Season 636 - One for sorrow...

Many people are confused by the politics of the tensions that exist in the middle East. Hector the Wibblemeister released a secret document to help politicians understand the complexities of the situation. With understanding comes clarity.

Yep, Rob. That's a pretty GOOD summary of a BAD situation. And it has only got further complicated since 2015 when that was made. 🙄
Cheers for hosting Bob, I love these themes that give us more choice where we can dip down quite a few side roads. I'm In London later for me muvver's 80th Birfdee for a few days but hope to get another In when I'm back. This ones been covered already and done so beautifully by RM but love this song so thought I'd chuck out my take on It.

Hey, people!

Playlist all up to date. I'm tied up for the rest of the day but will catch up with your songs this evening!
Thanks again for everything so far. I'm looking forward to a load more!

Hey, people!

Playlist all up to date. I'm tied up for the rest of the day but will catch up with your songs this evening!
Thanks again for everything so far. I'm looking forward to a load more!

Should I report it to the police that you are tied up? Do you need rescuing?
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Here is my third submission this week... a recent record!

This one is again from FASWM '24. The idea here was to come up with a song based on the phrase "The Grand Finale" - this is what I came up with. It is submitted here as Boy vs Girl (or vice versa).

Hope you like:
Here, finally, is my first song this season. Mentions in the lyrics of "boy" and "girl". "Sorrow" is also hinted at with the line "Tale of woe", and for me there's an implication that the relationship is secret. "Gold" is possibly also implied in the colour of a harvest moon, with ordinary moonlight being "Silver". So I think this hits all seven of the magpie implications, though some are a stretch.

I'm only claiming it as my song for Girl and Secret this week.

Thanks for hosting, Bob!

Don’t Take The Girl

Covered in 2003 by US Country artist Tim McGraw, this tear jerker by Craig Martin and Larry Johnson checks 5 of the 7 boxes for SOTU 636:
Sorrow - Death during childbirth;
Joy - Fishing with Dad, young love;
Boy - Johnny;
Girl - Mentioned throughout but never by name;
Silver or Gold - The watch Johnny’s grandpa gave him;
There is no never- to- be- told secret because, in my opinion, the final line takes place in the newborn son’s future.
I do live streaming sometimes on another platform, and I finally decided to give this vocally challenging number a go when a repeat viewer requested it more than once. It's sorrowful for sure, so it fits with our dear friend Bob King's theme for the week. Now I'm just waiting for the requester to show up at my live stream. Note the lyrics error that came from the tab I pulled from Chordie. Whoever posted it originally got the chords correct, but there's a BIG difference in what "Never mind, I'll find someone like you" means versus "Every night, I find someone like you..." The latter incorrect version is so hilariously skanky, I just had to go with the wrong version.

I lost my job earlier this month. Today, auspiciously a numerical palindrome (when using the AmEn MM/DD/YY), I got a new one.

About once a month, one of my fine fellow Seasonista comments on one of my submissions that they had never heard the song or artist I'd chosen to cover - even though I choose pretty mainstream stuff - I'd bet 1-500 odds there won't be such a comment this week with this little ditty from the UK's finest female vocalist of our time.

This brings me to Four, for a boy... specifically, That Boy by The Beatles.

The original Beatles recording was in 3/4 meter at 110 BPM, and ran a little over 2 minutes. I did complete a faithful recording as specified, but afterwards I got the urge to record a stripped-down version in 4/4 meter, at the original 110 BPM.

Here's an 8 second sample of my 3/4 recording:

View attachment Nadie - This Boy 2024-04-24 17_06.m4a

My 4/4 meter recording shrunk the song to about 1 minute in length, at the original 110 BPM. Given the option of posting my 3/4 or 4/4 version, I chose the latter.

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