Season 630

Hey, Berni!

Cheers for hosting!

Here's a great song written by fellow Seasonista, @ukukeguy aka jollytunes. I really liked it the first time I heard it (and he was wearing sunglasses in the video which helped win me over) and this Season has handed me the perfect opportunity to have a swing at it.
8 string baritone, harmonica and that shiftless ne'er do well, Bobby 2 on the Collings and harmony vocal.

To paraphrase Trent Reznor on hearing Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt", it's not 'my' song any more. And yes, it does feel a bit like seeing someone kissing your girlfriend. Thanks so much, Bobby. :love:
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This is a composite of three songs by the Carter Family, Woody Guthrie,and the Incredible string band.

Surprise surprise THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME was written by (Albert E. Brumley) in 1937. Brumley was born near Spiro, Oklahoma on October 29, 1905. Pre-Dustbowl Oklahoma was primarily made up of sparse agricultural communities; Brumley's family was no different. He spent much of his early life chopping and picking cotton on his family's farm. Same old territory as Woody Guthrie.

Though the themes of the songs are quite different. Diametrically opposed in fact, since one is spiritual while the other is temporal. Given that Guthrie was heavily involved with the labour movement, he had a keen eye for the injustices that befell the poor and downtrodden. The evictions and farm seizures of the depression years made many people homeless, and they left the hell of the dust-bowl for the promised land of California.

Famine and poverty always sees the movement of people across borders. It is in human nature to want a better life, but somebody will always be around to build a wall, be it political, or concrete to stop the influx of desperate people.

We're in the middle of local elections here in Queensland - two weeks of early voting, followed by election day this Saturday, March 16. We are voting for mayors and council members. I voted yesterday and also electioneered outside the polling place for my local candidate of choice.

It's my third Australian election - federal election last year, followed by a failed federal referendum for aboriginal rights. This is my first local election, and the first time I've joined a party and gotten involved on the ground.

Local elections are all about quality of life right here at home, and I feel connected to my adopted home in a new way now that I'm participating in this way.

(Fun fact: We have compulsory voting here in Oz - everyone eligible votes or pays a fine. Also, we have preferential voting, which allows minority parties a real voice, and leads to results that more closely resemble the actual will of the voters than the first-past-the-post system I've participated in all my adult life in the US.)

There's a state election coming up here in October, and of course the much publicized federal election in my other country the following week, both of which I'll be voting in.

This song reflects my feelings about the current local elections (and last year's federal election, where we did throw the bums out, both nationally and locally) - not necessarily the upcoming ones, especially the latter. Maybe I'll do a different version for that one later on....

John, OM & his U - gets my tear ducts flowing again with his poignant song about a lass who was dismissed as homely, but was anything but.

Wendy brings us Tom Lehrer's rather bleak (if darkly hilarious) vision of a typical US Town.

Val, gets me all nostalgic by bringing us a song my Mum and Dad used to sing when the electricity was off in Lagos, Nigeria (an almost daily occurrence - not their singing of that particular song, but rather the lights going out).

Chris brought a bare bones version of a Talking Heads son that really caused me to focus on the lyrics. And he revealed a high register that I, for one, have rarely heard before.

Good Uke Boy wrings every drop of nostalgia out of his gentle paced cover of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" - Eat your heart out Izzy!

Jon Duncan adds his usual passionate seal to a Mountain Goats' song that has their signature lyrical style written all over it.

Bob King (and his "twin") bring us a wonderful song written by Kevin, that I missed first time around).

John gives us a superb song that could have come from the pen of one of my favourite songwriters: Jason Isbell.

Andrew does a full on take on a Talking Heads song that rings in my ears as those guitar arpeggios linger long after the song finishes! Nice one! Recommended!

Joo brings us a delightful insight into an aspect of Chinese culture I had never heard of. As I noted in the comments, China has a third of humanity, yet we in the "West" know so little about its history and culture, other than old clichés.

Rob reminded us of his wonderful mash up of version of "I ain't got not home in this world anymore" - with his particular "Old Gardner Guy sound" brilliantly illustrated here.

Wendy then sang us (with a cricket chorus) a fine Willy Nelson song reminding those who don't vote that they have no right to complain about who is in power if they didn't bother to vote.

