track. Images used are from my property in rural Tasmania.

Thanks for hosting, Berni!
Here is an original song in Teochew, a Chinese dialect.

Door gods (Menshen) are divine guardians of doors and gates in Chinese folk religions. They protect a room, house or building from evil spirits. Many different deities are worshipped as door gods. Two of them are fearsome brothers who throw evil spirits and demons to their pet tigers.

My song is not trying to be disrespectful towards people who believe in door gods or any other gods or goddesses in polytheistic religion. It is just my observation that people do ask/hope for different things from different gods. One of the things many worshippers ask for is wealth in the form of maybe winning lottery. I prefer the idea of door gods protecting a household from evil spirits and demons.

English translation:
(this is not what the Teochew words are saying exactly. But it is about 95% there....)

Door God! (X4)
You can believe, you can frown!
The Door Gods are in our house protecting us!
Warding off demons and evil spirits,
Throw them to their pet tigers as treats!

Door God! (X4)
Religion is such a funny business.
You don't think about it when life is a bed of roses.
When sickness and misfortune strike you, you lit some incense and get down on your knees-
There is a different god for every malady.

Door God! (X4)
The Door Gods keep your household safe and clean.
The God of Fortune makes you rich.
I was told Guanyin (the Goddess of Mercy) protects you from everything.
If I have extraordinary ukulele skills will I be worshipped as another deity?

Door God!(X4)
(spoken)may our home be safe and peaceful.
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