Season 631: I Mist You

I convinced my daughter to get out the guitalele and play with me on “Boots of Spanish Leather”. The weather references don’t come in until the last stanza, which mentions “western wind” and “stormy weather”.

This song by CCR off the seminal album Willie and the Poor Boys opens with a rain and a soaking fever reference, but I will have to class this one under Jon’s #3 criteria - songs that evoke a visceral response every time I hear it. I never get tired of this classic two chorder. Sooo good.

I have my Cordoba Mini-R baritone scale tuned up a half step here.
Thanks for hosting Jon! I gave Rainy Days by Herb Ohta Jr a go. I really wanted to post a cleaner version, but the chords and stretches in this one really take it out on my left hand. I gave it a few more tries but soon reached the point of diminishing returns so this is the best I got for now!
Reminds me of a little Auk that used to walk along the promenade in his little yellow Wellingtons.

There was a big storm and an enormous wave swept the little Auk away, never to be seen again.

All that was left was "The waders of the lost Auk"
Wait ... was he from Wellington or Aukland? Oh, my bad ... you didn't say he was a Kiwi. I'm so confused....
some lovely stuff today, gang!
beautiful Irving Berlin standard, classic James Taylor, a super fun
song from Liz that we all need to learn(!), a gorgeous instrumental,
one of my favourite Dylan songs, a sweet film foraging for blueberries
while Andrew just had the blues... 🙂
thank you for the awesome music everyone!
still another day to go, even as you drift off into dream land!
i trust the weather is well with you all, inside and out, eh Snoopy...

snoopy keeping cool.jpg

Here's a 632-631 twofer:
"Dust in the Wind" by Kansas

Dreams & Weather

It's early autumn here. The weather's been just about perfect. The humid heat of the summer is gone, there's a slight nip in the air, I no longer need AC at night. It was raining when I made this video.

When he was producing The Damned he was already being called Grandad by the band, but Basher aka much loved bassist, crooner and songwriter Nick Lowe is 75 today, so happy birthday, Nick! I've been a fan since the album this comes from, Nick the Knife was released, and what a fine album!

Weather? Sunny and dry, with just a few clouds in the sky. 🌤️

Hello, Jon ... sorry, it was never my intent to darken your door again, but I suddenly realised, when I was recording this "dream song" yesterday, that it also has a meteorological reference - "when you hear that cold wind calling ..." - so, for the first and probably only time, I am straddling two
seasons ...

And here is today's weather in deepest France ...

Screenshot 2024-03-24 11.27.57.png
I didn't think I'd get time to do another one this week. But I was reviewing my FAWM songs from this year and realised this one is perfect for this season. It's a protest song about how long we have known about the climate crisis and how little the powers that be have chosen to do about it.

Hope you enjoy:

PS Weather in Vilanova i la Geltrú today is cloudy with temperatures around 14º C. Chance of rain overnight. Which we desperately need in these drought stricken times.

Yesterday was sunny with blue skies and temperatures in the mid to high 20s C.
A song by Tom Petty. Apparently, this song was recorded by Tom, alone in his studio around the time of Wildflowers, and never released until after his death. He played guitar and sang all vocals on it. I'd never heard it until yesterday, and loved it immediately. Here's my 1-take, just recorded today.

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One of George Formby's little ditties. On a new (to me) Uke Banjo. I struggled with that previous "thing" of mine for 50 years before realising that the action was far too high, the neck was far too narrow...and it had a very dull and thuddy tone...sigh. I'm afraid that is what happens when people buy and gift you an instrument .:rolleyes:

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This is the last one for me this week. The rain is sort of implied because how can you have a rainbow without first having the rain?

G. Love minted this simple three-chorder and it’s a beaut. Jack Johnson makes an appearance on it too.
C, F, and G. (G7). Go on and have a go. Tell me it it don’t put a smile on your face too!

DINK'S SONG - P.D. (collected by John & Alan Lomax from a woman named Dink)

Early one morning, in the drizzling rain
Down in my heart I felt an aching pain

I first heard this by Dave Van Ronk during the Great Folk Scare, but my version is nothing like his. Thanks for a fun season Jon.

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Ok I lied. I have one more because it’s a rainy Sunday and I have nothing better to do - at least that’s what I tell myself.

This is a bit of a rehash of a song I did way back in Season 331, but it fit so well this week and I wanted to re-record it with a better uke. This blues song by Greg Brown is explicitly and entirely about RAIN - namely the rain here in my home state of Oregon.

It’s a bit long at over 4 minutes so if you reach the halfway mark, you get the point. The rest of it is pretty much the same theme.

I wouldn't miss a Jon week.

This STARTED as a song referencing the wind, but as you probably know, it also refers to the ants being my friend, so I took that premise and ran,..

{T:Bowling In to Win}
{st:Bob Dylan & Joko}

Capo 2
[C]How man [F] erodes must[G]ard man bogged [C]down
Be[C]ef or uke [F] all-in, Amen[C][G]
[C]How may [F]knees ease my [G]wife's oven [C]ails
[C]Beef ore sheesha [F]leaks indi[G]an?[G6][G7]
[C]How man eats Iams[F] my can[G] in balls [C]lie
[C]Before they're [F]a faux refer [G]band?
The [F]ants are my [G]friends is [C]bowling in to [F]win,
The [F]ants are all [G]bowlin' in to [C]win.

[C]How Man[F]ny rears those mice[G] to ex[C]cess
[C]Be FOREX is[F] lost to Eazy-E?[G]
Yes, 'n' [C]how Manny [F]fears some peep-[G]hole exits[C]
Before they're [F]a loud Toby[C] Keith?[G]
Yes, 'n' [C]how a man [F]eats while COMIN[G]TERN's ahead[C],
Pre-tending as he [F]does ecstasy?[G]
The [F]ants are my [G]friends is [C]bowling in to [F]win,
The [F]ants are all [G]bowlin' in to [C]win.

[C]How men[F]ingitis canna[G]bis IS up[C]
Be[C]fore he [F]can kiss his [C]guy?[G]
Yes, 'n'[C] how many [F]arrears must one [G]man have[C]
Before they'll[F] even let him try?[G]
Yes, 'n' [C]how many debts [F]Willie [G]takes in his nose[C]
That man [F]eating people is I[C][G]?
The [F]ants are my [G]friends is [C]bowling in to [F]win,
The [F]ants are all [G]bowlin' in to [C]win.
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