Season 631: I Mist You

Ah, the wonder and value of public transport that is so ridiculously absent in the US. What a great (and affordable) holiday!
thank you again for a weatherful season gang!
with Rob's beautiful nature and weather-related films plus the forecasts we had 127 videos
and it was an absolute joy for me. such a brilliant and diverse range of songs and styles.
i'm grateful to all of you. 🙂

massive shout-outs to everyone who recorded original songs:
Joo, Chris, Berni, Alan, Edwin, Tom, Del, Brian C and Andrew. they were all superb.

big shout-outs to Bobby, Kev, Jim P, Marin, John P, CeeJay, Brian F, Ralf & p morey
and a number of others who i would have liked to offer a gift.

w/ that said,
i've chosen 3 people to receive a little home-spun booklet of original poetry
called Seasons Turn on a Blade of Grass.

1. Andrew (UkerDrew), for his 'I Must Be in Oregon'
2. John (onemanandhisuke), for his 'Laughter in the Rain
3. Ukulele Extra Cheese, for his 'Heat Above'

thank you fellas, i loved these so much. xo

i've chosen 5 people to receive a printed card from original paintings
by a local artist, Lindsay Watts, featuring 5 scenes around where i live,
down the channel, south of Hobart.

1. Liz
2. Wendy
3. Rob
4. Alan
5. Edwin

please PM me your postal address folks, if you would like these things.

signing off now w/ much love and gratitude
to you all for embracing the season. xo

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Oh, I missed this! Thank you so much, Jon - I'm so excited you appreciated my humble offerings, and looking forward to a "taste of Tassie" in my mailbox. Congrats to everyone, and thanks for such a fun week. 🌟
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