Season 634 - Love Your Larynx!


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Apr 19, 2018
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Kent, UK
Season 634 - Love Your Larynx

Welcome one and all to the 634th Season Of The Ukulele!

I have laryngitis. I haven’t been able to talk for a week. Even worse, I haven’t been able to sing for a week. And horrible though it is, it has at least made me appreciate everything my larynx (also known as voice box) has ever done for me. And it has prompted me to learn a little more about exactly what it is, and how it does what it does - see here.

So, this is a week to celebrate the larynx. And hopefully by the end of it, mine will be returning to something like its former questionable “glory”! 🤔😆
  • I would like you to bring up to six songs to the Season which mention in their title and/or their lyrics a noise (as a noun or as a verb) that is made by your larynx. For example: talk, shout, cry, laugh, groan, sing, hum, squeak, scream and so on…
  • Remember that there are other noises you can make orally, but that do not involve your larynx, eg whistling - these do not qualify for the season! (However, you are allowed to whistle in your video, as long as it conforms to the theme in other ways - I call this the “Brian Fergus Rule” 😉.)

All the usual rules apply - see Edwin’s marvellous FAQ here if you’re unaware of the details.
Originals are particularly welcome.
Multitracking and collaborations are also very welcome.
A maximum of 6 songs for the Season please, unless I decide to increase this later in the week.
There will be a winner’s certificate for my favourite entry, and probably a few runners-up too. These will be sent by email.
I will listen to every second of every entry and post a comment for every entry on YouTube. If I accidentally miss one, please let me know.
Don’t post until it’s Sunday 7th April in Hawaii, and don’t post after it‘s Sunday 14th April in Hawaii.
Most of all: HAVE FUN! 😁


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These puns just has to appeal to your (soft) palate.
In the hospital bed next to me was a man who had a stroke that robbed him of his ability to talk. My speech was slurred and I had difficulty finding words. It was that strange feeling you get when something is on the tip of your tongue but refuses to come out and express itself.

I thought how marvelous it is the connection between my brain and my vocal chords, the passage of air and the vibrations to make sounds that another person can hear, and they are so smart they can interpret these sounds as being a language they understand.

We never deconstruct the miracle of just having a conversation and the passage of thoughts between people. Sounds that are heard as words that can be understood. We just accept it as natural that we can communicate with each other, there is no need to analyse the process, it just happens... Except when it doesn't, only then do you think what could be wrong, and why it doesn't work anymore.

We truly are wonderfully and frightfully made.
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