I was expecting a lot of nostalgic lyrics this season, but I didn't fully realize what an emotional week I was letting myself in for with this theme. You guys (and Gals) have really been delivering the emotions this week! Thanks........... I think 😉
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I just got around to uploading all the links to the songs submitted so far to the PLAYLIST.

Please check that I have not accidentally left a song of yours out, please.

On to song 30... Who will it be? What will they bring?
In 1968, the world's fair was held in San Antonio, Texas, called Hemisfair. At the time, two brothers, Sid and Marty Krofft, made a living by building life-sized "puppets" which were really costumes worn by performers and putting on strange and fantastical shows at events like this. Since this was in Texas, they came up with a character who had once been a cowboy named Lester who had somehow been magically transformed into a dragon. I might have seen this at Hemisfair, but I don't remember it. My mom took me there a few times but I don't remember much about it; I was 4 years old at the time. A year later, the Krofft brothers were in Hollywood trying to make it on TV. They changed Lester's name to H.R. Pufnstuf and made him the mayor of a place called Living Island, where everything was alive and could talk. Because of Pufnstuf's origin as a cowboy, he still wore cowboy boots and spoke with a Texas drawl. The star of their new TV show was Jack Wild, who had made a name for himself portraying the Artful Dodger in the musical "Oliver." He played a boy name Jimmy who, while sailing in a small boat, was swept up in a storm and ended up on Living Island. He had been a flute player in a band, and when he reached Living Island his flute came alive and began talking, it turned out its name was Freddy. The villian of the island, a witch name Witchiepoo, repeatedly attacked Jimmy and Pufnstuf because she wanted Freddy for herself. The show ran for 13 episodes and was a huge influence on my young, still forming mind. My mom ordered a record that was advertised on the back of a cereal box that had several of the short songs performed by Jimmy in the series. I still have the record, and have had all the songs memorized since I was 5 years old. This is a song Jimmy sang about wanting to go back home. The Krofft brothers went on to have a long and successful career of creating strange, fantastical, some would say "acid-trip" kids shows filled with weird characters and based on outrageously strange plots (Lidsville, Sigmund & the Sea Monsters), plus a couple of shows that were just good without being all that weird, like Land of the Lost. Many people of my age still remember all these shows with great fondness.

I should be learning and recording right now, but I've started off with some good ol' procrastination! My natural step 1 on my Seasons ritual.
Near where I live is an abandoned house. The driveway is over grown with weeds and trees, the àpple trees have not been pruned, the paint is peeling off the window frames... the unused carpet beater hanging on the wall, the root cellar overgrown.

Makes you wonder what tragedy has happened for this house and garden get into such a state. It is that old conundrum of order and chaos, work has to be done to maintain order and if not the chaos results, and that holds true for properties or relationships.
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A new original called Abandoned Home.

Abandoned Home

quiet corner, shadows play,
ivy creeps, memories lay,
there's a house, all alone,
stories etched, every stone.

windows stare, longing gaze,
distant echoes, bygone days,
through doors ajar, the breeze,
flows through the memories.

abandoned home, full of memories,
whispers linger in the autumn breeze,
floors that creak with the weight of years,
yet in the silence, love still appears.

the fireplace emits no light,
cold embers in the night,
in its ashes, the stories remain,
echoing laughter, echoing pain.

rooms a canvas, life's design,
faded colours of heart and mind,
furniture draped, sheets of white,
waiting for one last night.

abandoned home, full of memories,
whispers linger in the autumn breeze,
nature reclaims, with vines entwined,
yet in the ruins, love you'll find.

abandoned home, full of memories,
whispers linger in the autumn breeze,
guarding secrets, tales untold,
in this home, now still and cold.
The Merry Go Round Broke Down (Take 2)
Thank you for hosting such a fun and creative Season, Berni!

