Season 637 - Here and Now


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Oct 16, 2023
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Eugene, OR
Greetings Seasonistas and future Seasonistas! Welcome to Season 637 - Here and Now!

I’m so excited to host my first Season, and I’ve been mentally tossing about all sorts of ideas. This one crystalized while I was anxiously rushing to make a connecting flight, while simultaneously stuck in place in a TSA line.

I was returning from a work trip with a side-quest to visit my family, and I started reflecting on where I am, what I’m doing, and what I’m feeling in a given moment. I was thinking over the recent family visit, stressed about making my flight and the consequences of missing it, and not paying much attention to the moment I was in. Just anxiously hoping to move on to the next thing,

But my musings aren’t just temporal, my friends! Oh no, I was spatially thoughtful as well! On my trip I experienced the new-to-me landscape of springtime in Georgia - taking in every novel tree and critter which crossed my path. Then an immediate reminder that, gosh, I really don’t like Orlando, Florida at all. Oof, I have stories. BUT, since the US Southeast is pretty much the opposite of the Pacific Northwest, when I got home I was really able to appreciate the place in which I’ve chosen to spend most of my time.

So, for this Season, I want to hear songs about Here (spatially) and/or Now (temporally). References to past and future, hither and yon are acceptable as long as it’s to provide contrast to primary themes of Here and Now. Literal time and space (Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay) is as valid as conceptual (Once in a Lifetime) - so feel free to be free with it. I only ask, if you’re stretching the theme, to tell us why and what it means to you!

Band names qualify, for instance, the internet tells me there is a 1970’s English psychedelic/space rock band called “Here and Now”. If any of you can pull one of their songs out of your metaphorical (and/or tinfoil) hats, I will be VERY impressed.


Usual start and end times apply. We are bounded by 12:00AM Hawaii time on Sunday April 28th, and 11:59:59PM Hawaii time on Sunday, May 5th. But within that 8 day nutshell we are monarchs of infinite space!

Well… not exactly infinite. I want to be able to listen to all of these and take in these moments, so for now, let’s limit to 4 entries per Seasonista. I reserve the right to bump that if I’m having too much fun. I’m gonna try to comment on every single one of these, but it may not be immediate. I’ll get there though!

Originals? Heck yes! Collaborations? Multitracking? Of course! Just be sure to put the Season number in the name or intro somewhere!

All recordings must be created in the now, except for Rob who delights me every time he dips into his rich history.

New Seasonistas may Carpe this Diem with anything they feel comfy sharing. Join us!

Good morning!
Playlist here!

Limit increased to 6! I'm a bit behind listening, but Fridays are light days. Play on, friends!
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Oooooh. I might actually have something for this season. I haven't been feeling too inspired the past week or so (haven't even picked up most of my instruments save for one guitar practice where I tried to play Robot Rock, but the descending line is still a bit too difficult for me).

Oh, and as a former Floridian, I totally agree with you on Orlando. There's not much there outside of the theme parks.
Oooooh. I might actually have something for this season. I haven't been feeling too inspired the past week or so (haven't even picked up most of my instruments save for one guitar practice where I tried to play Robot Rock, but the descending line is still a bit too difficult for me).

Oh, and as a former Floridian, I totally agree with you on Orlando. There's not much there outside of the theme parks.
I've been struggling a bit too. My voice is kinda trashed from the last week of travels, and nothing sounds good right now. I might have to pull a Del, and just host. But we will see!
The very SOTU theme I had hoped for.
Oops, I should be living in the moment …:)

EDIT- You're right about Orlando. Traveled there from GA many times. Unless you’re visiting a certain house of mouse, almost all parts of FL are a far better choice.
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I was doing a search to see if I had done "Sitting on the dock of the bay" and I had, but I came across another video I had done called "Sitting is the new smoking". All about posture and the exercise you get from gardening, and the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

There was one simple test to see if you had a strong core, and that was being able to sit on the ground without using your hands as an aid, and also get back up unaided

Back then I was able to do it but here and now the thought of trying it sort of terrifies me.

I was 71 when I was able to do it, and I would be interested to know of the abilities of this group. The passage of time and infirmities take their toll.
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Hello, Marin, and thanks for hosting ... I really hope you'll enjoy your first Season! I love your theme, but I'm not sure how close I've come to embracing it here. I mean, truth be told, I AM in France and feeling pretty lost, but that is more due to learning to cope on my own as a single person rather than as part of a couple after heaven only knows how many years and one of those delights is dealing with French bureaucracy, which is enough to make anyone feel lost! There the similarity ends. I'm nowhere near any vines - far too high up - and I'm not about to forsake anyone for a new and exciting lover. (In fact, the most exciting thing I've done all weekend is go to the local knitting circle, where we, er ... knit!) Ah, but the skies here ARE very clear, so I suppose it IS possible to see "a million stars glowing." Anyway, herewith ....

First of all, thank you for this theme for me it’s important to try and be present and see the beauty of the now even though it’s often hard

this one is an original. I actually wrote last week it’s about not always searching for things you don’t have, but rather for things inside of yourself and being also present with what’s there in the now especially also coming from very dark places in your life.
The accordion you hear is a virtual instrument on my iPad, so I’m definitely not an accordion player

unfortunately, this one only has pictures because I figured out I can relax much more if there is no video of my body so I decided to just use pictures I took in the forest close to where I live, so that Elsa has to do with appreciating the here

I've read through this Season's rubric a few times, and I think this qualifies, but as always, stand open to correction. Originally written & recorded by Fats Domino (as 'Before I Get Too Old', 1960), but better known, I think, under this title, & pretty much the last song Joe Strummer ever recorded.

(In case it doesn't, I've cross-posted in bobjking's Season 636 too :) )
The theme brought this song to mind.

When this old world starts getting me down,​
And people are just too much for me to face​
I climb way up to the top of the stairs​
And all my cares just drift right into space ...​

Here's an instrumental arrangement I worked up last year. Thanks.

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Thanks for hosting, Marin - hope the voice is okay! 🙂

I first heard this song as the soundtrack to a perfume ad, and the heavy, driving percussion blew me away. The whole song really grabbed me - I’m pretty shocked it didn’t do better in any of the singles charts. I’ve stripped it back to just voice and baritone uke here - I hope the uke strum compensates in some small way for the absence of the drums. Time permitting, I’m hoping to do a second ‘fuller’ multitrack version of this later in the week, if that’s okay with our host?

The ‘here and now’ of this one is really confined to the first verse - the rest of it seems to be less in the present.

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I performed John Fogerty's "Centerfield" spontaneously yesterday morning at our weekly Seasonista Zoom open mic (come join us, it's fun!), because our question of the week was about sports, and I like to pick songs on the fly that fit the question.

Then I decided it would be fun to do later that afternoon at the Chapters open mic. (And it was ... host Garth apparently agreed and spontaneously joined me on cajon.)

Then in the middle of performing it there, as I was singing the line "You know the time is now" ... it struck me it's a perfect song for this "here and now" theme too!

So, total "here and now" serendipity led to this. Put me in, coach - I'm ready to play ... TODAY!"

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