Season 634 - Love Your Larynx!

In the hospital bed next to me was a man who had a stroke that robbed him of his ability to talk. My speech was slurred and I had difficulty finding words. It was that strange feeling you get when something is on the tip of your tongue but refuses to come out and express itself.

I thought how marvelous it is the connection between my brain and my vocal chords, the passage of air and the vibrations to make sounds that another person can hear, and they are so smart they can interpret these sounds as being a language they understand.

We never deconstruct the miracle of just having a conversation and the passage of thoughts between people. Sounds that are heard as words that can be understood. We just accept it as natural that we can communicate with each other, there is no need to analyse the process, it just happens... Except when it doesn't, only then do you think what could be wrong, and why it doesn't work anymore.

We truly are wonderfully and frightfully made.
Please everybody read Rob’s post. It so beautifully and accurately describes the amazing act of spoken communication that we all take for granted. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Rob - you are a star! 🙂
I’ve been asked by PM if “say/saying/said” in the song lyrics/title would qualify for the Season. It’s a tricky one, but I’m going to say no - I don’t think it relates closely enough to the actual sound being made in the process. Sorry!

Edit: after further consideration I’ve changed my mind on this - “say/saying/said” is acceptable!
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D’Oh! Back to the drawing board! I wasn’t the one who PM’d his Royal Dellness by the way re the “say” question.
All these gags are drool-y cheeky.
I've been planning this one for 633's time theme. Most of the many verses out there use the verbs "pray" or "worship", which can be done with the larynx or silently.

So I added as many laryngeal activities as I could squeeze in. How many can you find?

I started more or less with the best-known verses, from the Arlo Guthrie / Pete Seeger version and the one in "Rise Up Singing" and the songbook I learned it from, then added some more I found online that I found funny, and a few of my own.

Too many verses, but hopefully good for a laugh (that requires larynx, right?).

Thanks for hosting, Del! Sorry about your larynx. Hope you recover soon!

For my first song I am bringing a (famous?)Scottish song.

I know I sound funny singing a Scottish song, me with my Singlish/Teochew accent, but I wanna take this opportunity to thank Rob @wee_ginga_yin for giving me a book of Scottish songs and ballads.

I am also grateful that my larynx works so I can speak and sing. My accent might sound different from yours, or even funny, but I am singing the same song the Scottish people have been singing for years. :--)

There are many versions of this song. The one I am singing has 2 verses.

This line from the first verse fits the theme :
If a body kiss a body, need a body cry?

The second verse has Scottish words, which I hope I have pronounced correctly :
Gin a body meet a body,
Comin' frae the toon,
Gin a body greet a body,
Need a body froon?
Among the train there is a swain,
I dearly love mysel',
But what's his name or what's his hame,
I donna care to tell.

From 1951, this one was sung by Clint Eastwood in the infamous 1969 western musical "Paint Your Wagon," or so I have read, because I've never seen it. P.S. I get laryngitis almost every time I get a cold. Once it was so bad I couldn't speak for about a month, couldn't sing for several more weeks after that, and for about a year trying to say a long "I" sound made my throat lock up.

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Greetings, Del ... and thanks for hosting! I understand completely your frustration with your inability to talk (let alone sing) at the moment. When I was immunocompromised as a result of chemo, I caught pneumonia and was completely unable to talk for several days ... it was SO annoying!!! Anyway, I hope you'll be better soon. This is a song about shouting ... something I try NOT to do.

For SHOUTING I thought of this song by Tears For Fears!!!
I recorded this straight to my phone and added a bit of echo effect.

I have mentioned this before but I will share it again- i use Darlie tootbpaste.😁
Before Alan beats me to it… here‘s one from 1930. I Love An Ukulele

Making a seasons debut is my only soprano ukulele. It’s a Black Bear ”Christmas Belle” and it’s a beaut! Backup by my only Tenor uke at the moment, my Ono tenor.

”I love to hum while I strum…. Strum, strum strum“

The Talkin' Blues form is usually credited to Chris Bouchillon, a country musician from South Carolina. His changes and the tag lines after each verse have been used by many musicians: Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Ramblin' Jack Elliott. . .
This Talkin' Guitar Blues takes a bit from Bobby Bare*'s All American Boy but more from Cisco Houston and others with a wee bit of modification from yours truly. I got some from David Holt too.
The word "Talkin'" appears only in the title, not the lyrics.

*erroniously credited to Bill Parsons.

Some of the older songs I've heard in the past few seasons inspired me to look for an older number. So here is Hummin' to Myself from 1932 by Sammy Fain, Herb Magidson and Monty Siegel which is a brand new song to me. I made some slight adaptions (mainly lengthening some bars) but otherwise it is based mainly straight from a fake book as I didn't listen to any other versions until after I'd worked it out.

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