Season 630

Your host was working on quite a miserable song about putting our elderly in "Homes" that are anything but homes.
However, that was going into too dark (and too close to home) territory and it has been shelved (for the moment) in favour of this happier ditty about how Carmen and I spend our evenings! Pity I fluffed the last line. The subtitle is the correct wording.

Hope you like

A&P was a grocery store chain that started in New York in the 1800s and by the 1930s spanned the United States with thousands of stores. It even thrived and reached its peak during the Great Depression, driving many small independent stores out of business. Various measures were attempted to stem the A&P advance: tax penalties, laws against opening new stores, etc. It was eventually driven out of business itself by the rise of supermarket chains such as Wal-Mart as well as various regional supermarkets, such as H.E.B. in Texas, where I live. By the time I was old enough to remember grocery stores, in the late 60s, there were no A&P's around here. Back then, my grandmother and I would walk several blocks to downtown Floresville and buy groceries at either a small Red & White, which was another national chain that disappeared, or Baumann's, which was a local chain of 3 or 4 stores only in my home county (Wilson County), and which closed up forever only recently with the building of new H.E.B.'s in all the larger towns in this county. In Stockdale, where I did most of my growing up, there is still a small Lowe's Supermarket, another chain that isn't nearly as big as H.E.B., but somehow still survives. It started out as Joe's Groceries in a small place on Main Street, then he bought some property and built a much larger place that became Joe's Supermarket, then Joe retired and it became a Super S (another chain that I think is now gone), and finally Lowe's Supermarket. Anyway, this is a song about buying a home for the sake of convenience. There aren't many supermarkets that are around the corner from a neighborhood anymore; they're mostly out on the highways. But if you live in the right place in Stockdale, you can still walk to Lowe's, and there's one H.E.B. in San Antonio that was built back in the 1940s that is still smack in the middle of a neighborhood where many people still walk to the store to buy groceries. First stanza and one chorus only.

Hey Berni!😊Here’s a song by Switchfoot for your season. Jon Foreman (the lead singer) is my absolute favorite songwriter and I’ve been wanting to cover something by him for forever! This one was a blast for me to learn and play (gave myself blisters-haha). Thanks so much and hope you have a great weekend! 😊❤️
Home - Van Steeden, Clarkson, Clarkson 1931
- learned from R. Crumb & The Cheap Suit Serenaders

We taped this at our Friday Night Jam. We tried a version with all five of us, but the balance sucked, so we tried a couple more. This was just Ted Staunton and me. We did another with Dave on drums that was even better, but I'm not sure how to get it from James's phone into my YouTube Channel, so this'll have to do for now.
Richard was the only one to applaud when we finished.

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We have a hectic day today. But I promise I will listen, put on the playlist and comment on every video when I get a moment... Probably be midnight tonight or tomorrow morning!
I'm at Esk Camp & Jam, possibly my favorite event I've been to since my move to Queensland from New Jersey. Last year was so fun I had to come back.

In addition to some paid performers, there are all-day open mics on the performance stage Saturday and Sunday, with a kickass backup band who can play pretty much anything. It's fun to be a rock star, so when there's a band, I'm gonna do some rock.

Today is election day of our local elections all over Queensland - and voting in Australia is compulsory - so I assume everyone here has early-voted over the past two weeks like I did. Polls closed 5 hours ago, and I haven't checked on the results yet.

Anyway, I had to do Willie Nelson's "Vote 'Em Out" again, didn't I?

And then I figured I'd do one song for each of my home countries.

"Sister Golden Hair" isn't about home, but the band, themselves expats in a foreign land, named themselves America, after our mutual native land.

Men At Work's "Down Under" is a song about being Australian in foreign places ... and having one's accent give away ones origin, an experience with which I am intimately familiar.

The vocals are a bit all over the place - because I could barely hear myself in the monitor ... and not at all during song 3.

