Season 631: I Mist You

I wouldn't miss a Jon week.

This STARTED as a song referencing the wind, but as you probably know, it also refers to the ants being my friend, so I took that premise and ran,..

{T:Bowling In to Win}
{st:Bob Dylan & Joko}

Capo 2
[C]How man [F] erodes must[G]ard man bogged [C]down
Be[C]ef or uke [F] all-in, Amen[C][G]
[C]How may [F]knees ease my [G]wife's oven [C]ails
[C]Beef ore sheesha [F]leaks indi[G]an?[G6][G7]
[C]How man eats Iams[F] my can[G] in balls [C]lie
[C]Before they're [F]a faux refer [G]band?
The [F]ants are my [G]friends is [C]bowling in to [F]win,
The [F]ants are all [G]bowlin' in to [C]win.

[C]How Man[F]ny rears those mice[G] to ex[C]cess
[C]Be FOREX is[F] lost to Eazy-E?[G]
Yes, 'n' [C]how Manny [F]fears some peep-[G]hole exits[C]
Before they're [F]a loud Toby[C] Keith?[G]
Yes, 'n' [C]how a man [F]eats while COMIN[G]TERN's ahead[C],
Pre-tending as he [F]does ecstasy?[G]
The [F]ants are my [G]friends is [C]bowling in to [F]win,
The [F]ants are all [G]bowlin' in to [C]win.

[C]How men[F]ingitis canna[G]bis IS up[C]
Be[C]fore he [F]can kiss his [C]guy?[G]
Yes, 'n'[C] how many [F]arrears must one [G]man have[C]
Before they'll[F] even let him try?[G]
Yes, 'n' [C]how many debts [F]Willie [G]takes in his nose[C]
That man [F]eating people is I[C][G]?
The [F]ants are my [G]friends is [C]bowling in to [F]win,
The [F]ants are all [G]bowlin' in to [C]win.
OMG, I can't stop laughing....

Have you perchance read "Ladle Rat Rotten Hut"? If you have, your Anguish Languish is soup herb! If you haven't, you must.
This has been on my list all week, then yesterday I saw it qualified for my Monday twofer.

And lo and behold, the weather has cooperated. It's raining, has been raining, and looks to continue to rain. It made for some solid percussion to accompany my rain song. (My iPhone alarm also joined in on the ending ... in key, I think!)

Who here remembers Casey Bee? I first learned this song, at her suggestion, for Season 169, her birthday week hosting celebration of her favorite artist, Warren Zevon, back in May 2015.

It's such a catchy and uplifting-from-a-dark-place kind of song. Warren Zevon's "Fistful of Rain".

It wasn't raining when I picked this song, but ... well, yeah, for sure it's the perfect song for this week:

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Practiced all week and... welp... here you go :p

Have a lovely spring or autumn, y'all, depending on your hemisphere!

The title reminds me of another Nick Lowe song but too late now to record it, let alone practice! Thanks to @mountain goat for being the perfect host and a great week to everyone!

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thank you one and all for a wonderful final day of music
and for all of your performances over this last week!
it has been a joy to me.
i'll be back in a couple of days w/ a summary and more information
about the prizes that are being offered.
thanks too, to Charles Schulz and the Peanuts kids for chaperoning us
through the season, whatever the weather.
xo 🌻

weather plays tricks on Snoopy.jpg

thank you again for a weatherful season gang!
with Rob's beautiful nature and weather-related films plus the forecasts we had 127 videos
and it was an absolute joy for me. such a brilliant and diverse range of songs and styles.
i'm grateful to all of you. 🙂

massive shout-outs to everyone who recorded original songs:
Joo, Chris, Berni, Alan, Edwin, Tom, Del, Brian C and Andrew. they were all superb.

big shout-outs to Bobby, Kev, Jim P, Marin, John P, CeeJay, Brian F, Ralf & p morey
and a number of others who i would have liked to offer a gift.

w/ that said,
i've chosen 3 people to receive a little home-spun booklet of original poetry
called Seasons Turn on a Blade of Grass.

1. Andrew (UkerDrew), for his 'I Must Be in Oregon'
2. John (onemanandhisuke), for his 'Laughter in the Rain
3. Ukulele Extra Cheese, for his 'Heat Above'

thank you fellas, i loved these so much. xo

i've chosen 5 people to receive a printed card from original paintings
by a local artist, Lindsay Watts, featuring 5 scenes around where i live,
down the channel, south of Hobart.

1. Liz
2. Wendy
3. Rob
4. Alan
5. Edwin

please PM me your postal address folks, if you would like these things.

signing off now w/ much love and gratitude
to you all for embracing the season. xo


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Such a great week Jon! I really enjoyed it and loved how you ended each day with the weather report and a little snippet from Peanuts. Those were cute.😊 Congrats to the prize winners too!❤️
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ggaaaaaahhhh brother! s** poo bum...i was thinking about all your other songs
and totally forgot about the best of the lot which was your
watercooler song!!!! that was fn awesome mate!!! going to fix that right now... 😊
No worries! I do dig the phrase "s** poo bum," tho. Thanks again, Jon!
Thanks for a great season Jon, and for keeping us up to date with the weather reports (and the Peanuts :)). And of course for picking me out! It'll be lovely to receive some Tasmanian artwork.
Thanks very much for your generous hosting and the prizes as well. A stellar season all around! I will treasure your very personal gift of poetry!
Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, 1977

For those who weren’t old enough to drive a car in 1977, two words: “Couples’ Skate”

For everyone else, three words: “Turn it up!”

Clark, i think you have posted this at the wrong thread?
Also the first one that came to my mind. You did it far better than I would have.
That's very kind of you to say, thank you.
Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been in Luxembourg for the past few days, where public transport is free,
a train ride to Trier, Germany costs just €6 return...
and where, Trier being int. al., the birthplace of Karl Marx, to honour the great man, the crosswalk signage displays Karl Marx Ampelmännerchen!20240326_153029.jpg20240326_153019.jpg
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