Season 634 - Love Your Larynx!

My PC has died. So I have just spent a frustrating morning learning all the steps necessary to upload a video from my camera to YouTube via my ancient I-pad!

After a great deal of frustration, I finally managed. But the I-movie app nearly defeated me. So no subtitles till I can edit the video on my PC.

The song was especially written for this week and attempts to get as many larynx associated sounds in the story as possible.

I hope you like
For season 634 Look After Your Larynx* we have something that nearly caused me to burst mine . Never ,ever ,ever have I had soooooooooooo much resistance from software, in this case the Filmora 13 Wondershare tat that poses as an editing suite and video capture etc program. It doesn't do the same thing the same way twice. It is fragile, doesn't always capture the video and then because the audio is a good take I have to mime a track. So the screams of rage and frustration reverberated around Chateau Jarvo. And greatly and magnificently decibelic indeed where they. The side view of the b'uke is the real take, fortunately I had decided to take a side view with the notion of cutting it in with the front view. But the front view didn't record the video in Filmora b*st*rd 13. (pardon ma Francais. Oh there's an F bomb in the song as well ) So the track opposite the side view is a bad this point I was getting murderously fed up with the whole project. Still and all, now I have a castle to wrassle !!

* Buggerit....I've even got THAT wrong "Love Your Larynx"....I'll be over there talking to the cat !!

PS I have managed to edit the YouTube suggested subtitles on my submission this Season. If you need them, please turn them on at youtube.

Couldn't figure out how to add my usual details about instrument, etc.
But that info is here:
Instrument Kala FMTE Tenor Ukulele
Song written by me on the 13th April (unlucky for some)
Dedicated to our host for the inspiration.
Another song - my last for the week, but one I found really fun to do. Thanks for hosting Del.

This is my tic-tac-toe submission (3 in a row). It's my interpretation of the 4 cord punk rock magic of She Talks to Rainbows by Ramones.

This a simpler multitrack than I did last week. It includes:
  • A single ukulele
  • Tenor guitar
  • Jingle stick
  • Spoons
  • Vocals

Edit: I had to replace the video for technical reasons, so apologies to those of you that commented on the old, now deleted version, but know that I did see and appreciate your comments!
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Hi, I have a second song I learned for the season, also by Shaela Miller. "Loving Me" is my favourite song of her's, so in order to do it justice I had to take a few liberties. I'm still working some things in the song out, so I reserve the right to bring this one back for an appropriate season after I have some more time with it and can sing it without reading the lyrics.

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With just a few hours left of the Season, could everyone please check that your songs are on the playlist and that I’ve left a comment on your YouTube channel for each one. Any omissions will be human error, not deliberate and easily rectified. As far as I know, I’ve listened to every second of every entry at least once.

Hoping for a late flurry of entries - thanks everyone for participating - it’s been a great week of music! 🙂
The glottis (middle part of the larynx) is where our vocal cords are located. The sudden closure of the glottis is what makes the 'hic' sound when you have the hiccups. I hope that that is enough of a reason to bring this short American traditional. Thanks for hosting, Del. Hopefully, your throat and voice are back to normal.

Big thanks to Ralf and Sabine for bringing the Season to a close, and big thanks to everyone for participating this week. It has, as usual, been a joy to host, and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t hosted before to jump in and have a go - you won’t regret it!

My voice is definitely on the mend, but I think it’ll be a while before I’m singing normally again. Thanks for all your good wishes.

I’ll be back later in the week to wrap things up properly. 🙂
Hi All, I just wanted to post this screen image for posterity before it changes eventually. Waterline, my first cover of season 634 currently has a handful more views than Shaela Miller's original version does on YouTube, I wish I knew her so I could throw a bit of trash-talk her way (I would definitely point out that at least a third of her views are from me watching her original to learn the song, so it's not as close a race as it looks).

Anyways, while this is a temporary anomaly, the Seasonista spirit of encouraging and applauding each other goes on - thank-you to all Seasonistas for supporting each other week-in-week-out!


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Season 634 Wrap

Good evening everyone - and a huuuuuge thank you for your music and your friendship - and especially for making this the very special little corner of the internet that it is. Please know that I appreciate you all very, very much!

We have 75 fabulous songs on the playlist - now that’s something to shout about, and I’m happy to report that my voice has recovered enough for me to do so!

We also have 3 new Seasonistas in the fold - a big warm welcome to @Jane-ukey, @robag and @MorganTheBard, and thank you all for choosing my week to join the party! You will hopefully be pleased to know that all 3 of you made the final shortlist for my favourite entry of the week - that’s how impressed I am by your talents. After much deliberation I can now declare that I have awarded the winner’s certificate to @MorganTheBard, and the 2 runners-up certificates to @Jane-ukey and @robag. If you could each PM me with your email address, I will send your certificates to you. 🙂

Thank you again everyone - you’re the best! 🙂
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