Season 636 - One for sorrow...

"Two for Joy"

Here's a public service announcement in the form of a song about two very naughty boys. Don't be like Henry and David or I might have to write another verse. I promise I made these people up. Well, mostly.

Hello again, Bob! I've been fascinated by this song ever since I first heard it a few months ago when it became a TikTok dance sensation as a result of the dance competition scene in "The Marvellous Mrs Maisel." (Fear not ... I have no intention of dancing!) I suppose "Dooley" is a boy's name, so it qualifies for that category.

Interesting! I've always been fascinated by the subject of lyrical dissonance, where the lyrics don't match the 'feel' of the tune, but the change in meter gives it a bouncy feel! This is the only "reaction video" on YouTube I'm prepared to watch. :love:

'Tis my belief that "reaction" videos are totally pointless and a waste of space! (Although, I would obviously make an exception for Mr. Harrison!)
Here's my last for this week specially written for the Season on the theme of "A secret never told". My narrator has kept a dark secret for years, but as he is getting older it is eating away at him, gnawing at him to reveal it, though he is well aware of the consequences.

Hope you like:

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Jon reminded me about this song by Jean Ritchie, which we had recorded together several years ago. It is perfect for the theme!

This info below was taken from

"Jean Ritchie made up this song with her then-little boys as part of their bedtime story and song ritual. One night, she told them of a beautiful memory from when she was a little girl. They asked for the story again the next night, and in the telling and re-telling it grew into this song. They changed the old fortune-telling counting rhyme to make it work for boys as well as girls."

When I was a young thing, once on a day
Dreaming under my apple tree
A great flock of blue birds sailing through the sky
Espied my tree as they passed by
And oh! It was a wonderful sight to see
When they settled down to rest on my apple tree
Count them, said my mother,
How, said I
Out of the window came this reply:

One - you'll have sorrow
Two- you'll have joy
Three - get a present
Four - get a boy
Five - receive silver
Six - receive gold
Seven's a secret that's never been told
Eight - a love letter with promises three
Nine means your true love's as true as can be

Only once in a lifetime, the old folks say
The vision of the bluebirds will come your way
And only if you're dreaming and only if you're still
And only in an apple tree on a green hill
So stop all your hurrying and worrying away
Take time for dreaming on a sunny day
Wait for the bluebirds, and when they come along
Tell your fortune with the Bluebird Song:

One - you'll have gladness
Two - you'll have strife
Three - get a present
Four - get a wife
Five - receive silver
Six _ receive gold
Seven's a secret that's never been told
Eight - a love letter with promises three
Nine means your true love's as true as can be

Since I have already brought Joy and Girl's name, I will submit this under Secret.

I added an earlier take that had to stop because of the LOUD noise from on-going road works.
Another entry for the secrets column:

Silver threads and golden needles.

Thank you, Rob. I wanted to do this one, but I’ve had vocal crud for a couple of weeks and have to rest the cords for a festival next week in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Hello folks! Sorry to interrupt this entertaining week, but I thought I should mention before it becomes a problem that the list of upcoming hosts will very shortly be empty. If you'd like to host, please see the Sign Up Thread for details. It'd be especially nice to hear from new hosts, or people who haven't hosted for a while.

No need to offer prizes or anything (though of course nobody is stopping you if you want to :)). All you really need to do is pick a theme, add the songs to the playlist, and give a friendly comment that helps us all keep making a racket on this lovely little corner of the internet.

And now, back to the songs...
This one has a man's name used in the title and many times in the lyrics, and also mentions a secret later on in the lyrics. This song led me down a musical rabbit hole and the video below the song is all about that, if anyone is interested. Also a very brief comment at the end of the song.

Since I made this video, I found one other song that used the mysterious riff, "Cemetery Blues" by Bessie Smith from 1923.
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