Season 630

Today was day 2 of all-day open mic at Esk Camp & Jam. After we all did our 3-song sets, we had an opportunity to do two more. All five of my songs were chosen to meet both themes - 631's weather and 630's home.

Round 1:
"It Never Rains in Southern California" - Albert Hammond
"Ain't No Sunshine" - Bill Withers
"Rainbow Blues" - original -> This one especially rocked!

Round 2:
"I Love a Rainy Night" - Eddie Rabbitt
"White Room" - Cream

Cheers for hosting Berni. I was homeward bound at 6 this morning after a break In Cornwall. I've got my priorities straight, get a song down and then unpack .

Lyrically, this song has multiple mentions of house, home, suburbs, so it fits the theme quite nicely.

I can't thank @ChaosLibrarian and @hands_on_lanzon enough for jumping on board to put this song together. You both knocked it out of the park. This was probably the fastest collab I've ever put together, which is truly saying something since there's a LOT of stuff happening in this song that I didn't even video half of the stuff I did.

I also want to thank @Barbablanca for hosting and giving me the opportunity to tackle this song once again.

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Thanks for hosting, and sorry I've been struggling too much to fully participate this week. Still, one song on the final day is something, I hope.

Hey! It's the first appearance of my U-Bass in a recording! I don't have the bass prowess of @ukudancer or the vocal control of @ChaosLibrarian , but I do have the shamelessness of Fergie singing the Star Spangled Banner, enough to take my best shot at a mothercussin' Adele tune!! I don't get close, but it was fun trying.

It's 'Hometown Glory.'

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I am usually quite good at keeping up with the deadline, but not today!

I had everything ready to film as I got a Skype call, so I knew I'd be much too late. Anyway, I filmed a sax video of this dance tune yesterday, this time transposing the sax part and not the uke (as I did last video). I remember that Berni's daughter played saxophone when she was younger.

Late submission no 2: a one take original homebrew, in a raw unfiltered state (meaning 'unfinished' but without the Schubert brilliance).


Thanks for hosting, Berni. Feel free to leave these off the playlist since they are late. I can move them to the Island instead.

Final Closing Thoughts on 630. Next time I agree to host, I must check to see if any birthday parties, friend's concerts and celebratory meet ups of the old gang to greet the spring are scheduled!

Wendy brings us five more songs performed in the Magical Land of Oz with her tight backing band. I particularly liked "Rainbow Blues" and "White Room".

Brian Fergus brings us a spirited take on the Beatles Classic "Two of Us" - I love that Asbury Bass.

Wim does a great job of making the Boss' "My Hometown" his own. You really brought out the desperation in those later verses, Wim.

Mark C. Brought us a song I was hoping to hear this season. I really identified with this song back when I was a semi-pro folk singer.

Chris, Arvin and Marin brought my Sunday evening to a close with this fabulous collaboration. Everything from her splendid vocal through the great arrangement to the video cuts was just perfect. I loved this you guys!

Mitch dons his hobo persona and does a great take on Woody's "I ain't got no home in this world anymore!"

Jim takes us to his Tennessee Mountain home and gives us a slice of life down there. Fine picking too!

Chris brings a lovely melancholy feel to his cover of Adele's "Hometown Glory"
First time he's released a recording with his Uke Bass - and it's fine. Looking forward to hearing it again.

Ralph makes "Closing Time" his own in a spirited rendition. That I thought was going to be the perfect end to the season.

However, Sabine, had other ideas and brought two tracks for our delight and delectation as an encore and farewell to the Home Season. The second one was a super draft of a song that is going to be really great when it is finished. because it's already fine now.

Thanks to you all for submitting songs. I enjoyed every one of them. I am glad I wasn't offering a prize this week, because it would have been a bummer deciding on a winner.

On to Season 631 where we get to "Bless the Weather" - I really hope one of you does a version of that!
fantastic season mate, thank you for it and
thank you everyone for the great music. :)
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