I’m admittedly odd whilst also oddly conventional. Some of my most cherished memories of my childhood home, conjuring a warm feeling of security, safety, warmth and acceptance, are the Saturday morning minutes spent in the family room with Dad, laughing uproariously as various cartoon animals inflicted egregious violence on each other. What says “home” more than a coyote getting flattened by an ACME anvil or a wolf dropping a roped piano on an affable, hardworking sheepdog?
I’ve branded this cover as “Take 2” because the version submitted to an earlier Season wasn’t even close to the correct melody or chord progression for the Looney Tunes intro. Though I remain grateful for the many kind and exceedingly tactful You Tube comments, that original half- hour- practiced version was, in retrospect, just a mashup of a snippet from “Freight Train” and my transitioning from C to G7 and back playing a different tune than the one I intended. Enjoy!
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Hello, yet again, Berni! About three years ago, I broke the G string on my Pono "Big Bari" ... yesterday evening I replaced it; this is the way I operate!!! Anyway, I suddenly realised that this song fitted the Season's requirements and that it might sound OK on the aforementioned uke, which gave me the incentive to actually restring it. Herewith ...

Apparently my new hobby is to go along to the open mics in Dundee and sing an original song that fits the current season. Here's a song about a local hero pigeon that helped some other local heroes make it home back in 1942.

Someone told me afterwards that this is the second song they'd heard about Winkie The Pigeon. There should be more than merely two...

Phone mics aren't very good at this, unfortunately, but I'm not about to take my eight track gadget to the pub. It's close enough I suppose :).
I've been stuck on this song for a week or so, so I'm shoehorning it into the theme! Sometimes "Home" is the thing you leave so you can (eventually) find a better one. And no one knows this better than Hedwig Robinson.
Please pardon my morose demeanor. To paraphrase Ringo, "I'm not sad, it's just me face."
I wrote a little song for this season, it is called Online Home. I guess it was focused on online gaming, but might as wel be about this community (well hopefully not the shooting in the face/mace part ;) ).

your home can be online
your home can be in the cloud
and it might feel great
but how do you get out

Verse 1
how do you feel when you come online
do you feel, loved
when somebody shoots you in the face
or hits you with a mace

Verse 2
community spread, around the world
lots of people, with the same passion
finding each-other, via the internet
chatting with keyboards, microphones and camera's

Verse 3
no need to. leave the house
no need to. leave your home
but still, live adventures
in the thunderdome

Alan revived lost memories of a surrealistic kids' TV programme I remember as a youth.

Jon puts his own individual stamp on this great Nick Lowe song "House for Sale" that had already been covered by Steve this Season.

Well, we definitely have the SEASON THEME - as Rob reposts his heart aching version of "House for Sale". What a song!

Andrew CW brings us a stunning original. His versification is brilliant here. The first verse especially sets up the song perfectly with its two word sentences evoking images and tying us into the story. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

OldScruggsFan brought us a lovely Cartoon inspired piece of Bluegrass picking on his wonderful looking cartoon inspired uke.

Val gives us an achingly desperate version of Loud Reed's "Perfect Day" in which she manages to bring out the irony that many miss in the song.

Edwin brought us a live version of a song about a brave pigeon who helped save the aircrew of a downed plane during WWII

Our Very own chaotic librarian (sadly not named Marian - but nearly) added to this week's tally with a super song about a town considered wicked.

Wim brings us a super original with a gorgeous growly bass underpinning the ukulele chords.

I am really enjoying hosting this week. I had forgotten what a joy it can be. If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend giving it a go. It is not technically difficult and there is a great tutorial on how to do one in the Seasons page. Hosts are what keep s this wonderful resource going!

@Renaissance-Man asked if I’d like to do a collaboration with him on John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads”. This is the result. All the credit for technological wizardry goes to Renaissance-Man; I was having difficulty getting my phone to do a basic video with acceptable audio. Making multi-track videos and improving the audio quality of my videos is on my “someday list”, but it’s definitely not something I can do right now.

Donbas and Gaza are bones... being scrapped over by dogs, but they are also homes, and you will wait until the cows come home before the dogs will release those Bones. The bones will be picked over by Historians.

If you give a dog the bone
You knew it he would chew it
chew it till the cows come home
If you give a dog the bone.
If you try to get it back
He just might attack
He will never ever let it go
if you give a dog the bone.

You can say pretty please
You can get down on your bended knees
You can pray but no matter what you say
his teeth are clamped apon that bone

If you give a dog the bone
He will fight for it with all his might
For he thinks it is his right
When you give a dog the bone.
He never will release
that bone from his teeth
I told you so, he will never let go
If you give a dog the bone.
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