This week, I've been working on learning to chuck; and hold my uke without a strap. Fun fact, I lived in southwest Virginia for 7 years as a grad student. So the Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River, etc. were right where I lived!

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Bonsoir, Berni! If you remember, you suggested I should turn the poem that Tom wrote about home when he was a wee lad into a song. Well, Rob (Ukuguy) very kindly set it to music and I passed Rob's music on to Tom to add the vocals. So, I bring you Rob's lovely composition, followed by Tom's (and son, Oscar's) interpretation of the lyrics, incorporating Rob's music. (Rob, my apologies, I hope it's OK to post this, I PM'd you earlier, but there was no reply.) I think Tom's take shows that he might have lingered rather too long in the Chapel Choir at school, but he did say he enjoyed doing it!
Herewith, Rob ...

And Tom and Oscar ...
Bernie! I've just celebrated, if one could call it that, ten years in this country of Myanmar. To be honest, well... things could be better, I'll leave it at that while I leave the week with a Tom Waits number, recorded live to YouTube here on the last day of the challenge...
Two marathon listens later and here is my latest report on The State of the Season:

Hooray! Rob brings us a new original warning us of the perils of his dad's rhubarb wine. It brought back memories of my Dad's less toxic fruit and vegetable wines, of which he became a master brewer (at least in my humble opinion).

Su Noir brings us a delightful ditty reminding us that "Home" can be a city or a whole country, not just a family house!

Bob King and his fellow dogs, brought us a superb piece of "Americana" with a gorgeous arrangement. A MUST Listen!

Jim does a lovely melancholy version of Joos bittersweet song: "What's a Home without You"

Wim puts his soulful crooner hat on and does a super version of a song that is now tied as the theme song of this Season, since it also now has three versions, all different, all great.

Jim brings us another instant classic. He is such a well spring of great folk songs!

Alan does another classic from way back when expressing the Middle Class dream of that long disappeared America.

Tanya introduces me (and probably a few of you too) to a band I have never heard of: Switchfoot with a song that evokes a feeling of "I don't fit in to the world I see outside me". Great stuff!

Jim and his mate Ted bring us an "Old Time" feel song. Someone bring me a Martini Bianco, with a couple of olives! I feel the urge to lay back and chill after that. Fine soloing from Ted!

Jon Duncan then brings us a song I never expected to ever hear as it was written by cult leader and murderer Charlie Manson. The background knowledge of the composer certainly made for an uneasy listen.

Andrew in multi faceted mode, brings a powerful arrangement of a Phil Collins song. There is certainly an early Genesis feel about this one.

Brian (Pabrizzer) brings us his unmistakeable style to bear on an original contrasting dreams with reality and asking if maybe that's what dreams are for. So much to be unpicked in such a short song. CLASS....

Wendy offers us a threesome... er.... rather three songs from her recent set with the band. Great band, Wendy! It must be fun playing with them.

Roy gives us a "chucking" good version of John Denver's "Country Roads"

Andrew M. gives us a super acoustic version of Dylan Junior's breakthrough hit with his band The Wallflowers.... and then a happy 40s sounding song by Amos Lea

Rob (Ukuguy) came up with a lovely lullaby tune for Val's son Tom's poem.
Then Tom (and other Stapletons) gave it the full choir treatment. As an ex-Choirboy, I am impressed!

Joko is commemorating ten years in his new home and offered us a Tom Waits song to celebrate.

Rob then (¿coincidentally?) offers us a long ago take of the same song Joko covered. Fine song.
What's A Home Without You - Joo

Berni, I know that you have done a version of this song by our friend Joo, as have Bob and a few other Seasonistas. I hope I didn't go too far off track Joo, but thanks for the inspiration.

I love this, Jim. I really can't take full credit for this song. I had started my own version of "What's A Home Without ..." for Ylle's Season I remember, and I asked everyone to come up with their own versions. These are your own words and I love them. Thanks for playing it again.
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